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  1. Rule no.1 is do not buy anything from a telephone salesman. You need time to sit down and investigate. Look at what others say about it.


    I don't think you can complain if you don't get any enquiries. After all you are paying to go on the site and it is up to you to decide whether it would be worth it. Did the salesman actually promise you bookings?

  2. [quote user="Chancer"]

    But unless I misunderstood or the situation has changed without the classification you are not entitled to the same exoneration of social charges and impôts than with.

    Or are you still getting the 70% without classification?


    No, just 50%   But I still think it worth the extra to remain completely independent.

  3. I totally agree. We are not with anyone, not even advertised with the local tourist board, and we have already 17 weeks booked for 2012. I like to choose who comes to the gite and I certainly do not want inspections. All this rating business seems more trouble than it's worth.
  4. I'm not sure why it should cost you that much. We have  phone/TV/internet with Free which is 35€ a month or 420€ per year and for that all calls to worldwide landlines are free, as are calls to French mobiles. You can always stress that they must not phone non-French mobiles or if they do the cost will be deducted from the security deposit.
  5. Yes, it's the same as this one -

     Dear Sir/Madam,
    > Compliments of the season. Please confirm the possibility of lodging 4
    > guests in your facility for the period we will be staying in your area;
    > Check-in-date: 21st April 2012 to;
    > Check-out-date: 13th May 2012 (22 nights).
    > We are four Engineers from Cardiff, Wales coming to attend an Engineering
    > workshop programme for that specified period of 22 days.
    > Kindly calculate the prices of your 2 double rooms or apartment that will
    > sleep 4 persons. Please offer discounts on your prices.
    > Thanks for your anticipated co-operation and merry Christmas.
    > Best wishes,
    > Jonathan Keegan
    > Cardiff Wales,
    > UK.
    > Tel: 0044 77417 67698
    > Contact E-mail: [email protected]

  6. I get Simvastatine 40mg and the cost with the CV is about 6€ per month.
  7. There is a C&A in Créches near Mâcon but I never think they compare with M&S for quality.
  8. There are plenty of people wanting house sitters during the winter. Why not look at 'Mind my house' and 'Housecarers'?
  9. If you look at the Lay My Hat forum you will see that most of Europe has been approached by Jonathan Keegan and his film crew! He used to be Dr. He always says 'slated' which is very distinctive and wants three weeks but is not really bothered which three weeks.

  10. If you are worried why not use CurrencyFair? Then you can trickle money through, ie you can transfer the £s, convert them to €s and transfer to your French account all in a matter of days and then start on another lot.
  11. Roro said "It is up to us gite owners to decide if the effort of complying with the regulations is worth the 71% abatement or whether life is too short and just pay the 50% . On the other hand it does still seem to me that in order to sign the registration with the Mairie, without lying through your teeth, one has to get classified by the prefecture.Has anyone done it?"

    I have registered with the Mairie and I'm not classified/inspected by anyone. This year the taxman told me if you are of retirement age you automatically get the 71% abatement.
  12. Debbie, you might be best sending a proper letter to your tax office so they have your signature. We've just sorted ours out. They had been sending all the demands to the UK for three years despite the fact that when we bought our present house we were already resident in France.
  13. I'm still confused.

    I have a gite (a house) registered with the Mairie but nowhere else. I receive the UK pension so we're OK for healthcare. I declared the gite income under 5OP and so 50% is taxed.

    Is this right?
  14. Last week a family of 5 stayed and all they used was two hand towels.
  15. I wouldn't think the tax office will be bothered when you start as long as you declare it on your tax forms after the first year.

    It's better to visit the tax office in person (but not this month!). You can ask if there is a tax advisor who speaks a bit of English. I'm sure in Bergerac they all will. If not it is a chance to practise your French.
  16. I still think charging for bedding and towels is just plain mean. If the guests have brought their own they won't be using yours. We have basins in every room and I always leave handtowels and soap. In the toilets it is for hygene, and in the bedrooms I don't want people wandering round dripping on the carpets. Likewise I always make up all the beds even though there might only be a couple staying. I would rather that people didn't just sleep on the beds without covers.
  17. I was looking at Buxy but I see St Gengoux also has an open day on 11th June.

    I don't think there is a night market in June but there is one Friday 15th July and Friday 12th August.
  18. The Vigerons de Buxy have two caves, in Buxy and in St Gengoux.

    They have wine tasting every Saturday between 11 and midi.

    On Satuday 11th June there is a "Portes Ouvertes" with guided visits of the caves and vineyards plus lunch and dinner and a concert (Eric Toulis) at 8.30pm.

    There are guided visits round the caves every day in July and August

    "Caves ouvertes" weekend of 23/24th July

    Wine, cheese and gaufres at weekends during the grape picking season.
  19. Thanks, N'importequoi. I suspected that was the case.
  20. I'm not sure if that is a rebuke or a spelling correction. Yes, we are a bit like people at a party who hold two conversations at once!
  21. Sorry I seem to be mixing this thread with Trip Advisor. I was hoping I was wrong but I think that Trip Advisor do not accept any newcomers now, at least with gites. I think that the only way to do it is to pay for Flipkey first. I took up a free trial with Flipkey for 3 months. When that came to an end I cancelled. The boss herself rang me up from the US and asked if I would like another 3 months trial. I took it and then thought I would pay up and join. But the first year's payment only covered me for a further six months. I was rather annoyed that the free trial wasn't a free trial at all and promptly cancelled. Since then I have been hounded to subscribe.

    Does anybody know that it is the case that you can't get on Trip Advisor free anymore, at least with a gite?
  22. Thanks Wilko.

    So a client writes a review and gives the name and address of the gite. Then it is posted? Then do you subscribe and then write a description? Sorry, I'm still not absolutely clear how you get your description and photos on.
  23. Hello Wilko, I'm in southern Burgundy near Cluny, a bit north of Macon.
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