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  1. [quote user="Rob Roy"]I posted this information on another thread about eye tests - I used an American company http://www.zennioptical.com/ Excellent service and amazingly cheap prices[/quote] I saw this post. Got my prescription in UK from specsavers, ordered from the site quoted in USA, glasses made and sent from China. Arrived today 7 days after order in France. Good web site and service
  2. If you are able to come further south, our local lake is over 100 acres, with plenty of cats and carp, free to fish and usually I am the only person fishing!
  3. That sounds an excellent recipe. I was running out of ideas after also having a bumper crop. All these came from one, self seeded plant! [IMG]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y37/mikornisey/butternutsquash.jpg[/IMG]
  4. It depends what interests you :- stage tricks, therapy, self hypnosis, or more unusual stuff like regression (a VERY interesting subject). You may also like to investigate NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). It will help explain why the language used in hypnosis works, which is what interests me. I am not up to date with current literature on the subject but suggest you look at this web site. http://www.inducingtrance.com/index.html   I do not know the person but there are plenty of links to resources. I hope this is useful?
  5. [quote user="Chancer"]What I really would like to do is find out more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, does anyone here know much on the subject or can point me in the direction of where to learn more.[/quote] What would you like to know? I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist (well I went to a school of hypnosis and they gave me a piece of paper saying I was!) and would be happy to try and answer any questions. It is a fascinating subject and I can (and have been known to) talk about it for hours. I have never worked with a sufferer of Alzheimer's but (having first checked it is OK with his medical carers) would try the following approach. Take him slowly back in time in time to point when he could speak French. From then on you have to play it by ear because everybody responds differently. This is a fairly common technique for helping people who stutter. No one is born with a stutter. Taking them back to a time before they learned to stutter is often sufficient to "cure" them. Often there may be other things to deal with such as a trauma which triggered the stuttering. Mik
  6. [quote user="sweet 17"]Nick, I LOVE the pun on "prophet".....made me giggle.....[:D] [/quote] Many years ago, in the days of telex, we received a communication as a response to some poor translation of contract documents. It said to make sure that on this project, when translating into Arabic, you used the word profit with an "f" in it. The reply was sent back " There is no f in profit in this job"
  7. My neighbour cooked a locally caught carp which had been stuffed with oseille for 24 hours. Despite my reservations, it was delicious. She claimed the acidity in the herb dissolved the small bones. Has anyone else come across this? Sounds highly implausible to me.
  8. In other words the sea level at Brest will be the same as the sea level at Marseille 4 times a day ..... I think
  9. In the old days all heights were related to a Geoid. This is a surface where every point has an identical gravitational force. Heights on maps were derived from this surface by spirit leveling. A datum, such as the Marseille tide gauge, simply defined which geoid you were on. Mean sea level was chosen as a convenience to mariners, who did most of the mapping, because all you had to do to find the depth of water under your ship was add the calculated tide height, at your current time and location,to the sounding on the chart. The geoid is an irregular surface depending on the nature of the underlying geology. It would represent sea level if there were no tidal influences. Then along came GPS. This derives heights geometrically and does not vary like the geoid. The GPS heights are referenced to a Spheroid which is a regular shape. It is chosen to be a best fit with the current Geoid used for mapping so that any differences are small. Heights have nothing to do with map projections. Maps deal with position i.e. lat and long. Heights are simply labels on that map
  10. Thanks for the warning Mel Out of interest I clicked on their link provided by Maryo. Of the forum subjects, I clicked on the one labelled "praise"  -  not a single posting  - says it all really.
  11. I was about to order a Kindle, then came across this thread. I have waded through all 40 pages of it and now my head is spinning. I would like to ask the following questions:- If I buy a 3G version and only download direct to the Kindle will I avoid the problems experienced accessing the .co.uk store? Is it possible to swop books with other users? How did Cathy solve her problem? I might have missed the answer somewhere but can't bear to go through all 40 pages again! I apologise if these questions have already been answered in this thread and I have missed it.
  12. mik


    I use car tyres. They are free, durable and no maintenance.  Garages have to pay to dispose of them so are happy to give them away. They enclose the raised bed but can individually contain plants and herbs, especially those that spread or need special soil or watering conditions. This is one under construction [IMG]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y37/mikornisey/garden2.jpg[/IMG]
  13. If you ever use Toulouse airport, there are two Chinese supermarkets on route from Tarbes.
  14. If there is a dispute, the only person qualified to resolve it is a cadastral surveyor. Even if you had the most accurate measurements and equipment you cannot solve the dispute unless the two parties agree. Good luck with your "interesting" neighbour.
  15. Just for information, my passport application arrived at Paris Consulate on 10 Jan. The new passport just arrived 18th Jan. Is this a record?
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