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  1. There are lots of factors to consider, engine type/size, 2 or 4 door, paint etc. The list is endless, so unless you are doing a comparison on like for like you cannot say which is best. If it's a new car you are thinking of buying then the basic price does not give you much. We bought our C1 in France and they do not even include a radio! Our C1 is petrol, 4 door, sensomatic box with extras like radio, aircon, alloys. It cost in the region of 11,500€. If you live in France and buy in the UK then you have all the problems of importing into France and cost involved. Bernice  you got a C1 with power assisted steering? - I didn't know you could get them without these days! I often wonder if all French cars are fitted with direction indicators however. The C1 is an excellent little motor with superb fuel economy.
  2. [quote user="Braco"] The freedoms of the masses are built on the rights of the individual.   There are a number of things that I also find repulsive, but I do not seek to ban any of them.   [/quote]                                           Ban on England shirts
  3. Wife says to be destitute she has some fancy boots. What's wrong with sardines anyway?
  4. Well be blowed, I never seen the timezone thinggy before. Thanks Clair. Must admit you are a nicer Mod than the other one!
  5. I would say sort your specs out too. There is only one specialist optician in our (huge) area  and it takes months to get an appointment. After you get your prescription visit one of the fancy shops, like Krys, and have your specs made up, be prepared to pass out at the price. Then you can look forward to your 15€ "remboursement" from the state. One suggestion is to have your eyes tested here then buy your specs off the net or in the UK. That way you get the maximum refund for the minimum outlay.
  6. [quote user="Mareille"]And if you go to your personal settings and alter your timezone settings then you can have everything in European time [/quote] You can? I presume you are talking about personal settings for this forum and not windows? Would you mind explaining how you do that?
  7. My 2042K form arrived today, never had them this late before.
  8. [quote user="Pads"]Thanks for your replies its the plymouth Calais route Im going on ...[/quote] Which ferry company sails Plymouth to Calais?
  9. So far I have only received a form 2047K (last week), do the different forms come at different times? I can't remember receiving them so late last year.
  10. This is a French Forum, Living France - yet on British Summer time? Perhaps it is a bit like Brittany Ferries "time on board is British time" - Why?
  11. Who cares! The only thing I would like to see is a stronget £ so I get more € at the end of the month from my UK pension.
  12. Your best bet is to get them off the net. Try HERE
  13. [quote user="AnOther"]Because as I say I think that is what has triggered the tax demand and it seems unusual for someone who spends a little time in  France to have it so paid. The Impots possibly think so too. No obligation to answer, up to you. [/quote] I don't understand the logic. If the lady perhaps likes the shops in the UK, or is living with a family member who looks after her - what's the difference? I have a pension paid into a bank in the UK but spend less than a month there in any year, not unusal at all. The criterior is residency surely.
  14. [quote user="AnOther"] why is that if she spends relatively so little time here ? [/quote] Rather personal question, why would you need to know that?
  15. [quote user="NormanH"]Have you looked at declaring yourselves surendettés? http://pret-credits.fr/2009/06/faire-un-dossier-de-surendettement-pour-fiche-banque-de-france/ett [/quote] Interesting subject but your link doesn't work (page doesn't exist error 404)
  16. Why not DIY - you can get traps for about 8€.
  17. Looking at your pics again I think it might be worth your while to invest in a new dish. You can get a decent 80cm dish from Brico Depot for around 36€ including a "tete universell". You could then mount that on the existing bracket. Link ANTENNE D 80 + TETE UNIVERSELLE
  18. That looks pretty good to me. I've installed a few units for myself and friends, without a meter I doubt you will get it much better.
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