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  1. " We've had loads of stuff delivered... it's a fact of life when you live out in the sticks, you can't always get what you need in a trailer, and even if you can it may mean several long trips. All the bulder's merchants will deliver, but in my experience it's never free!  As an example, the delivery charge for a lorry load of sand/gravel (6 tonnes), from a depot 15 kms away, costs around 40€ here (!!) in south Deux-Sevres. You may be able to negotiate a small reduction. " Why should it be free ? Broadly I have not found anything which will cope with say 7.5 tonnes which cost much less than € 0.30 a kilometres to run. Include a driver and € 40 seems a reasonable price for 15kms We plan our orders and normally pick up from the local Bricodepot when we are passing anyway. A Day at the Races is not to bad but when you are dressed for a Night at the Opera can be a bit much
  2. Explanation for II - http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/2060391/ShowPost.aspx
  3. They are not illegal to sell but are illegal to use according to the sticker attached to a Belkin FM transmitter designed to link an Ipod to an FM radio which I purchased in FNAC. In practical terms its range was less than 5 feet - unless somebody bypasses the attenuator on the antenna
  4. Costs depend on which CF (Fiscal Horsepower) and how poluting it can now be very expensive with Malus payments on first registration in France.
  5. Try working backwards off the coverage maps and an area map with contours ? http://www.couverture-reseau-mobile.fr/?caref=MPCMC-MC20860&gclid=CLSF3fmZ_qACFcOX2AodGhoPnA
  6. Odds on you are aimed at 19% or 16% degrees rather than 29% degrees. Great signal but not the one you want. Move the dish about 15 degrees further East and start again. 
  7. I hate to say this but the router jig from screwfix  and oak that has been seasoned for 15 years
  8. Fair enough I can remember before I needed the week to recover form the weekend, then I needed the week to recover from the weekend. You may struggle with price inside the walls.
  9. Prices do come down relatively quickly as you move from the heart of Bordeaux and I did say close to London prices in the core. Try Solonger for a better idea of VFM. I would try a little closer to Bordeaux than Pessac but still on the tram.
  10. The procedure on Sky’s website on how to disable auto standby is * Press the Services button on your Sky remote. * Select Setup. * Push up twice to highlight Auto Standby. * Push left (or right) once to change ON to OFF. * Push down once to highlight Save New Settings and press Select. * Push the Sky button to return to whatever you were watching.
  11. It depends exactly where you are starting from in 24. It may be that Angouleme, Poitiers, Le Mans, Rouen is a better bet
  12. It is risk reward ratio time. HSBC / Midland as was charge me 1 % off the middle market rate. Specilaist currency brokers charge less but I have yet to find one whose balance sheet does not cause the intergalactic laxative to run through my bowels. If I needed money from the Euro to Sterling I would do it as soon as the rate falls below 1.11 pre election. Post election I think it will be 1.25
  13. I know I can new build at € 800 a M2 never found a barn conversion at less than € 1100.
  14. Plan B - The text is : We would like to give you advance notice of the date of the next Phoenix Booksale. This will take place on April 24, 2010 at the Salle des Fêtes of Campsegret, on the N21 north of Bergerac. (Same venue as last November’s event). Opening time: 10:00-15:00. More details will be posted here and emailed to Phoenix Members nearer the date. In the meantime please spread the word to your friends!
  15. € 900 a month sounds great to me. Google.fr and Location Bordeaux. looks like no problem Once played netball for Smith and Nephew in Lincons in Fields Central London. Ladies league = OK if we lost but I was up for gender realignment if we won. The only other condition was that I wore blue knickers and the cross over skirt
  16. [quote user="Joe"]If I have not posted for a while.I have to enter my password again if I can find it.[/quote] Not the problem I had the password tried that before trying forgotten password
  17. The hotmail address should work I have not changed it in over 15 years. both names no punctuation both lower case @hotmail.com
  18. Depends what your budget is. Centre Bordeaux can be almost at London prices. Are you renting or buying ? Tram under 35 minutes - irrespective of traffic as trams control Bordeaux's traffic lights http://www.tram.bordeaux.free.fr Line B - Rats seem to have lost ability to post web adresses. Search Google.Fr tram bordeaux
  19. I tried three times using the forgotten password system. Everytime I recieved the new password correctly - copied and pasted into the bbox but was not allowed in. I received onePM on another forum in January from somebody having similar problems. Finally rejoined using another name and my emergency Wanadoo Email address. Has anybody else had problems ?
  20. Details as link below. http://www.phoenixasso.com/gossip.php3 Same venue as last November. Well worth the trip, Sorry I did not post earlier but could not access my log in following a change of PC Also I cannot reply to the PM to Anton Redman for the same reason
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