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  1. Has anyone made contact with her by phone??
  2. Our house is called "Chante Merle" ... can't say I've seen that many blackbirds around .... we are in a small hamlet and ours is the only one with a name, others zre known by the owner's family names.
  3. Only connecting to the Forum .... Happy New year 2022 everyone (we have until the 31st to present our best wishes ...). Health and happiness to all.
  4. ..... they are having you on ....
  5. Nope .... Aveyron river's level rising though.
  6. Hello everyone. Very up-and-down year so far and only just catching up with you all. In deed .... Where is Mint ?
  7. Taxe d'Habitation: To be paid even if house is not lived in. House must be "entirely empty of all furniture" to qualify for NIL tax. You will need to provide a letter from your Mairie confirming your house is either empty of all furniture or inhabitable due to it being in a very bad state of repair. Danny.s isse above is different to yours.
  8. OBD = On Board Diagnostic to do with reading of pollution emissions. To be looked at of course (could be a faulty sensor ...) sometime called the Lambda Sensor. Let us know. Thanks.
  9. So so expensive for viewing glasses in France and this has always been the case. My mother came to visit us in the UK 3 or 4 years ago and I took her to Asda for a new pair. Think to remember she paid £100 for the test/frame and prescription lenses. I had to post them to her as she had returned back home when we got the call from the very friendly assistant. She was happy with the whole thing.
  10. Roses ..... who wants to cultivate roses ...?? If you have managed to read the info all the way, it clearly says that a thick walled narrow garden is much better than any greenhouse protection. Gardeners could achieve a temperature difference of 8c to 10c between walled gardens and outside non-protected areas.
  11. Hi all. Following in mint's footsteps, a very interesting link with old postcards and a Parisian fruit growing fact that I wasn't aware of. All in French I'm afraid. https://solar.lowtechmagazine.com/fr/2015/12/fruit-walls-urban-farming.html?fbclid=IwAR2PbKW0UYnoWKBpNLr2dd13WuECJUg-OiUVrT2wVmlURAN45SEH5zsjdtw
  12. I agree with Sue56. The best way out is to contact them by phone (contact details on the document you received). If your French isn't up to it, do find someone who can explain your situation clearly (nothing worse than someone trying to explain such a serious situation in broken French).
  13. I used to travel inside India pretty regularly. Wild peacocks would sometime fly over the road from one field to another, above passing traffic.
  14. €30 price seems ok .... Enjoy !
  15. Strange as at first you were not on ..... saw you facing the old man with the white cap. Fancy that !!! When was that taken ?
  16. Received ours in the UK on 12th December .....limit to pay was the 15th ....
  17. Well thank you very much sue .... I was just asking ....
  18. Many thanks all. I will therefore contact Sosh ..... et pacher chez eux .....
  19. Just reading this ..... the OP hasn't even had the decency to acknowledge your kind comments ....
  20. Thank you Theiere. Our 4G connection is very poor so this isn't an option for us. Our internet is mostly for surfing without large downloads.
  21. Hello all. Hoping you all in great health and spirit ! Question concerning the best (cheapest ...) internet provider. For the past 10 years, we have been with orange "decouverte" which allows us to stop the telephone and internet for long periods when we aren't in France. At the beginning, they wanted us to send the livebox back to them which was a bit silly .... so I bought a 2nd hand livebox on the internet and returned the one I was renting from Orange. This worked fine for a while until the day we couldn't get the internet back on and calls to their help line in Egypt or Tunisia didn't help at all. We now unplug the internet but carry on with our monthly internet subscription of €24.99 ..... The telephone itself has been off for more than one year and as we don't use it, I leave it off (we are in credit with Orange by €1.99 ...) Question is, which internet provider would you recommend that would be a) cheaper and b) reliable .... Thanks for your advice.
  22. I must add my condolences to Sunday Driver's family. I can't say that I've had much to do with him and the help he offered to Forum members but I do remember his name and it is always sad to hear that a person you might have had an exchange with for some years has passed away.
  23. Read the news earlier this week that P&O had stopped this route for good. Both ships (Pride of York and Pride of Bruge) will be sent to the knacker's yard. This was our preferred route to France, we'll have to do Dover/Calais and find accommodation after Calais from now on.
  24. mint: Your Surgeon will make an "incision" verb is "inciser" which is used to talk about a very small cut (you can make an "incision" on a plant to insert a foreign implant.) andrew44. Thanks for the Tennis .... still of no interest to me. Embaucher et Debaucher ..... this expression is territorial. In the northern part of France (we) don't use this expression ... we say "Commencer le travail" (Tu commences à quelle heure demain?). In western and southern France, (they) say "Tu embauches/debauches à quelle heure demain? ..... takes a while to get use to it.
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