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  1. Hi, usually when people change villages etc ,the children have to change schools unless you have a derogation. Have you spoken to the school about this? you have to inform them that you are changing address ( and to be honest they will know any way if it is a village)so I would just ask them if your children can stay at their school or not. If they say yes then you have your answer and probably will not even need a derogation. If they say no then I doubt very much that you will get the derogation for them to stay there , if you go above them to try and force them   you will be creating other problems. If your kids have already been at school for a year I wouldn't have thought the teachers speak to them in english anyway.
  2. Hi, do you know you can buy the school books from the fnac? They have all the levels from cp to terminal , this would probably give you a good idea of the level over here.( some of the books are the same as in schools), the site is www.fnac.fr , they deliver to the uk.
  3. Hi, you could go and see them when you come over in January just to make contact but usually when a person moves during the school year they go to the mairie when they move in, take all the appropriate paperwork , the mairie then tells you to go to the school. Obviously as he speaks very little french they may ask for a couple of days to sort it out, then again if you move during the school holidays you can go to the mairie and get all the paperwork done and then your son can start on the first day back. We moved back to france in february 2003 and my son who was in primary school started the next after we had been to the mairie. My niece, aged 6, had to stay with me for a couple of months last year I just went to the mairie and the next day she started school even though she spoke no french at all. As for redoubling a year, this is the parents choice and not the teachers. The teacher recommends it but if the parents say no then the child goes into the next year, some people do not realise this ( french included). I know of at least one occasion here where it was decided to hold certain children back because of class numbers and not on school work . The teachers are not always right and this is up to the parents to decide if their child is able to cope with the following year.Jack being an end of year child you should have no problems getting him kept back a year, I have 3 end of year children and at some point the 2 oldest redoubled . Also you are lucky if there are under 25 pupils per class, my daughter started in cp this year and they were 27 ( I am now homeschooling her), the cm2 are 32 pupils! good luck in your move and do not worry about doing the paperwork at the last minute, We have moved many times ,my oldest daughter changed school 4 times in france before she got to junior school , and I just went to the mairie each time for the inscriptions. Lisa
  4. Hi, I don't think you'll have any problem with them holding your son back a year, my son should have been in cm2 ( according to the french system) when we moved back here but I just told them that he had to be in cm1 as although he was fluent in french he could not read and write it (we moved to england when he was 3), they had no problems with this and did not even question it. he has a december 6 birthday . Also in england  he was actually in  the equivalent to cm1 as the age system is not the same as here, they count from september as here it is december so he didn't really mind. For the private school, a lot of them do not take pupils during the year and you have to go and fill out the forms before a certain date for the following september ( if they have space). I'm speaking from experience of a private school in my area but it might be different in the area you are moving to. Lisa
  5. hi, why do you want to write a letter to the school? not sure how it works in england but here you do not get much choice.Depending on where you live you go to the mairie( if it's maternelle or primaire) with all the paperwork (vaccinations, proof of address etc) and the child goes to the local school. If it is for the college (senior school) then you need to contact the mairie to find out which one the other children in your area go to . If you are considering private school then they usually have certain dates for inscriptions for the following year, you would be best ringing them as I doubt very much that they will reply to a letter or email , is it not the same in england that you go to the school that is nearest to your home? If you want him to go to a different school I think you have to ask for a 'derogation'. I doubt very much that you will actually beable to do anything until you have moved here as you need a proof of address. In france you just go to the mairie or college on arrival there is no actual planning beforehand, this is probably why you have not had a reply from any of your emails. They are probably wondering why you are sending them emails. Not too sure what you want to discuss with them but I  think it would be better to send an email to the inspection acadamique ,you have more chance of getting a reply and they are better placed to answer any questions you might have. Sorry to be so negative but I'm afraid that's how schools are over here, there is no planning ahead. Lisa  
  6. Hi, just wondered why you are going to pay him? We have one small field cut and the usual agreement is half each, he gets cheap hay and I have a small amount of hay. your farmer will more than likely buy the rest off you anyway as hay is expensive this year in some areas. I buy round bales at 35 euros but prices vary in each area, you can buy straight  from the field at around 21 euros to give you a rough idea.
  7. Hi, does anybody on this forum homeschool their children?I'm looking for advice on how to go and about it and the pros and cons. Thanks
  8. lisa

    guinea pig

    well the spa took the guinea pig, I explained to them what had happened. My daughter told the owner of the flat that it had died and that she had buried it with the cage,she rang the people who had moved out who promptly rang my daughter telling her that she would have to pay them back for the cage!! ( I had to leave the cage at the spa, I don't think they have many guinea pigs) they can always hope. The people in the flat below them told my daughter that these people had chucked the dog out the day before they moved and then called the fourriere to pick it up so that probably ended up at the spa also.
  9. lisa

    guinea pig

    It was in their appartment while they lived there, my daughter turned up with it last night as it did not look too good, cleaned the cage and put newspaper in, put a bit of salad and carrots for the night. Kept it in the spare bedroom and this morning it seems to have perked up a bit. Am going to see if I can rehome it today .
  10. lisa

    guinea pig

    Yes I was thinking the same thing, can't understand why they left it, it's not as if it has a big cage. I think they are hoping that it dies before they come back. My daughter rang them and they say that it will just have to manage until they can come and pick it up ( they moved to near arcachon from perpignan), they left on thursday!! My daughter moved yesterday but only found it this evening. I'm thinking of going to the spa tomorrow to ask and if they are willing to take it to rehome it then my daughter will tell them that she found it dead in the cage. Just hoping that it will be ok in the garage until then. If the spa can't take it I'll buy another cage and shove it in a bedroom until I can find somebody who wants it, couldn't take it tonight because the cage it is in absolutely wreaks so I can't put it in the bedroom.
  11. lisa

    guinea pig

    Hi, just need a bit of advice here. My daughter has finally moved and the people who rented the flat before had asked to leave some stuff in the garage and they would come back today to pick it up. While putting some of her stuff in the garage this evening she realised that they had left a guinea pig there in a filthy cage.They now say they cannot come until tuesday. She has fed it and changed the water and I'll go and get the necessary to clean its cage tomorrow, I know absolutely nothing about guinea pigs ( what environnement they need etc?) and although I do not really want to leave it in the garage we both have cats and I'm afraid they might try and kill it if we take it in. I've fed it some carrots , is straw ok as bedding?  I also have hay if it can eat that.If they do not turn up on tuesday do the spa rehome these animals? I don't want the spa to think that it is us who are abandonning it. Hope somebody can help, feeling quite sorry for the poor thing and would take it in if I was sure it would survive the cats.
  12. lisa

    Dog nails.

    Hi, our vet use to cut our old dogs nails everytime we took her for a visit for her various health problems, I trimmed them but was always worried about cutting them too short. Didn't even ask the first time she just started clipping them, after that she did them whenever needed during a visit.
  13. yes  sometimes think we are mad,we have a very big bedroom and a kingsize bed, did actually think of putting a sofa in the bedroom just for them, at least it might get them off the bed!! We also have an old cat who has his little space on the bed and won't give it up for any of the dogs. They are all terrified to go near him when gets on there but still doesn't get them off completely.
  14. We actually went to adopt one oldie but the little pekinese looked into my daughters eyes and that was it, we had to take her and her lifelong companion there and then! We had already picked another dog who had wonky legs (due to being broken and not mending properly according to the spa) , the week before so we ended up with 3 plus my  alsation ( my other daughters really but he lives with me now)and bichon. Luckily they all get on although the alsation is scared to death of the pekinese, we had to calm her down as she was attacking his legs and the poor alsation is so gentle he didn't know what to do. I can already see the difference as they are slowly adjusting to our ways, just got to get the bed thing sorted.
  15. Thanks for all the replies, cybelle ( the nervous one) has got straight back in to the basket. I think she was just trying to copy the other 2 and was even trying the settee out at one point. Not sure what will happen tonight to get her off the bed, hopefully as easy! For the other 2 I think I've got my work cut out, they have a lot of bad habits ( which were probably ok in their old home) and I'm trying to be as firm as possible with them. Will be going to get another bed or cover for rusty( the spaniel cross) as at 10 he has no idea what the basket is for and I think it might be a bit small for him. As for the praline (12 years old pekinese) we have had to be very firm with her as she begs for food and at first would steal food off the plate if we didn't watch her. she did try to attack the cats but soon got put back in her place ( by the cats!!) .  rusty and praline belonged too an old lady who passed away last year,( she had had them since they were puppies) they ended up at the spa. They have obviously been well looked after.Hope fully I'll beable to get them into baskets or on covers. I have made a lot of progress with them and we go for walks off the lead now which is a lot nicer for them, they used to watch my alsation and bichon running around but I had to be sure they wouldn't run off first and that they would come back when called. Cybelle use to chase the cats but we have finally got her out of it and the cats come back in the house now. I will definately try bugsys suggestion as I think this may be the best way.
  16. Hi, does anyone have any tips on how to get a dog to sleep in a basket rather than on the bed?  These are dogs that I have adopted from the spa , 2 of them have obviously been used to sleeping on the bed and settee as they seem to have no idea what a basket is for ( except when the little pekinois wants to irritate the big alsation and then she waits till he gets up and promptly jumps off the settee and into his basket!!). The 3rd did sleep in the basket but has now started jumping on the bed at night, , this means the bed is a little overcrowded and hubby is losing patience!! We have tried the gentle pushing on the floor and showing them their baskets but doesn't seem to be working so if anyone has any advice? The first 2 are 10 and 12, is it possible to teach them at this age?As for the the 3rd  we are not sure how old she is but she has been badly treated and you only have to raise your voice and she shakes like a leaf. I'm sure she will go back to the basket if I can get the other 2 in theirs, she often sleeps with our alsation in his basket during the day.
  17. that's ok, didn't think to say I had 2 daughters!! I would never have let shrek go to the spa and now they are finally getting sorted it means that they can keep him. I felt so sorry for all those dogs at the spa and when I went the first time it was only for one , but what can you do when the 5 year old is literally crying her eyes out and saying that we have to take the old dog home with us straight away? Just couldn't leave the other one either as they had spent all their lives together.  Just looking at the health books with their photo on the front you can tell that they were well loved ( and pamapered!) dogs. I have now made it clear to my kids that if anything happens to us they look after all my animals or I will haunt them for the rest of their lives!! will try and put some pictures on during the week.
  18. also meant to  say it was my 5 year old that had her heart broken by the pekinois not the one who has shrek and belle
  19. don't worry he didn't end up at the spa, a friend of hers looks after him and she has him on occasions, she still lives in the flat but they are moving soon  to something bigger so he will move back in with them permanently. Belle was a lot calmer so she kept her in the flat where as shrek needs a lot of exercise. She really wanted to keep them both and tried to find a way of doing this which has worked out quite well. She is happy that she gets to keep them both and that they are managing now financially which is a relief . (for them and the parents!) I have taken the old alsation as he has a lot of health issues which require vets fees ( which was not helping them) and the 2 males were fighting , he is perfectly happy here . I had to have my 3 oldies ( aged 14,15 and 16) put down during the course of last year and decided a couple of weeks ago to have a look at the spa to adopt another  dog. Ended up adopting 3 oldies.
  20. yes , we have the old alsation and she kept belle , I couldn't have the other male as the 2 males didn't get on .
  21. Hi, if there is any body in the perpignan area thinking of adopting a dog or cat please go and look at the spa at torreilles. Some of the dogs have been there over 2 years.I went a couple of weeks ago and adopted a dog and then went back meaning to adopt the dog who was in the same cage as her, ( and has been there 3 years!!), my daughter had other ideas and a cross pekinois broke her heart ( literally!) we had to take her there and then . The dog couldn't be seperated from her lifelong companion, their owner had died and the son didn't want them . at the ages of 13 and 10 they ended up at the spa . I paid just 20 euros to adopt all 3 as they were considered sauvetage ( although I was expecting to pay more) , so please go and  have a look if possible.
  22. if I wanted to adopt her would it be possible to arrange to bring her a bit closer to perpignan as Cahors is a quite a way from me?
  23. Hi, is she ok with all dogs, male or female? also is she house trained? what are the conditions for fostering a dog?
  24. hi, shrek is my daughters dog, he is 3 years old and neutered. He will be chipped all going well by the end of the week. He is good with cats, children and female dogs. Not so good with males as he wants to be the boss. she lives in the department 66 but I can arrange to take him to a good home if it's further away. She has 3 dogs, I have taken the older male but can't take shrek as the 2 have never really got on. At the moment he is cooped up in an appartment and it is not a very good situation as financially they are struggling. We will try to get some photos on here tomorrow, He is a medium sized dog , very friendly .
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