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  1. My father belongs to a small choir (the only brit) in Cardaillac, a village near Figeac.
  2. As you drive on the airport road, just before the major roundabout in front of the terminal on the right there is a field manned by a  chap in a portakabin - we parked there for 10 days at a very reasonable rate the beginning of May.  Seemed the others were either fully booked or much more expensive. Happy hols.
  3. Ditto all the above, very best to you both, Sue x
  4. As per usual late again!  Just like to say thinking of you both and wishing Deb a very, very speedy recovery.
  5. Have seen some in Leclerc.
  6. Many thanks, worked a treat, off to the pharmacy.
  7. Does anyone know of a reliable source for medical translations on the internet.  Have a young lady staying who needs some 'stuff' from the pharmacy asap, have tried the usual translation sites with no success (or just answers that won't work with the pharmacist!).  Thanks.
  8. JSA Aude


    On our eldery labrador and young pointer I use both Frontline spot on and a flea collar - in the 6 years since being here and before in UK the older one (very hairy!) has not had any problems and found just one small tick (after a river trip) on the youngster.
  9. Totally agree having lived in the region for numerous years.  Just as well she wasn't there in the late 70's - 80's, would have got a far more severe punishment.  Stupid .....!
  10. Excellant resto in Preixan - open Tues - Sun lunch and eve.  Great local food, v.generous portions and lovely terrace 'when' the sun shines.  Reasonably priced menus and carte -  called Relais de Preixan.
  11. Sorry we couldn't make Tuesday but had to accompany a French lady with a bunch of school kids to do a French/English translation. Would much rather have been in the sunny square with you chaps! Where is the gig on Saturday? S
  12. Someone please answer - the first time he has posted and would like some kind of a response - thanks.  Perhaps there may be some kind of forum whereby new 'kids on the block' can corresponde here, parents looking in? Would be interested, don't know about others?
  13. Am really proud of him , he looked at the post and decided something positive - well done my 'little 6' plus' young man.  Just goes to show it can't be all bad, despite what he tells me from college!!  Approves of all the 'faire le pont' and greves!!!  No, he is not a boffin - far from it!!!!!!!
  14. I am English, 15 and have been living in France for 6 years and I keep in contact with my friends in England so I know quite a bit about the differences between the systems . I have to say that the French have a better system based on the fact that in France I can take more types of lessons than in England, I study Latin, Spanish, Civique Education and Greek but none of my friends in England could choose to do them. I also have multiple friends in French Lycees and the number of different paths and options you can take is astounding for example my neighbour does Economics and Social studies whilst another ''less educational friend'' does agricultural studies and they are both 16.
  15. Late replying as we've been on our hols.  Will look next time I am in and post info.
  16. Would second Phil's suggestion - fabulous terrace with views of the pyrennees.
  17. There is a vegetarian restaurant in Limoux (20 minutes from Carca) but no idea what it is like.
  18. As said earlier in the post I know of a very good english hairdresser with her own salon roughly 30 mins from Carcassonne.  pm me if you would like details.
  19. Did consider sending him to the primaire in  the local town of the vicinity we had chosen to live in but, having decided on this house and having a little school in the village opted for the latter.  Definitely was the right decision as he then got to know the children in the villag/ locality who he went up to college with and are still his best mates.  The head was also his teacher, a super chap who, with his wife, was involved in the village fete etc thereby we ended up helping out at the various events and have done for the last six years.  Would highly recommend a village school if possible, much more convenient (!) and also enables the child to mix and make friends with the local children.
  20. Wasps is another one - friend of ours says wops and just cannot manage the correct punctuation. 'tis indeed an important day today, Shakespeare's birth and death occured on April 23rd as well as yours truly being born, one of the big ones for me today so celebrations in order this evening!
  21. Hi Tresco. Wow, how many times have we done this???  Just to say one happy story.  J and I moved here when our son was nine, straight into the little primaire in the village, no english speakers, now doing the brevet at college this year and hopefully off to lycee - still no brit friends but totally ok.  Good luck!!!
  22. Living near Belveze we have an excellent english hairdresser - pm me if you need details.   And the spiders from Mars
  23. My thoughts are with you.  We have an elderly black lab (14) who is not doing too well, just keep an eye on her but I have the feeling it's not going to be long.  Such a shame at a young age but, as with posters before, you did all you could in the circumstances and he knows he was loved.  All the best.
  24. Colemans mustard in jars, dried isn't the same.  Crumpets.   If they have children coco shreddies and crunchie bars.  Possibly different sauce mixes than are available here.   
  25. When we moved on 2002 plants were on board the lorry, removals people had no objection and they arrived ok.
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