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  1. Totally agree with Rabbie's post.

    A couple of friends here have four children between them but all from previous marriages. The man has a one child whom he hasn't spoken to for 15 years because said child doesn't want anything to do with his father. Why should this child (aged 35) have any claim on the couple's jointly owned French home?

    So this new EU legislation has come along at the right time for our friends as they are both getting on a bit and can now plan sensibly should the worst happen.

    Now if only France had better inheritance tax rules then I'd be even happier.
  2. The words of religious leaders throughout the world are seen as god's word (no matter what god) so IMO the Pope's words were ill-chosen at best.
  3. A friend of ours alledges that he receives a full UK state pension and a reduced French state pension based on contributions he has made here. Is this possible?
  4. I've gone passed being fed up and have now hit the 'despair' stage. Within a week of the 'solidarity march' nearly 50% of France thinks CH was wrong to produce yet another Muhammed cartoon. So why in god's name are millions buying the bloody magazine? Instead of unifying the country what has happened is in danger of making it even more divided and if that occurs where does that leave the 6 million Muslims here the vast majority of whom are French citizens?
  5. We have always tried to instill a work ethic into our kids and all four have been able to find jobs outside of school/Uni. This has though not stopped the eldest two spending every centime they earn (and more) and over the last two years have bailed them out many times. However following the eldest son's latest efforts to bankrupt us we have taken the painful decision to refuse any further demands for financial help from all four. It seems harsh on the youngest two but as they are more careful with their money we don't feel too bad.
  6. Despite the constant delays and complaints the UK's rail network is one of the busiest in the world and passenger numbers are growing. It therefore beggars belief that more time wasn't allocated to the engineering works bearing in mind the time of year and the chaos that could have been predicted if they overran.
  7. We have spent over two decades bringing up children and are hopefully into our last year with the youngest joining his three siblings at Uni. However our eldest son has decided that we have not shelled out enough over the years as he's not paid the rent for his apartment for several months and we had a visit from the bailiffs last week demanding a four figure sum as we are guarantors. It seems that he's spent all his grant and more on going out etc and is skint. But that's okay as we've got 0000's under the bed - NOT!

    This is not the first time we've had to bail him out but at the moment we simply do not have any spare cash only a small bit of savings which we'll have to use.

    So should we say enough is enough and refuse to help again or should we just accept that until we die they have first call on any money we have?
  8. idun, less than five years separates the eldest from the youngest and when they were young going out - school, visiting relatives or even shopping required discipline and almost military organisation. Without either chaos would have ensued and we wouldn't have gone anywhere.

  9. idun, if your're part of a large family especially one where your siblings are very close in age to you then being sent to your room or to bed early is a big deal. If they mis-behaved in a restaurant then we would take the child aside and warn them what would happen if they didn't stop and any punishment was always acted upon when we got home. Our kids were not angels but would rarely play up if we were out so maybe we were lucky.
  10. Our four are very close in age so if one of them was playing up we would threaten them with either being sent to their room or an early bed. This worked as the offending child wouldn't want to miss out on anything. As someone who was frequently hit by their father there's no way I would have done the same to my own children.
  11. +1 to Q's last post.

    A week ago we did exactly the same and planned a tour of four different DIY/electrical stores to get the final bits to finish part one of our renovation. After an hour and a half we came out of Brico Depot (our last stop) and realised that we had got everything on our list. We felt like opening a bottle of bubbly to celebrate as this doesn't normally happen. In the UK we would have just gone to B &Q after checking on-line that they had everything.

    I've also never bought into the integration bit. I'm happy to act and think like a Frenchie although I draw the line at going to the supermarket in my slippers.
  12. As with a lot of things here it will end up being a fudge when it should simply be shops either can or can't open on a Sunday.

    I've no feelings either way, I used to regularly shop on Sundays in the UK but have got used to places being closed here. If I could change one thing it would be the closing at lunchtime madness. The cost to the economy for shop and office workers to go home at 12 every day must be huge.
  13. It's a sad indictment that the only opposition to Hollande is a former president who might come under a criminal investigation and the leader of a far-right party who are borderline racist. It makes the choice between Cameron and Miliband almost palatable.
  14. Don't know about 10€ for a four course meal but we have a couple of favourite places here that charge 16€ for a three course lunch that includes an amuse bouche. I think it's trail and error so if you find something good you'll go back again.

    Whilst the price and choice in the UK is better so many of the restaurants are chains serving bland uninspiring food.
  15. +1 to WB's post. Our Nissan also had a well which was filled with foam and a kit etc. Managed to get a space saver steel wheel and tyre over the net which fits perfectly in the hole.
  16. A similar thing happened to us a few years back. We wanted to buy a house that was mortgaged way beyond it's current value. I offered to pay the full asking price but the bank (Caisse D'Epargne) insisted it went to auction so we looked for something else. It ended up being sold for 50k below what we were willing to pay.
  17. Those figures will be of no comfort to the 12% of working age French that are unemployed.
  18. The French don't like what's happening now but won't accept the tough economic policies that are needed to drag France into the 21st century.
  19. Yet another stupid idea from a hopeless government which will raise very little in extra revenue. Until they either cut public spending or create jobs then the deficit will not come down.
  20. How can MP's 'connect' as most are career politicians who have never had a job away from politics. Farage is a bit different although a 'commodity broker' hardly qualifies as a normal job. I think UKIP will cause chaos next May which will lead Labour into power by the back door and the UK will start going backwards again.
  21. The examples I suggested have actually happened to two sets of relatives in the UK only morally worse in one case.

    Wife's grandparents sold their bungalow in the 70's and moved into council accommodation. They spent the next few years frittering away the sale proceeds on holidays and cars. When the husband died the wife was moved into brand new sheltered housing and then finally into a retirement home (paid for by the state) where she died.

    For the last twenty years of her life the wife lived in comfortable subsidised housing and with pension top-ups her weekly income was nearly £200.
  22. Take two brothers, William and Harry. William buys a house and Harry rents. William puts money away every month for retirement whilst Harry spends any spare cash on holidays and living it up. At 70 they both have to go into retirement homes. William's house is sold to pay for his care whilst the state picks up the tab for Harry.

    Who's the mug?
  23. The problem many people face is that the pension rules etc keep changing so it's virtually impossible to plan for retirement with any certainty. It's even worse for expats with assets or income in the UK as they are seen as fair game to tax more which I think will lead many to return thereby becoming a burden on the state.
  24. Like so many things today the meanings of wealth and poverty have been skewed beyond reality.

    To me being wealthy means never having to watch what you spend not going to some dinner where you might meet the PM and being poor means you struggle to put food on the table not this month's Sky subscription may not be paid.
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