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  1. Eldest daughter's boyfriend qualified as a doctor last month and is awaiting his internship placement but he is not interested in being a GP and wants to work in a large hospital, his location preferences are Guadeloupe, Martinique or Bordeaux (where he lives now). His reasons for not wanting to be a GP are pay, type of patient and total lack of career progression.
  2. We ditched our landline last month and now get anything up to 15Mb/s using Bouygues Telecom's 4G box (33E per month).
  3. We usually split our shop between Lidl and Leclerc who are only 200m apart, thinking about it we are quite spoilt with four supermarkets and Noz all within 10 - 15 mins of home.
  4. Friends of ours here rent out a house near Kendal using an managing agent and they lose 50% of the rental income in fees etc BUT the season is 52 weeks long which I doubt is not the same in France. They previously let their French house which at best was rented for 10/12 weeks. The biggest problem I can see (and others have alluded to it) is the initial cost of purchasing the house, oh and don't forget tax returns in both countries.
  5. I take it you also saw and agree with John McDonnell's comments where he accused previous governments of being complicite in the murder of those that died in the Grenfell Tower fire?
  6. So lets get this right, we've been running a business here since 2007 but could still be forced to apply for a work/residency permit? Does that also mean our kids who work here will have to do the same?
  7. @andyh4, as someone who pays into social security here why would my nationality be an issue after Brexit?
  8. Sylvie resigned because she is caught up in an alleged expenses scandal and Richard has been moved after a 'conflict of interest' scandal involving his wife. Not a great start.
  9. Some of the flats were actually up for sale or private rent at the time of the fire, £250k to buy or up to £2k per month for rent. The block started out as council owned but after the 'right to buy' scheme several tenants bought the leasehold and then I guess sold or rented the flats out.

    Because Grenfell Tower sits in Kensington rents were quite high in comparison with similar flats in less desirable areas.
  10. I assume those private owners/landlords who own flats in Grenfell Tower are fully insured but at the same time they too will also be upset and angry about how the block was managed by the council/management committee and how it has affected themselves or their tenants. Personally I would have an overwhelming sense of guilt if I was such a landlord and my tenant or tenants had lost their lives, been injured or had lost all their possessions.
  11. There are so many things wrong about this tragedy and hopefully the public enquiry will uncover the truth so that lessons can be learned and it never happens again.

    I don't doubt that many of the tenants are poor or on benefits yet at the same time there were also owner occupiers so the block was a mix of people from different socio-economic groups.

    The block was run by a council approved management committee and one of it's former members is now the local MP so it will be interesting to hear what she has to say.
  12. Just so you know ALBF people on the 'other forum' miss you greatly and wish you could come back, in fact I think a petition has been started.
  13. Using the word 'bitch' when describing any woman (however much you dislike them) shows a distinct lack of wit and intelligence IMHO.
  14. Here's another spin on why JC isn't PM today. In the 2016 EU referendum over 60% of Labour constituencies voted Leave so maybe not enough voters trusted JC to deliver the Brexit they wanted. How else do you explain why towns like Mansfield turned Tory after 100 years of Labour?
  15. A 'rural bubble' is somewhere that remains unaffected by world events.
  16. The UK has been divided for years - north/south, the 'have's'/'have not's', leave/remain and after the election left/right.

    Corbyn and Labour produced a manifesto that appealed to so many different sections of society and used social media so effectively to attract young voters in their droves which was the difference in many constituencies. In contrast the Tories offered absolutely nothing in their shambles of a manifesto and the longer the campaign went on TM became a hated figure which galvanised the Labour support even more.I firmly believe that if Labour had had a less polarising leader then they would have had a landslide victory.

    Yesterday felt like the day after the referendum result, a definite WTF happens now day and I have no faith in the so called 'informal arrangement'. Very strange times, I'm glad I live in my rural French bubble.

  17. Started work at 16 and still way off retirement age but I admit I've done well with regard to the housing market over the last twenty years, make of that what you will.

  18. You've obviously not seen my other posts Richard. I fully agree that more money needs to go into vital public services and I don't have a problem with raising taxes, my major issue is over who will be overseeing the extra spending etc.

    Like WB I have no love for TM and I'm appalled at the poor choice the UK electorate have today but I know JC is not the answer, if that makes me pathetic in your eyes what can I say?
  19. Eric, the messages came from the Conservative Party not the government so the NHS hasn't lost out.
  20. I think most sound people would welcome more money for the NHS, education and social care etc but instead of stopping there they've tried to appeal to everyone in the hope of getting into government which makes their plans unachievable with Brexit looming. The other problem is that Corbyn and co want people to ignore/forget their long held views on various issues from the EU to security, it's almost as if they've had mass epiphanies overnight. So by all means vote Labour but don't expect the messiah to deliver on his promises.
  21. The Manchester attacker had allegedly been reported to the authorities/security services several times, one of the London three was already known to the Met, the Westminster bridge attacker was known to MI5 and police numbers and budgets have been cut in recent years. So who do you blame - MI5, the Met, the Tories or all three?
  22. Now is not the time for the 'blame game'.

    Ordinary bobbies on the beat is not the answer, you need more firearms officers, intelligence gatherers and greater powers for the security services, even then there's no guarantee you will stop every attack. In addition, whilst I place no blame on the Muslim community I do feel they could do more to help stop the radicalisation.
  23. Several things on the tree Norman are estimates (tax avoidance and corporate tax loopholes for example) and will require legislation BEFORE any money comes into HMRC's coffers. VAT on private school fees could well put off parents sending kids to posh schools so expected revenue will fall and the kids will have to be found places at already overcrowded state schools. The biggest apple on the tree (corporation tax rises) will undoubtedly raise a lot of money in the short term however the risk is that companies will simply cutback on investment and jobs to maintain shareholder dividends.

    Any thoughts on the renationalisation programme cost?
  24. If your party's mantra is 'the low tax party' you are kind of screwed when the time comes to pump money into public services or watch them crumble. However they could have got away with it this time as all the other parties have proposed to raise taxes but they have arrogantly chosen the austerity route again.
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