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  1. Thanks Guys, she as just been checking out the AE site and apparently there was a cut of date for conversion, it is looking like the best path would be to end now, then start a new AE in a few weeks.

    As for her turnover it is less now than when she first started.

    Will: thanks for the advice re micro social, to be honest that worries me in case there is some other unknown re this one, I would much rather she ended and started on AE, it wouldn't cause her any difficult, she can stop trading for a month or two and it wouldnt cause us any problems.

    Thanks again guys, you have made my day, now i will be so disappointed if the accountant gives me proof :)
  2. [quote user="Will"]Unfortunately 'pukka French accountants' do not always give advice that is correct, valid, and comes from any traceable source - which makes it very difficult to prove that they gave that advice. The same applies to government officials who, if they don't know the answer, will often make something up.

    The autoentrepreneur regime was never intended by its promoters as a cheap and easy way into the French system. The initial PR material made it clear that those who were already in the health and social security system, through being salaried, unemployed, students etc, were those who would be able to benefit. Autoentrepreneur registration was meant to lapse if you had gone a year without making a declaration (though no minimum amount of declaration was ever specified). But I think even that might have since been relaxed.

    Things are not helped by the state of general ignorance among some officials in URSSAF, RSI etc who have little or no knowledge of the autoentrepreneur regime. I have read elsewhere that this is most likely down to lack of proper training.

    Frankly if the loophole was to be closed, I would have expected it to have been done so by now.


    Sorry Will what was i thinking! I have experienced exactly the same thing with government officials giving incorrect advice, pehaps its my ignorance in thinking my accountant actually knows what he is talking about, thinking about it now and after your and greymans comments i should have known better!

    Sorry guys i hold my hands up!

    My wife is checking the AE website as we speak. When he rings this afternoon I will insist on where this information can be confirmed and if he cant give that to me, then you are correct, I suspect you are correct anyway.

    What was i thinking :) thats because my accountant in the UK used to be so good, but true, we are in france.

    As soon as he gets back to me i will post to either confirm or denie if he provides proof.

    this now leads me to a question if i may, my wife is on micro enterprize, the above being correct she would be far better off on AE, the question is, would it be better for her to stop tading as MEnt then start a new AE a couple of weeks later? or to convert from MEnt to AE? is there any difference/advantages? she as been on MEnt for approx 5yrs
  3. [quote user="greyman"][quote user="MedievalCastle"]I keep seeing the reference to cheap access to the health system with AE, if you check it out, you do not qualify for health care if your turnover is below a certain amount.[/quote]

    I think this is another urban myth. I've seen no reference to this in any AE documents. In addition you refer to turnover limits in any two months - how would they know, many report turnover quarterly ? I have heard of a number of AE's (my OH included) who are in the early stages of their business with low turnover who are fully registered in the health system.

    I believe that many think this is what should happen (i.e. a turnover limit before qualifying) and therefore they project this belief into a fact. I don't see this is any different to any low earning business/employee making small contributions being admitted to the system.

    I'd put money on your wife's accountant being unable to point to any legislation about this apart from the 3 year rule.


    Hi Greyman, this is not bar room advice with someone "projecting it to truth" its fro a pucker French accountant! we have left a message at his office for him to ring us back to confirm and also hopefully provide a link to information, but you are welcome to his telephone number, or you can visit a accountant near you.

    To be honest the alternative seems far less likely, so are you suggesting that someone can register for AE, never do any work or put anything through and automatically be in the health care system?
  4. it isn't worked on a annual turn over, its something like, if you have not turned over a min of X amount in the last 2 months then you are not covered, its complicated, my wife explained it to me, she does customer support, Ill get the info and link off her and post.
  5. I keep seeing the reference to cheap access to the health system with AE, if you check it out, you do not qualify for health care if your turnover is below a certain amount.

    Personally I think AE is a fantastic idea, it provides so much opportunity for so many, now a retired person who may want to do a little gardening etc in the summer to supplement their income can do so, it goes a long way to replace the antiquated check employ.

    I think it also addresses many issues regarding black traders, everyone presumes the black traders are people who blatantly flaunt the law for the sake of it, for most its probably the fear of entering a system where their tax and social fees outweigh what they may earn, with AE they can now enter the system with the security of knowing if they dint earn they dint pay.

    I think its a master stroke on the part of the French government, once people enter the system with AE they can give their business a go, if it is a success then they will soon have to upgrade to self employed, but at least by that time they have gone some way to establish themselves and see if they can make a living at it.

    I know about 12 people who have registered since it started who, if AE didn't exist would have been to afraid to enter the system, for some it allows them to do some work just in the summer months as an extra, for others its allowed them to start their business with piece of mind, at least 4 of those is doing so well that they will upgrade next year.

    all in all its a lot of things to a lot of people.
  6. Hi Dean, there obviously are some already, but what i would say is, if your French isn't up to scratch and you are hoping to make a living from offering your service to expats then you will struggle.

    If you speak reasonable French and are able to offer your services to the French then you have plenty of scope, French PC shops and repair services are very expensive.

    Hope that helps, we are in the north deux-sevres, if you need any more info PM me

  7. I wondered if anyone would be interested in such a group? basically the idea is a free group for expat business people who help and support each other, I have been in business for over 25yrs, but being in business in a foreign country brings its challenges.

    I have also noticed that a lot of Brits who have maybe never been in business before and may not have been now if it wasn't for the need to make a living in France with limited options, an expat business networking group could be good for everyone, we have all had our hurdles to overcome and our fair share of experiences, sharing these can help others, it would be a good environment to meet other expats in business and maybe share ideas and who knows, maybe develop possible join ventures and partnerships.

    Opportunities to share contacts and develop new business links, to help promote each others businesses

    the possibilities are endless.

    So, what do you think? if you are in business or thinking of starting in business then your ideas and feedback would be appreciated.

  8. [quote user="Bugbear"][quote user="Jay"]Talk about going off topic! The OP simply asked if there were any regulations regarding the sale of eggs and that was answered. The discussion is about a regulated animal food product which a private person wants to sell for personal gain. Suddenly we are talking about a registered charity selling fruit and veg. and how much better it is in the UK than France with it's cute village cottages all selling produce from little tables outside the gate??

    May I point out that the regulations regarding eggs are EXACTLY the same in the UK as they are in France or any other EU country. I am not aware of any regulations regarding fruit & veg.

    Let me know where the church is and I'll send along the rhubarb inspector.[/quote]

    Where is the 'Big Yawn' Smilie when you need it........................[8-)]

    She was standing in the kitchen, preparing our usual

    Soft-boiled eggs and toast for breakfast, wearing only

    The 'T' shirt that she normally slept in.

    As I walked in, almost awake, she turned to me and said

    Softly," You've got to make love to me this very moment!"

    My eyes lit up and I thought, "I am either still dreaming

    Or this is going to be my lucky day!"

    Not wanting to lose the moment, I embraced her and then

    Gave it my all; right there on the kitchen, table.

    Afterwards she said, "Thanks," and returned to the stove,

    Her T-shirt still around her neck.

    Happy, but a little puzzled, I asked, "What was that all about?"

    She explained, "The egg timer's broken."



    Laughing Uncontrollably, I love it! classic, Ive only been here 5 mins but you guys kill me.

    Dog, you too, my kind of humor

    Im going to enjoy it here ;)
  9. we are a English couple getting married in France this year, we are looking for somewhere nice for the reception, we are not doing the church thing just getting married at the marie then a reception.

    if you have somewhere or can recommend somewhere in the north deux-sevres area, we are near Bressuire dept 79
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