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  1. We are moving to a village about 15 minutes from St jean d'Angely in the Charente Maritime, we are not too bothered whether we are able to receive ADSL so long as we can get dial up connection, our main thing is the price packages for being able to phone the UK and French land lines for free . Mick

  2. We are shortly moving to france and have been told that it is possible to receive Freeview tv. We have a Sony tv with integrated Freeview. Would we need a sky box and satelite dish?
  3. We are shortly moving to France and will need a land line and Broadband / internet connection. we will need inclusive calls to french and U K land lines, can anyone tell us the following,

    What telecom companies and packages are available. Many thanks.
  4. We are soon moving to France and intended to take our washing machine and dishwasher with us, but we have been told that the pipe connections for the water on the machines may not be compatible with the water pipes in France. Can anyone help or offer advice.
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