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  1. [quote user="Adrian Squires"] .....I am probably going to get slated for saying this but really people act your age not your shoe size.   Aidy [/quote]   Not by me sir.   David
  2. Is this the one Peter? http://www.anpa.asso.fr/html-fr/milieu/f_milieu_code_des_debits.html David  
  3. Hi Steve I have posted this for you elsewhere but in case you miss it, here it is http://www.franco-belge.co.uk/ David  
  4. Battypuss is indeed alive and well as are her children. She is back in the UK and posted elsewhere to confirm this. No doubt that when she has got herself settled in, she will revisit the forum.  
  5. Just as an offchance have a look here http://www.wanadoo.co.uk/help/beginnerguides/guidetooutlookexpress/default.htm to check that everything you have set up tallies with what they show in their pretty pictures in the Easy Guide Settings Check. Good luck.  
  6. Eugene If you go to the top right hand isde of this webpage, you will find the Search there. Click on it and a drop down box appears. Inside that box is Advanced Search. Click on that and you will be taken to the search page. Put BJSLIV in the right hand box, check the box for exact ID and then click on Search. Et voila!! Good luck with the house build.  
  7. Just to bring the thread back to the subject. Also have a look at the Volvo S40. Volvo have recently produced their own 5 cylinder diesel and are now fitting this to their range of vehicles, thereby replacing the VW units. Even if you purchase one that has a 4 cylinder VW engine, not a problem. Solid, reliable and good fuel consumption.  
  8. To get the card to work in the other box, you have to ring SKY, supply them with the details they require and then they electronically match the card to the box. Problem is, do this too many times and SKY will get suspicious and therefore will want to know what you are up to. So yes obtain a FTV card. Oh where from? 64 billion dollar question and not one that I can help you with. I would suggest you try using a search engine to try and locate one.  
  9. Quote Peter The answer was "you've gone on to the semi dead file, and we'll send you a tax return in 2007". Does that now mean that your file will be put into the "totally dead file"  upon the receipt of that return? I can understand that with my pension (government) and with a British bank account ( into which the pension is paid and also pays taxable interest),  that the IR MIGHT have an interest in sending me a tax return. But with the double taxation treaty, I cannot understand how the UKIR can have any further interest in any shape or form of anyone who has moved to France "en toute", pays French taxes etc and STILL the UKIR want a tax return in 2007 ?? It does not make sense. Are the UKIR really that batty? (No Peter, I am not asking you to declare on this forum what is PRIVATE to you) Can someone explain please ?  
  10. Bixy I wholehearterdly agree with what you are saying. Viamichelin provide information in respect fo the location of the STATIC cameras which are part of the roadside furniture. The French themselves provide such information on this website http://www.securiteroutiere.equipement.gouv.fr/data/radars/index.html If I am reading the author of this thread correctly, the speed trap concerned was one set up by the Police themselves and it is the warning given by people to vehicle drivers of its presence that constitutes the offence. Please note the manner in which I have worded that and there is a very good reason for it. A pedestrian at the side of the road giving such a warning also commits the offence, so it is not restricted to vehicle drivers flashing headlamps. It refers to any person. The reason that I know this ? I am a retired Police Officer, ex Traffic division and therefore well versed in speed detection techniques. Although I personally have never prosecuted anyone for warning others of my presence - at least it kept the speeds down - I would not like any member of this forum being subject to the process of such an offence. In other words folks, if you see a speed trap, keep your hand off the headlamp flasher. You may save someone from a fine but you leave yourself wide open to having your bank balance reduced AND possibly the loss of your liberty. Light throttles folks.  
  11. Maria I have two suggestions for you. 1. If possible, have your telephone line checked for any possible faults. Does this connection problem occur at times when the wind strength is high? This might explain your connection difficulties. I'm not saying that it will but on the other hand it just might. 2. Wanadoo/NTL conflict. Different ISP's often have a conflict with each other and end up barring each other particularly in the email department. It would not surprise me if there is such a conflict between Wanadoo and NTL. As a possible workaround, go to MSN and set up a Hotmail account. Unfortunately, due to a change in MSN's terms and conditions, you will NOT be able to access this through your Outlook email software. However, if you use this account to send emails to and from both providers, you will be able to ascertain if such a conflict exists if the emails bounce.    
  12. Hi Folks Yes it is illegal in France and the UK. I'm not certain of the exact offence in France, but it will no doubt be similar to TWO offences here in the UK. The first one is "obstructing a Police Officer in the lawful execution of his duty" and the second - which is a lot heavier with the possibility of a prison sentence being imposed if found guilty - is "attempting to pervert the course of justice." The second one would not normally be used for such matters UNLESS, of course, one decides to get "funny" with the Police (NOT a recommended course of action). So if you do see a speed trap, please keep your hands off the headlamp flashers. Whilst your intentions are good, as I have pointed out, the penalties can be severe. Bonne chance toutes.       
  13. [quote]Hi there I'm also trying to work out what size dish we need. I've had a look at the website and I'm not sure if a 60cm dish will be good enough for us or if we need something bigger, it looks like we...[/quote] If you are on the fringe then go for the larger one - better safe than sorry. The only concern I would have is if you only have the space for a 60 cm dish, then you have to consider a south facing aspect that could accomodate the larger dish. It has NOT been unknown for some people to mount the dish on a concrete block in their back garden with a clear line of sight to the satellite. This is normally because that they could not: a) get the necessary permission to mount one on their home OR b) the building itself was not suitable to have such a dish mounted on it.  A 80 cm dish is quite larger than the Sky oval dish that I have here in the UK - these apparently do not function very well in France - so weight factors have to be taken into consideration. If in doubt, then ask an expert - I think that someone has posted on here who knows better than I ?  
  14. Sorry. I was one of those "souls" who did not watch it. Eurovision and soaps I avoid like the plague. All down to individual tastes ??  
  15. In theory, yes you can. Sky transmits from the Astra 2D satellite. If you look at this site, http://www.satalogue.com/section11/page1a.htm it shows you the signal "footprint" aong with the recommended size of dish that you would need.    
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