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  1. In the local paper today 28 people in the Aude have been diagnosed with 'it'.
  2. There is a small village named Cardaillac 20 mins Figeac, lots of history to it and a nice resto in the centre - Chez Marcel.
  3. Our son is going to do the same as Hoverfrog's daughter, starting in Lower 6th September having done 2nd at Lycee.  Would back the general opinion of them accepting the Brevet as an all round qualification.
  4. J & F You should have popped in to see us - 5 mins down the road!! Know it well, hope you had a lovely lunch. S
  5. Pea Green Pool boy here,

    The problem arose last year when we switched from water pumped directly from the River Aude to water piped from the Black Mountains, seriously alkaline.  Following the advice of the lovely and ever helpful Natalie at Everblue Carca, have twice changed 50% of the water which originally had a PYA of 120 ppm now down to 40 pp.  After triple backwash I am to introduce algicide and aerator compound and after a week a non-chlor choc.  Expensive but worth it if it shuts the wife up.  Will report results!  Cheers and thanks for your input.

  6. Thanks, J is going to give it a shot - no, not a salt pool. S.
  7. Hi J, we didn't use the pump during the winter but partially emptied it.  Green water and sides but no yuk floating. S.
  8. Wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of the above problem.  We have just opened the pool up after winter, taken a sample of water to a pool company and they are saying it is dead, need to empty and re-fill the pool twice in order to get up and running.  It is a chlorinated pool 10 x 5 so alot of water to be wasted if this is the case.  Thanks.
  9. Brains Brawn - incredible and Branson's in there too, think Eddie Jordan was a bit miffed when being interviewed as he'd asked him many times before to join with him!
  10. Sorry, not Dutch but Swedish!  They are near Quillan, 40 mins or so south of Carcassonne.  pm me if you would like details.

  11. There are a dutch couple not far from us who offer this service.  They are dog lovers but don't have one themselves due to holiday/travelling but do welcome dogs into their home (from only 1 family at a time) and treat them as they would their own.  Sleep in the kitchen/lounge, lovely long walks and lots of tlc.  Owners take the dogs bed, bowls and toys so they are home from home.  They also take them for a day if the owners are reluctant to leave them alone whilst site seeing/shopping etc.  Have a friend who uses this facility regularly and is very pleased with the care.  From what I can gather they are in demand, especially during the summer months.
  12. For the past 7 years I have used Dr.Mondo in Carcassonne. 13 av F Roosevelt (right off the rocade/big Leclerc roundabout and 50 metres up on right) 04 68 25 42 36.  He is up to speed with pet passport documentation and also the Blue Cross vet. 

  13. Do not propose to start a discussion/argument on the rights and wrongs - suffice to say a good few years ago it was a free country where one could make ones own mind up.
  14. I'm certainly no expert but was told to buy these from some friends here who did a 7 year stint in Greece and love their food!!!
  15. Sorry, re foxes -  they are vermin and no-one (least of all Dog) will speak to me now 'cos I used to work and ride first horse for a well known hunt in the UK!!!!!!!
  16. Have seen greek yoghurt in Intermarche, Leclerc and Lidl.  Feta cheese is available at Leclerc and seems (to me) to be perfectly acceptable both in salad and cooked.

    Our son was nine when we came to live here (7 years ago) but did make sure he read lots of books in english (courtesy of amazon) and we also subscribed to the Horrible History series.  Granted this would be a tad old for them but perhaps you could find a suitable series (educational or not) that would interest them and encourage their reading, therefore also (hopefully!) remembering the different style of writing.

  18. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.  As written here with much grateful support we had our old lady put to sleep at the end of December.  If it's of any help (which I doubt at the moment) I was able to yesterday retrieve her bed from the back of the garage and give it a spring clean.  6 weeks on the feelings are obviously still there but not as raw.  I printed off the above poems and though no longer on the fridge are in my bag and can read them whenever I'm feel she's around - sounds strange I know but am convinced she is near somewhere.  Be strong, deep down you know it was for the best and she will be thanking you for the release.  xxxx  
  19. Just a mere whippershapper here but did consider Dog was rather rude to RH, only doing her job, for what it's worth!
  20. I  had a good friend who introduced himself to me and everyone else he met as Smudge.  This was never thought racist, it came from him and very few people knew his real christian name.  No one laughed/took the p about it, just accepted it as the norm.
  21. Would certainly recommend the Relais de Preixan, a village just off the main road Carcassonne - Limoux. Does fixed price (I think 12/15) at lunch time, carte optional and a selection of priced menus and carte in the evening.  Very good value, v.big portions, mostly traditional dishes plus lots of boar/biche etc in the hunting season.  (Christian, the chef, is a member of the chasse, hunts regularly so can guarantee freshness!)  Good sized terrace overlooking the river in summer, huge fire and ambiance during the winter.  A good stop off for anyone travelling this way, good few brits/dutch (tourists) in the summer but only us come the winter!  Closed all day Mon, Sun eve.  Also concur with Quillan re Cepie resto.
  22. We have the same problem, you are able to record but not view said recording of 12 plus films until at least 9.00 pm or after (try - may work!!) - was told you are originally given a pin code, nothing to do with the card number (tried and not worked)  Our box was 'donated' by one of our boys who has forgotten the pin no. so above is what we have to do.  Seems you get three goes, no effect on your card, film just deletes.
  23. Don't hesitate again, having spent up to 12 hours in an A and E in Surrey mid rugby match, given up, only to be told on our return the next day son had to go to the East Grinstead Facial Unit for surgery/Guinea Pig Hospital did we realise just how lucky we are here. Good luck and happy long dog walking. x-
  24. I mean you Sweet to have buckets full of patience, not the patient!  I would probably last the best part of a day and then, oh dear, have to go on a very long dog walk!  Good luck.
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