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  1. All of Liverpool's tickets were paper at their request despite UEFA's concerns over fake tickets.
  2. As I understand it, Liverpool wanted physical 'paper' tickets as opposed to ones accessible by a phone or tablet and UEFA agreed, this gave the opportunity for fraud although the claims that this happened on an 'industrial scale' is way off the mark.
  3. Not sure which forum you're referring to so can't comment Nick.
  4. I don't often post primarily because there are very few posters so you tend to get the same people saying pretty much the same thing all the time, add in that some are overly aggressive and it's not a pleasant experience to engage in any sort of discussion.
  5. If ALBF thinks anyone bar Zemmour is better than Macron then he needs his bumps felt, Europe would shudder if MLP got elected.
  6. It's not about 'nobody cares', there is a worldwide dearth of able politicians so 'least worst' is the name of the game. For all his faults Macron is way ahead of the other candidates so it's a no-brainer that he gets in again.
  7. That was my initial thought as well but I couldn't understand why P&O were allegedly able to treat workers differently in France as the same employment rights should apply in both countries.
  8. This is clearly a cold business decision and likely enabled by the UK leaving the EU which ended basic workers rights protection as French P & O employees do not seem to have been affected.
  9. We're from Norwich ALBF and it's a great place to live, if you've never been there you wouldn't understand - 90 minutes from London, the coast is 45 mins away, loads of things to do, two universities, a modern hospital, low crime rate, a decent football club and tons of restaurants, bars, cafes etc.
  10. We're thinking about moving back to the UK after 17 years of living here, our biggest concerns are the state of the NHS and the absolute shower that are running the country. Two recent visits haven't put us off and I'm sure we'll slot straight back in although moving from the countryside to a largish city will be a shock I'm sure.
  11. He's been a volontaire for several years but to be a full time pompier he needs French nationality, it's a Brexit problem. Without an EU nationality you cannot flit from one EU country to the next for work which again is a Brexit problem.
  12. One got their's last year and the other three have applied and are in different stages of the application process. Youngest son wants to be a full time pompier and French nationality is required for that, as Brits with CdS's they can work in France but not anywhere else in the EU.
  13. All our children either have dual nationality or have applied for it for the simple reason that it makes working here easier and gives them 'freedom of movement' which they lost after Brexit, there are 0000's of Brits here that have done the same thing for the same reasons, what is the problem with that?
  14. I could spend hours debating with you but what's the point, the views you hold are so entrenched that I'd be wasting my time and yours. For example, the UK government's refusal to relax the immigration visa application rules for Ukrainians on purely humanitarian grounds has been widely criticised including by some within the Tory party yet you say Patel 'has to make decisions that idiots find not to their liking', is everyone else an idiot or just maybe the government have got this wrong? Here's another, the Defence Secretary, senior armed forces chiefs and even No.10 have said Truss was wrong to back Brits going to fight in Ukraine (which may even be illegal) yet you don't have a problem with it.
  15. I don't see myself as a socialist just a normal, rational person who can see that the UK is run by idiots at the moment and nothing I can say will convince you that I might be right.
  16. There is a big difference between 'the government' and 'the people' or are you suggesting that as Johnson is a liar all Brits who support him must be okay with that because they're also liars? Truss approved of Brits going to fight in the Ukraine, do you think that's a good idea or mad? Patel's parents were immigrants yet she doesn't want others having the same opportunity as they had, hypocritical or 'quite right too'?
  17. Not knocking the UK as a country just the current leadership, if you the Johnson led government is doing a good job then you need your bumps felt.
  18. The UK is led by incompetents, Johnson is a lying ****, Truss hasn't got a brain and Patel despite her immigrant background is bordering on evil in the way she treats people wanting to come to the UK. Add in the flood of dirty Russian money into London over the past two decades and it's easy to see why Putin dismisses the UK.
  19. Obviously French Entree (FE) doesn't exist anymore, the latest incarnation is okay but quiet like CF.
  20. I went through the process in 2019 and had to fight like hell to get the tax back from HMRC which took months, I didn't need to get the French tax authorities to produce anything though, I just completed the R43 form and waited for the refund.
  21. Our biggest rental was grossing £20K+ per year until the owner sold in 2021, after costs/tax etc he earned £5K net plus he got to holiday here for several weeks, with the increase in property prices recently he made a profit when he sold and the house was only on the market a week, it went for full ask with competing offers, the new UK owners bought 'blind' and didn't see the property until after they completed. Brexit makes no difference to non EU residents buying and renting out their property here.
  22. The Impots. You register a business and get a SIRET number etc.
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