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  1. Thanks for the replies - am not very technical I did mean TNT - yes I did all the search stuff on the 18th - it was after that I had the problem. - I rang the number they gave  for technical queries and the woman looked up my postcode etc etc oddly I now have some of the channels back to normal(no blue faces) but some of the others  are breaking up. She  said it's not the TV - phew - I'm just going to wait and see if it settles. My aerial is old and the pigeons use it frequently rattling it around so doubt that helps.I've lost one channel which is no hardship,I can get it on the computer if necessary. In reply to the age question - everything is old here -I nearly said  including me ! thanks again
  2. Has anyone had this problem ?I have been watching TNT happily since cable came in with a digibox or decodeur as they say - when we changed over on the 18th my TV screen is now pretty shades of various colours - all the people have blue faces and it is breaking up.I've contacted my insurance co.to see if I can claim.I hear from people in UK similar things happened there. Wot a pig - I thought I would be OK.
  3. Hi again - busy week - I watched the clip of Uranus you sent also another couple - sounds like a film worth watching - thanks. I am also a fan of Daniel Auteuil - great in the Pagnol films of course but have you seen La fille sur le pont - a bit of an 'art' type film about a girl who tries to commit suicide by -guess- jumping off a bridge - he is a knife thrower and they sort of get together.TV has busted following the change over so not seen anything on there since.
  4. Yes I did read some of the critiques of La Môme, thanks for the link, and watched the interview with Michel Drucker on TV - she is quite a tall lassie isn't she ? she explained how she 'got inside' the role. Did you see ? The Au revoir film was the one I saw advertised - pity I missed it. They've recently brought out a film about the raid on Jews in Paris in 1942  -'Le Rafle' - which a friend of mine saw and said there wasn't a dry eye in the house - and how he had felt so ashamed - as it was the French Police who did this - the man in charge never paid the price for his crimes. It was one reason I did watch the film on TV I mentioned Le Vieux fusil with Philippe Noiret - he got a Caesar for it. More war. But they had another of his (what a good actor) on a few weeks ago. Don't know if you saw that, called 'Le Juge et l'Assassin' based on a true history about a Jack the Ripper character who was roaming across France at about the same time - killing shepherdesses mainly. Noiret was the judge - but the assassin chap was played really well - it always makes you wonder when people get inside a role so well if there isn't just a bit of them in there. I'm going to have to note down some of these films and see if I can get them on Amazon.fr. Look forward to reading some more write ups.
  5. I would keep trying for a French person T's dog - I've done this in the past  - even a pal would be better than  a Brit - I agree with Norman. I wouldn't even consider translating poetry - it's just not the same, but perhaps you have the magic touch ! Bonne chance
  6. Ah well this is the thread - I haven't seen all of the films mentioned something to look out for- we are lucky to have a local cinema which helps a bit. Otherwise it's usually Arte or other channels on TV. Who saw La Môme ? There was a lot of criticism about it saying it dwelt on the negative aspects of Piaf's life but I actually enjoyed it: I thought Marion Cotillard was superb !  Have you already discussed this ? I've come in a bit late probably. Moonraker;was the film about the children taken by the Gestapo ?I missed it - was it good ?
  7. Thanks 5-element -and hello Normie
  8. Wouldn't your best option be to find a French person  to help ? If you can translate roughly they can add the flavour
  9. Don't know Normie -yet - but doubtless will, I thought it might be nice to share info. I watched Le vieux fusil the other night - good stuff but depressing. Really enjoy some French cinema. I see you've written a book on the Vendee wars Wooly - pleased to hear it - me also v.interested in same. Wrote an article about them, then got hooked into finding out more. Every day I walk the dog on a site where a battle took place -also know a descendant of Jacques Cathelineau - living history isn't it ?   Will check out your blog.
  10. I'm looking for a thread on good French films is there one?
  11. I see that Paru Vendu put their stuff on the internet but it costs a bit to advertise with them. You can also get an idea of the van's value with a link. How did you work that out ? You can get your ad in for a fixed price and they keep it on until it's sold so it might work out a better bet. Did you see that ? Am going to ring or go and see one of the depot ventes this week to find out the deals. Have never sold a vehicle before - a bit of a girly there so will be interested to find out the best way.
  12. How did you get on selling your camper ? I am wanting to do same
  13. Do be careful that your motor home is 'importable'.A friend of mine did what you're thinking of and bought a LH drive VW in UK then when she came to import it found she couldn't without going through some very complex and expensive procedures - don't ask me what! but eventually she sold it in UK very cheaply.
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