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  1. Know the area too, is it in Honeycrock Lane off the main Redhill - Horley road,  if so whereabouts? - thanks.
  2. Whoops, wishing you a belated very happy birthday, Sue.
  3. Another bump, she's adorable.  Unforunately no chance in our animal full household but someone must have a place.
  4. Add some fresh mint once they come to the boil and when drained a tiny blob of butter and a little sugar sprinkled on.
  5. Enjoyed it very much especially knowing the area it was set around - even had the ordanance survey map out!  Well worth a read even if you are not in this area - didn't know anything re tarot cards, a little the wiser now!
  6. Sorry, forgot to mention our son is on his own UK passport, but absolutely straightforward in the request for (I think!) permission de sortie.  We didn't have any advice re contacting consulates etc, just did as his french friends did.
  7. When my son went to Spain with college last year I had the same request.  Popped round to the Marie and they gave me 'a permission for exit certificate' (details of his name and ours, date of birth and passport number) which I had to sign and then filled in the relevant details in her file again with my signature. Seems this is a regular occurance in our village as there were a good few children having been listed for the year. This certificate was valid for a year.  Hope this helps.
  8. Bought some entrecote from the local epicerie and was 'very' diplomatic (as we've had numerous inedible steaks)  in asking Michel (the proprieter) the best way to cook it.  Fry in a little butter very quickly 'till coloured on both sides (cast iron pan best) and then pop in the oven for 7 minutes (fan 150, medium cooked).  Absolutely delicious and comes out with juice to pour over the top. Yum! Everyone to their own, in the past I've eaten cheval in a resto and thought it ok, though not something I would choose to purchase for the family. Bon appetite.    
  9.  Was told yesterday there is the strong possibility of a greve at college on Thursday, though not sure to what extent.
  10. Have been away for most of the Christmas/New Year but was back for one day (27th) to find our passports (myself and 14 yr old son) having been delivered at the local post office in the village ( to be signed for of course) did all the work from the internet and had both photos signed.  Just sent it off with the recommended postage etc and followed the guidlines issued by the consulate in Paris.  May I thank all the folk on the Living France website for their guidlines and pointers.  Absolutely immaculate!!!!
  11. No problems what so ever- just bring it!!
  12. Haven't a clue but just watched some more of his 'tricks'? and he is pretty amazing - 14 yr old loves the impaling - yuk!!!!!!!!
  13. We can get them (dept 11) in Leclerc but would also recommend you look in any of the bio or health food shops.
  14. We have had her since a puppy.  Walk on the lead to heel, last week walking to heel off the lead up in the vineyards, told she could run and did.  This last weekend has been a nightmare - will not come back when called - even to the extent (rather embarrasingly!!) of hubby passing the same person 6 times.  Took little biscuits in the pocket today, sat down in the mud (!), called in a friendly not nasty tone and she thought it all a big game. Came back but dashed off two feet in front of me.  Did try doing the same route again ie turning round,  have walked,called to no avail.  Is now in bed feeling very ? sorry for herself. Think tomorrow will take her on the usual 2 hr walk but on the lead.  Not fun for either of us but can't think of another option.  Thanks.  ps. she is 11 months old and I ended up with another person who asked if she could entrapper her, how embarrasing!!
  15. A responsible breeder will microchip and have the first vaccinations done.  We collected our new addition in April and she had all the relevant paperwork and a tag for the collar to say she had been chipped.
  16. Does anyone know of a sky supplier/fitter in the Carcassonne region as we are considering upgrading to sky plus but would like to use (obviously - cost/distance) someone reasonably locally.  Thanks.
  17. Beautiful, well done. All I have requested for the past two years is a simple bird table - perhaps if show my OH this may do the trick.!!!!!
  18. Wow Lisleoise, sounds fantastic, space for another person - don't mind perching on the garden wall!!!!!!  I'm having a crack at a few this evening, though nothing on your scale.  Must start chopping - yuk, onions this time in the morning.  Happy munching, S
  19. Does anyone have a recette for really good tasting chicken curry (reasonably hot) ?  I have made plenty in the past but the sauce/meat never seems to have the depth of flavour found in resto ones (aaah, what memories!!)  Await with taste buds tingling.
  20. JSA Aude


    Thanks Pads.  We are here all day, neither of us work now and she isn't bored - she has a two hour walk (at least) every day plus some toodles out with our old lab.  Will try and keep our eyes open with the hosepipe at the ready.  She has always wanted to go outside when the weather is good and has plenty of toys, nylabones, etc.  Have just spotted her digging up the remaining four plants - aaaaargh!  Will also consider purchasing a water pistol! Thanks again.
  21. JSA Aude


    Have now replanted my tulip and daff bulbs four times in as many days - yes I know they are poisenous but my 10 month old pointer will not stop digging.  The last straw was coming home last night and finding she had excavated all 30 of the winter pansies in pots I'd planted in the morning - 4 left.  How on earth do I stop her digging, she knows full well it is naughty as she gives the game away completely.  Even if I haven't realised she greets me with ears back, tail flattned and practically crawling on her tummy - oh no, thinks I!!  As I type I can see her digging under the pampas - shouts, smacks, etc etc have no effect whatsoever.  Don't really want to have to resort to chicken wire as it is such a large area, did consider chilli powder but it's feet in first before nicking off with the plants.  Otherwise she's a gem!!!!????  Any advice very gratefully received, thanks, JSA with a very bare garden!
  22. Many thanks - the bus duly rolled up and he's tootled off to college, not sure about the teaching side of things but at least he is there! (not here, I might add, where he did his level best to convince me last night he should be!).
  23. Has anyone ideas of impact the strike tomorrow will have on transport and college teaching? Thanks.
  24. Many thanks, have picked them and now have a busy day ahead!  JSA
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