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  1. That's very helpful. So I assume the 1,500 Euros per square metre includes kitchen appliances, bathroom sinks, tubs, etc? The property is very old and I would probably need artisans – do you think this would this increase the cost? Could anybody out there recommend somebody they've worked with?

  2. Thanks for your great advice Chancer. So how did your rental units turn out? Have you been able to generate enough revenue from them? Since I have yet to find a property, I'll have to figure out how many units it will take in order to be profitable & afford to live in France.

    On a more personal note, has it been easy to make new friends (French people) or find a partner?

  3. That's good – it gives me more courage to take this big step. If you can share any advice, or how you would have done things differently, I would greatly appreciate it!

  4. So have you found the grass to be greener? Any regrets having moved to France?

  5. To further clarify, the reason I want some expats around is to help make my acclimation a little easier. I am single, and I'll be moving to France on my own. Although I don't speak French I will not be once of those people that move to another country and never bother to learn the language


  6. Oh, don't get me wrong. I intend to learn French and totally immerse myself into the culture. That's why I'm moving after all

  7. I've vacationed in the Lot many times and it's on the top of my list of where to buy a property to renovate. My goal is to have a gite, but also live there part of the year.

    As I don't speak french, I prefer to have other English speaking expats close by (until I hopefully learn French).

    Anybody out there buy a property and then take years to renovate it? My goal is to buy next year or so, but not permanently relocate to France until 7 to 10 years from now. Or is it better to buy and renovate all at once? Any advice would be really appreciated!



  8. I'm starting to put a business plan together and I need to figure out what the monthly costs will be to run a 4 to 5 room luxury Gite. I have no idea what the taxes and utilities cost. Can anybody let me know?


  9. That's funny, I have exactly the same plan! I've just started my search

    online – I'm not set on any particular area. I do know

    that I want to renovate an older property and turn it into a luxury

    rental. My plan is to move in a few years and live off the income.

    At this point my two biggest concerns are:

    1) How much should I budget for the renovation of a medium sized property? (assuming it'll need a

    new roof, septic tank, electrics, etc.)

    2) I speak very little French, I'm 46 and I would be starting a new life

    in France on my own. Am I crazy?

    Btw, what is a CU?


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