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  1. I did the belt on my petrol 2.0i VW engine, piece of cake but I suppose the diesel engine is more complex. Cost me 17€ for the belt! I know that in the UK a friend paid in excess of £500 just recently for a service and cam belt change on a VW, at a main dealer.

  2. [quote user="just john "]

    [quote user="Jimmy"]Just as it would be unwise to ice skate on a lake in the middle of summer, it's also unwise to have sex with anyone who's not your wife. God will judge as guilty those who take part in sexual sins.[/quote]

    Luke 6:42 How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye. . . .[:P]


    Lol. Nice one.

    Log removed, well bit of a splinter really - guilty as charged.

  3. [quote user="HoneySuckleDreams"][quote user="woolybanana"]

    Well, I had an interesting event this morning which might suggest that interference can occur. I was talking to someone on the fone (an internet one) and switched off the Kindle as we were speaking. The fone was immediately cut off.

    Now, in the context of a plane, I just wonder what might be let loose.


    if it can turn a phone of when itself  is being turned of, what does it do to people whilst it's turned on? We're constantly being told the human brain is a very delicate thing...does anyone know if there will be long term effects? or is it the same as the WIMAX argument


    HSD I share your concern. I have it on good authority that a Kindle will scramble the brain if used excessivley, just as it will bring down an aircraft if used on takeoff. I have almost 30 years experience in electronics and interferance technology both with companies here and in the UK.

    The brain in particularly suseptical to the invisible radiation from the Kindle, more particularly if it has the 3G or WiFi enabled. Experiments conducted at the University of Pool suggest that the Kindle is only safe to use at a distance of no less that 1.5326 m (5.02821 feet) from your face. It was also found that by using the skullcap (designed and tested in Tokyo) and connected to a computer running a reverse interferance program can negate the problems with the Kindle. LINK

  4. [quote user="Chiefluvvie"]Hi - Boots Opticians - you can book on line or call +44 845 125 3752 - currently £10 (normally £20) for an eye test.

    For my glasses I order on line via Zennioptical.com in the USA. Really great choice, great price (about a third, or less of the price in France) and my specs arrived in 6 days from China via Fedex. Brilliant!


    I hope you are UK resident and not cheating the system.

  5. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="Jimmy"]So it is but

    link to prices would have been of interest don't you think?


    The site in question is a US-based and the post itself is in breach of the forum code of conduct, which is why the link was removed.

    Any further question about this, please contact a moderator by PM.

    Thank you.


    Thanks - it's nice to be told these things!

  6. [quote user="johnycarper"]

    Not sure i want to get into this arguement as life is  too short,but just to say i have gone with www.onspeed.com and at 29 euros a year its one of the cheaper ones and you can watch the bbc with no problems.[/quote]

    I used onspeed in the UK when we had dial-up and that was a lot of years ago. For speed increase I didn't think much of it but just to use as a UK proxy is an excellent idea.

  7. [quote user="Albert the InfoGipsy"]

    I'll second velcorin. Apart from failing to pick the right meaning for homonyms, translation sites have a nasty habit of missing negatives, so you can get the completely opposite meaning from the original. For example, look at the last part of these two sentences translated by Google.

    En effet, nombre de ponts passent sans aucun problème et d'autres ne présentent pas de danger, si ce n'est de frotter sur quelques caillasses quand il n'y a pas trop d'eau.

    Indeed, many bridges pass without any problem and others do not present a danger, if not to rub on some caillasse when there is too much water.


    Reverso comes up with "Indeed, count of bridges(decks) pass without any problem and the others do not present danger, if it is not to rub on some stone when there is too much water". If you just feed "n'y a pas trop d'eau" into Google Translate then you get "not too much water"

  8. [quote user="ericd"]Hi SallyC, from memory, i believe this depends of your location but members more in the know will certainly be able to help.

    If you don't mind me highjacking your thread as i also have a similar question.

    We are being rewired this winter (the full works) and the ERDF meter will have to be switched from 3-phase to single phase supply. Anybody knows how much this also costs?? may thanks.[/quote]


    I can't believe what i am reading......." Why don't you just ring them and ask?

  9. [quote user="NickP"]

    [quote user="idun"]I have never minded buying english food treats, when I found them or when they were available. But why would anyone move to France without getting stuck into the language, beyond me asking for 'english speaking anything' when one is a guest in France.[/quote]

    So why do most public services in the UK offer most information in multi languages? Because my friend not everybody is fortunate to have your linguistic abilities, and sometimes we all need a little assistance in life , so maybe you might try helping people instead of being pompous? [:P]


    Pompous is indeed appropriate.  I live in France (I’m not a guest, it’s my home), speak enough of the language to get by and am improving all the time. We had a good French hairdresser but now have an equally good English hairdresser. I’m only sorry we don’t live near the OP otherwise we could have helped.

  10. They should dismantle from the top down - remove the metal grills off the front first - they are as heavy as ****. I had a full row of them in one of our barns, about 40 in all. I advertised them in the local supermarket (free - to collect). One little French girl rang to ask if she could have one for her pet! I got rid of the whole lot to the tip - a few days later I had 3 phone calls asking if we still had them!

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