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    For once the UK is doing something positive ahead of anyone else. Hopefully other 'wealthy' countries will join in and try and deal with the problem at source.
  2. Val beat me to it as I was going to post something similar after I read that the brother of Alan Dunning had a pop at the UK government for not doing enough to get him released. Quite what they could or should do in these circumstances is beyond me. Mr Dunning went to Syria of his own accord and probably against his family's wishes so must have known the risks.

    Having read a bit about who's funding IS there is unlikely to be an easy or quick end to their terror campaign. The most bizarre thing I read was that Saudi Arabia's ruling family funded their initial weapon purchases but now that IS is out of control are using their own air force to destroy them.

    Personally I would have liked the UK to have stayed out of the fight as I see it as Muslim against Muslim but as usual the Arabs don't want to get their hands dirty in case it really goes tits up and they can blame the West.

  3. I've got 29 and a bit qualifying years for the UK state pension and was about to pay £660 to DWP to take me to the magical 30 years when they upped it to 35 years. If I continue to work until say 65 then I will have approx 20 years of contributions in France.

    I've had a good look at the link (and others) and I need 168 trimestres to get a full pension here (42 years). This is where it gets confusing. If I was to make voluntary contributions to DWP now to take me to 35 years I would already have 42 years of contributions in total as I've been paying into the French system for 7 years. Does this mean I've already got enough for a full pension?
  4. idun, am I to understand that I'm likely to get separate pensions from the UK and France? Surely if I was to make enough voluntary contributions to get a full UK pension then I couldn't expect a French pension on top based on the contributions I'd made whilst working here?
  5. Thing is Wooly the UK and France have different retirement ages (67 & 62 respectively) so I have no idea when I could retire even if I did pay the £4k.
  6. Now that the proposed number of qualifying years has gone up from 30 to 35 years I'm looking at a bill of £4k (6years x £660 per year) to get the full UK state pension. However as I work here I'm paying French state pensions contributions and have no idea when I can retire or how many years of contributions I'll need to get a full pension from either country.
  7. Here's my take on the two likely candidates next May.

    Cameron - looks and sounds like a PM but yesterday's promises seem unachievable given the Tories desire to eliminate the deficit. He will however never lose the Posh Boy tag and no matter how well the UK is doing a lot of the general public will never trust him on principle.

    Miliband - looks unelectable (as a PM) but the Manifesto pledges are a return to Labour principles. However some of the ideas like the Mansion Tax are too complicated to implement and will not bring in anything like the revenue forecast.

    Having watched some of the speeches from the conferences my pet hate is the constant slagging off of the other parties. No wonder people hate politics and politicians.
  8. With the conference season nearly over who do you believe will continue the UK recovery?
  9. This strike by a small number of highly paid employees encapsulates why this country is doomed to be cast adrift in the world economy. Airlines throughout the world have had to adapt to low cost competition and Air France was just trying to do the same to survive, to keep jobs intact.
  10. Clark, if you tot up how many MP's have been caught lying (think speeding fines), cheating (on partners etc), stealing (expenses etc) and committing various sexual acts then it runs into dozens.
  11. As yet another politician gets caught with his pants down (literally) I'm beginning to think that to be involved in politics you need to have some genetic defect. So many are exposed as liars, cheats, thieves or deviants that there has to be a medical reason why these muppets think they can behave like this and still hold the trust and respect of those they serve.
  12. A recent thread on AI asked for details of other French forums so I broadcast the CF link. Standby for a muppet invasion!
  13. 1. We had to get written permission from my wife's ex husband to bring her children to France.

    2. The child maintenance that he pays is subject to tax.
  14. IMO the French system does not encourage hard work up to the end of Lycee. Yes there are financial incentives for getting decent marks in the Brevet and the Bac but 10/20 as a pass and this will get you studying law or medicine. No wonder the drop out numbers at Uni's here are so high after the first year as the kids have been used to doing just enough to move up through the schools.
  15. As with lots of policies it's how they are implemented that causes the problems. The welfare system needs changing to ensure that the vulnerable and needy receive help first and foremost. A cap of £500 per week seems fair to me as this equates to above the average wage.
  16. Frank, we used a study company just outside Saintes and would recommend them. Contact me if would like their details.
  17. Please feel free to correct me if I have got things wrong.

    1. The starting valuation date for the new tax is April 2015.

    2. You will pay 18%/28% CGT in the UK depending on the amount of gain.

    3. On your French tax return you will show the sale proceeds and any UK CGT paid so that French CGT and CSG etc can be applied as necessary.
  18. I live in the middle of the Charente Maritime and hunting is a regular (three times a week) event that affects most communes to some degree. Being in a small hamlet of five houses surrounded by woods and fields we are somewhat restricted as to where and when we can walk our dog. It's something we've got used to and accept as a price of where we live.

    As someone who used to attend shoots most weekends in the UK I do find hunts here less organised and will never get used to the sight of groups of men walking along public roads carrying fully loaded shotguns/rifles.
  19. Unfortunately Carol's body was found this morning, it seems she fell whilst walking.

    My condolences to her family and friends.
  20. Missiles are sent and a few buildings are destroyed along with innocent civilians. Then what?

    Cameron, Obama and Hollande should be pushing the UN and the Arab League to act rather than threaten to launch missiles. So many countries and terrorist organisations are already involved in Syria and IMO it's crazy to even think about joining in.
  21. I'm trying to find out exactly where they are as it's possible to get to the airport via different routes.
  22. On the airport website there is a warning of delays getting to and from the airport due to roadworks that don't end until the 30th of September.
  23. This is separate to the LGV work and affects getting to and from the airport.
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