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  1. UK Postcodes strat with a 2 letter code indicating normally post town. In some cases Fy = Fylde = Flat area round Blackpool they may not be instantly clear to people without local knowledge. They are then followed by digits which give the approxiamate area within the post town. Then thee charracters which lable the address to within about 20 dwellings. I believe most French codes are two digits for the Department, followed 1 digit and two zeros. Does anybody have a post code which does not end in 00 ? I must get out more
  2. Cannot see the problem if they get the car gangways sorted. Model suggests stuff they spend 10 minutes raising and lowering is already in place and hydraulics are now on ship rather than on port.
  3. Take specialist advise and I sugest somebody recommended in AiT. As an American resident abroad you have different tax issuesto most people previously resident in UK. Also check out potential to for transfering medical cover from US providers to their affiliates in Europe
  4. Suspect proxy rather than poxy
  5. I am with papachapa on this one. I think Longwave / DAB split on Radio 4 is that one of them covers move cricket but the other continues with scheduled broadcast. For anything more than Radio 4 I think you would need a foof mounted exterior antenna in 53 and even would probably have problems.
  6. Where did you buy the 22 mm pipe ? Did you buy it as a coil ?
  7. This is annecdotal rather than from reading regulations. A friend's installation was failed because the cupboard was big enough for the disjointers to be obstructed by coats etc. I would be seriously worried by a Tableau that ran warm enough to need ventilation.
  8. If you hover on the page below drop down menus appear that give an idea of what a typical issue is like. http://www.viz.co.uk/ If I was still finding it funny at thirty as opposed to 13 I would have doubts about whether I was ever going to grow up.
  9. It always used to be that if the signs at the start of the pass said chains only they meant it. If you did not have chains, or studs before they were banned you would simply not get up the pass.
  10. Given chains have a speed limit of 50 KPH I would say check ViaMichelin or BisonFute and decide on route with a view of the weather. Local price of chains in sales is under € 30 a pair.
  11. How odd, they sell dug out old vines round here for fire wood as well.
  12. [quote user="Tony F Dordogne"]I've given up trying to give the (oak) wood away, decided to use the logs/wood for ornamental things round the garden now![/quote] Tried stacking it with an AV sign French neighbours say it is guaranteed to either be bought or stolen
  13. Depends without : Type of wood How well seasoned Stacked or Dumped Length cut to Local area / How close to woods Total Quantity Google.fr 'Bois de Chauffage' and check local prices / quotes http://www.lemarchedubois.com/le-prix-du-bois-de-chauffage/id-menu-31.html Quotes between €40 and € 60. Price has been going up in line with oil
  14. I am amazed. In the early 1970s I worked 60 hours a week on top of a well paid job to have enough money to go motor racing at club level. Mostly autocross and sprints but rallys and run what you brung drag events. At a guess 10 minutes with those tyres cost more than a days motor sport adjusted for inflation
  15. Using an 80 cms dish in the Gironde I have 95% strength and 90% quality. On the dozen or so set ups I have done over the last 15 years, moves friends etc, I have always ended up at 80% plus. I take a portable TV, power, digibox and a short lead up to the roof or leave them on the ground so that I can see them. You need to move the dish by the thickness of a piece of paper and count to 20 each time you move the dish or skew. Can you check your box at a freinds house and vice versa ? Can you try another co ax cable ?
  16. If you are a native English speaker you have know idea what grammar is until you learn another language and by then it is too late. Though IMHO French suffers from exactly the same problems as English. Spelling locked before pronunciation and rules drawn up by a collection of pedants pretending to add logic to chaos
  17. I cannot see that the process is any different. Depending on age of car first hurdle may be getting a European Certificate of Conformity. Only good news is that I believe the factory is still in existance and making Ford Kas and Fiat 500s http://www.grupy.v10.pl/Import,nowego,auta,z,EU,1,1707616,2008_01.html Best of luck
  18. How big is the dish. Which Department in France are you in ? . Roughly how long is the cable run from dish to receiver. Is receiver a Sky digibox, a UK freesat box or a French purchased digital receiver.
  19. [quote user="Department71"]Interesting question, our neighbour had an aerial fitted professionally a few years ago when he had analogue. He had problems when the transmitter went digital, I took a look in his roof at the aerial, never seen one like it before, it wasn't the normal one I am used to, (long arm with reflectors at the end pointing to the transmitter) it was something else,  it looked like a flat plate wire mesh pointing vertically. Heavens knows what type it was. Yours should be ok if it's "normal" and strong enough for the area. Steve [/quote] Normally used in locations where there is a high risk of interference from other local trasmitters I think. So pretty unlikely in rural France. Satcure have descriptions of them
  20. The winters after the First and Second World Wars were particularly bad. Krakatoa had a measurable impact on the weather for couple of years after the eruption. Have no idea how much explosives are being used in Afganistan but suspect they might be enough to have some effect
  21. I probably have at least 100 French words like micro ordinateur and tele copier where tte French use PC and Faxs where I use the correct French which leaves me sounding like Nigel Stock playing Dr Watson
  22. Under a minutes per plate with a handheld battery drill when I,and the car moved from 87 to 33.
  23. Interesting debate about appropriate language from another place. http://www.proz.com/forum/french/85607-langue_utilisée_pour_les_factures.html Worth reading to the end.
  24. Glad I opened the posting. First thought was 'Did the frozen food chain have a truly naff French Matelot like Captan Birds Eye ?'
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