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  1. Thank you so much for that information and i will certainly use it.I suppose the reason we are having a stop over is the fact that we can leave Friday but not booked in until Sat.I think i will get early crossing from Dover that would probabl;y leave me going through the Paris area around 11-12m.d and it should be fairly quiet then.I would then look to reach Orleans unless somebody gives me a better place for stop over around 2pm by your reckoning.On the way back i usually book late ferry[never from France before]as the roads are quieter this end.Thanks again-the rain i assume was at the French end.Hope we do not get much of that as i usually only expect rain this time of the year-all around in Ireland.x
  2. Many thanks for that Hoddy and i will follow your example.How long is the drive from Calais to Orleans-and is this your suggested stop-somewhere quiet.I need to book the Ferry as soon as ...X
  3. Hoddy, was away and it was me that was trying to send a message.Can you tell me what is the best ferry Dover-Calais time to get in order to avoid the worst traffic.We are hoping to drive for about 4 hours as i guess from reading the forum that Limoges is about 8 hour drive-spend the night somewhere.What is the problem with Rouen Hoddy? and should we use our Sat Nav when we reach Calais or rely on the signs.Many thanks,
  4. Hi.Am driving from u.k to Limoges and wouls appreciate any advice that would prevent me getting caught in traffic jam near Paris.Have read to ignore Sat Nav and intend to do that but we would like to travel the day before we are booked into our accommodation and perhaps go half ways and stop off for the night.Can anybody give me any ideas of pretty places and family accommodation in perhaps small town or village.I would also like same help for return leg and the best and worst times to be on this motorway near Paris.Thank you.
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