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  1. Hello,

    I have been following the the recent debate surrounding the increase of exoneration de plus value from 15 to 30 years on sales of secondary residences. However, on the front page of the connexion issue 107 it says " changes to cgt tax on second homes........would not affect sales of British properties of French residents". Can anyone shed some light on this comment as after trawling the internet I am still non the wiser...! I am domiciled for tax purposes in France, have a rental property in UK for which I pay tax on in UK and any profit is used to help calcualte my "taux effectif". Until I read this statement I assumed that the increase from 15 to30 years affects anyone with a property that isnt their main home?

    Thanks, Andy.


  2. Thanks for the replies. Yes thinking of having subscription and card activated in UK then bringing over here and setting up satellite dish with local guy who as over 500 eur normally here with some companies and free in uk....just wanted to be sure. My main interest are thesports channels so freebox etc. not and option!
  3. Hello,

    Some advice needed. If I buy a sky box, card and subscription in the UK and bring it to France, will it work here?

    Thanks, Andy.
  4. Thanks Parsnips,

    As I understand it, montant brut or gross is income less charges/ expenses etc, and net is this same amount only with tax taken off.

    In my case, domiciled in France, to calculate the taux effectif, they take your French earnings ie. what you are paid each month into your bank account ( brut less charges but no tax taken off )and the uk rental profit ( rent less all charges and tax ). Is this correct?
  5. Hello,

    Am I right in thinking that the amount to put in the box on 2047 vii "total a reporter ligne 8 ti " should be "montant brut" less " montant des charges" ie. net income in English? If so, is this the amount which will be used for the calculation of "taux effectif"?

    Also, what exchange rate to use when converting from gbp to eur?

    Thanks, Andy.
  6. Hi Andyh4,

    Yes woke up at 3am yesterday wondering about the not letting it out option! Then again how long do you have to leave it vacant before you can claim it as your "residence principale" 6 monts, 1 year...? As it is curently worded,

    if there are no tenants in the flat, it is available to me and in such a case it is up to me to elect which is my residence principale, despite the fact I live and work in France and my residence principale is blatantly my french one ( though I am not owner this seems to count for nothing!) Thanks for the replies re. rental income income...bit of a bummer if I declare them as I will go up a "bareme" on my tax declaration!

    Thinking about going to see a tax inspector at the hotel des impots but have a feeling I would be putting myself into "la guele du loup" as someone put it to me today! Apparently they dont let go once they get a grip of you, probably best to wait and see. Like someone stated, I have done a lot of work on my property in UK, how is that factored? Seems a nightmare. Best option will be "residence principale" or waiting 15 years as far as I can see. Just need some definitive info. on the "residence principale" bit!

    Cheers, Andy.
  7. Another question! Do I now I have to pay CSG 12.10% on rental income from uk, even though I declare it in the UK? Also what is the taux effectif? I am concerned that I now will have to pay 12.10% on the brut uk renatl income BEFORE taking off interest payments etc. Or that this BRUT rental income will be addeed to my imposable income and will make me jump up the "bareme" for my impot sur le revenu! Cheers, Andy.
  8. Hello,

    Can anyone shed some clarity on my situation!? I moved to work in France 2.5 years ago, rent out my home in the UK and also rent in France. As I understand it, due to the new tax treaty as a French resident I will now pay 16% cgt and 12.10% csg on any profit from the sale of my uk home. Is this treaty offically in place?

    I have an old Blevins Franks guide which states " A home that you rent to live in yourself counts as a residence. If you have more than one residence you can elect which property should be regarded as the principal residence for capital gains tax exemption. Such an election must be in writing. If no election is made then the inspector of taxes will choose which property, after looking at facts is to be considered as your main residence. A second property which you let to bona fide tenants is not treated as being available to you." I thought perhaps I could elect my English home as the residence principale but the last sentence scuppers that as it is not available to me. It looks like the only way I can avoid this is through time as I have owned my uk property for 9 years since 2001..if I hold onto it another 6 years before selling ( 15 years) will I be excempt of cgt? Only just picked up on this so abit of a shock!

    Cheers, Andy.
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