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  1. We effectively just have two mobile contracts, the first has a second sim and the 'airbox' with an 81 gb monthly limit and the other an 50 gb limit with free calls etc. The total cost is 45 euros a month which is nearly half what we were paying with Bouygues Telecom.
  2. With our mobile contract we've got free calls to landlines in over 100 countries.
  3. We've not a landline for three years. First we tried a Bouygues Telecom 4G box which was great to start with but for the best part of a year the connection would go in and out with a very slow speed when it did work. We've now ditched Bouygues and have a Sosh airbox which is part of Orange, this saves us 28 Euros a month.
  4. Trump or the Republican party should act and withdraw Kavanaugh as a candidate for the Supreme Court. He is now tainted and regardless of his innocence or guilt should not be considered for such an important position.
  5. According to TM the decision to destroy the evidence was taken by the Labour government in 2009.
  6. You do have to wonder what has happened to the 35k members that FE had/has. Can't believe some won't find their way over here.
  7. There is a growing trend to re-visit history and look again with 21st century eyes at events and people. In many southern states in the US statues of confederate generals are being taken down and across the country sports teams with names associated with Native American tribes are being encouraged to re-name.

    IMO why should learn from history not rip it to pieces.
  8. If the time is right to vilify Churchill then the same must apply to countless Kings, Queens, Emperors etc. We'll be told next that Stalin was a boy scout in comparison to Winnie.
  9. Re-registering of UK van now approved and I've got a provisional CG. Took a total of five weeks so better than I thought.
  10. After see Darkest Hour last night I was intrigued to learn that Churchill was almost persuaded to negotiate for peace just before Dunkirk but changed his mind, thank god he did.

    I read a piece in the New Statesman written by one of the leaders of the cafe protest and it seems they were protesting in general about Britain's colonial past and used Churchill's own words to highlight that he should be reviled not revered. To balance that there was an article in The Guardian about the cafe itself and it turns out that it is actually part of a charity that supports the local diverse community and offers help to start-up busnesses.

    The great ironies of this protest were that it targetted a business that only acknowledged not celebrated Churchill as a great leader and if it weren't for the likes of Churchill the protesters probably wouldn't have the freedom to protest in the first place.
  11. There have been many films and documentaries about Winnie that have highlighted his faults/weaknesses as well as his leadership in WW2. As for being an 'icon' show me one that is/was flawless.
  12. So we should applaud the outing of Churchill as a racist whilst continuing to give air time and column inches to the lovely Mr Blair.
  13. IMO we should learn from the past not try and erase it nor judge leaders from history with 21st century eyes.
  14. It's Bullingdon not Bullington!
  15. Current cost of our Sanispeed is 550E if bought on the internet.

    If it were me I'd get a plumber round and ask him if it's feasible to use a pump and go from there.
  16. The product info from Saniflo states that the pipes from the pump to the fosse need a decent fall (1.100 minimum) when used horizontally.
  17. We installed our pump when we renovated the house so cut a small (50mm) channel in the floor and re-tiled, the biggest issue was getting a decent fall as the distance is 10m from sink to 100mm mains waste pipe which then goes into the fosse.
  18. Legally no as the waste has to be dealt with properly.

    What about a very small fosse in the back garden?
  19. We have a Saniflo pump that pumps waste from our kitchen sink and dishwasher (at the front of the house) to the fosse at the back, apart from cleaning the pump reservoir every couple of years it's maintenance free.
  20. We have bought and renovated two houses here and 90% of the materials have been sourced here, the other 10% has come form the UK or elsewhere in the EU. Things like paint, light fittings, blinds, taps and any power tools are cheaper and of better quality in the UK or say Germany so it would be nuts (IMO) not to take advantage of that. A case in point - needed to replace the kitchen tap last week, Mr Bricolage wanted 145E for the same tap that we found on Amazon.fr (German import) for 62E.
  21. Dealing with the sale of the van via ANTS was easy, re-registering my new UK replacement is taking much longer as I'm still waiting to learn whether the documents I scanned to them are acceptable.
  22. Sorry Richard but this is laughable unless the EU comes down hard on the likes of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg,it could almost be seen as helping the above-named to attract even more dodgy money.
  23. The actual care you receive is world class, however WHEN you receive it is the current problem with a lack of beds and staff pretty much everywhere in the country. I'm not sure that Mrs May actually believes there's a funding/staff shortage within the NHS despite the daily horror stories of patients being treated on stretchers in corridors etc.
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