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  1. Just echoing ValB's post.  We have an v eldery lady Lab  ( emergency vet last Sunday) and a one and a half year old girly German Pointer.  Would love to take her on but obviously not possible at the present time.  Please can I reiterate pointers are fabulous, great fun, buckets of personality and what joy taking them for walks.  Wishing you all the very best.
  2. My son has asked me to make some Southern Fried Chicken (as near to KFC as poss!).  Does anyone have a tasty recette that will satisfy him and the OH?  Have googled but there are so many variations on a theme I've come to the reliable (!) source.  Many thanks.
  3. Many thanks for all the opinions.
  4. Oh the nostalgia!!  From 1981 - 1993  Kwality - Dubai,   Nataraj - Bahrain,  Sealand - Sharjah,  Foodlands - Abu Dhabi.  Drool drool.  Hubby a member of the Southern Emirates Curry Club, Abu Dhabi.  Street vendors after rugby training and tennis.  Shouldn't wish to turn back time but!!!!
  5. Ernie Y - have you experienced Ravis in Dubai [B] - used to be a regular for us along with other fabulous authentic ones you mention.   
  6. Anyone have any experience of the above car as considering a purchase.  Seems to come out well in the reviews as a cross-over, drives as a car but will perform as 4x 4.  Thanks.
  7. Bubble and squeak with lashings of butter. Corn on the cob with the said butter and black pepper - yum
  8. Very glad things are looking up and the journey is alot easier for yourself.  As regards food are you allowed to prepare and take in something from home? Just a thought as my Mother was able to do this when Pa was in resident pysio here and fancied something a bit tastier than the bland (his words) offerings.  Just that she may appreciate some of her favourite food cooked the way she's used to. (Mum was also able to reheat in a microwave provided by them).  
  9. Very sad to hear of the death of Tsunami II at Pau on the cross country this weekend.  Apparantly he fell at fence 15, broke his neck and was later put down.  Zara sustained a broken collar bone but seems on a run of bad luck with Toytown going lame just before the olympics and now this. 
  10. Having read this thread I've just given our elderly lab a big cuddle and now sniffing.  I don't think she has much longer to go, lumps and bumps everywhere that seem to be appearing daily but am definitely not having anything 'done'.  She's too old and been through enough trauma in the past (knocked over by a lorry a few years ago, ligamets in a back leg replaced with titanium  etc so difficult to do the walks she used to) that I will just leave her be.  My thoughts are with you, enjoy and fuss her, it's made me think and I certainly will with Poppy.  All the very best.
  11. Received the same yesterday having sent off the necessary bundle of papers already.  Must be computor generated for folks who have forgotten/are late.  We already have the juscative for this year received two weeks ago so am going to ignore - just hang on to the relevant paperwork!
  12. Agree completely, what a sad waste of talent.
  13. Jon, with regards to advertising I've just finished my monthly copy of the BBC Good Food Guide and there are quite a number of gastronomic courses/places to stay both UK and abroad promoting themselves, thought it may be of interest.
  14. Having competed against HSBC subsidiary BBME in the Middle East for many years I have the greatest respect for them and consider Sunday Driver's pension to be as safe as any outside of the Civil Service.  But last year when HSBC bought out a US Sub-prime lender for $4bn I knew then that the lunatics are running the asylum.  Whatever possessed them and have heads rolled or did someone have his bonus tweaked? 
  15. Many thanks for your quick answer, onto the case asap!  Sue
  16. Having had our papers sent back including Declaration Preremplie Revenue 2007 they are asking for the Avis d'imposition 2007..   Following on from the previous post would the Declaration des Revenues Encaisses a L'Etranger suffice - is the above avis tax habitation or another tax form?  Many thanks in anticipation!
  17. Have just seen one at the back of the Blanche Porte catalogue where they have the duvet covers 'all in the best possible taste'!!!!!!!
  18. I certainly could not have faulted our village primaire 6 years ago.  Granted our son was the only 'foreigner' but the headmaster/his teacher went out of his way to help him in all aspects.  Neither of the two class teachers had any english language but with lots of hand signals etc plus some help from us and a neighbour we muddled through.  He is now 15, first year of a well thought of lycee and yes, we are proud parents!!  Likewise, I think he was a bit of a novelty/celebrity factor with the other children until they realised they get up to the same things (think mischief!) all over the world!
  19. Whoops, have just read my post, no offence meant - not suggesting Deb is anywhere near the 80 mark, she's a mere whippersnapper.  Just wanted to stress how excellent the recovery facilities are.
  20.   The special physio unit (re-education) my 80 yr old Da has just come from was amazing.  After a new knee op he was an 'inmate' there for 3 weeks and the attention to detail re exercise regime and diet was beyond belief.  Deb, once she is ensconced, will have to work bruddy hard as it is very intense, but they certainly know their stuff and she will be up and hopping in no time.  All the very best to you both, Sue
  21. Was thinking of growing my hair for the winter - not now!!
  22. My next purchase will be shares in a toilet paper company and a portaloo - when the kids (3 chaps) and hubby are all here it's a nightmare.  Hence I have two lady dogs for company, even the g.pig and rabbit are male and I get to clean them out, aaaaargh!!! 
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