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  1. Not driveling - drizzling - after several week of the most perfect sunshine.

  2. Nomoss- my last post was definitely NO joke.

    As they say 'chill' - Matty has got his answer, so a bit of diversion is doing no harm. And its raining here anyway.

  3. [quote user="ebaynut"]


    In this completely hypothetical scenario,  [;-)]


    The seller advertises his property for say 100,000 Euros.

    The buyer offers less and a discount from the asking price of 23% is agreed.

    Half of the actual price is declared to the Notaire, in this case 38500 Euros.

    The rest is paid to the vendor in a brown paper envelope for "furniture".

    The Notarie fees are based on this figure of 38500 Euros.

    This happens with two more  property sales.

    I think even the most laid back notaire will spot a pattern emerging here. ( a house which had an asking price of 100,000 Euros sold for 38500)

    He ( the notarie) has lost money in his fees and the tax man has lost revenue.

    It is the notaires duty to report this if he has suspicions of wrong doing, as failure to do so could implicate him also in this fraud, from which he has not benefited, but has lost financially.

    Fraud on ones own is one thing, to conspire with another is far more serious, and so if found out, are the penalties.


    Who also has lost out, well the agents who had spent time listing these properties, to see them sold for a fraction of their true value may be unhappy.

    The vendor who, desperate to sell, had no choice but to go along with a deal which was fully in the financial interest of the buyer, may not be too happy when they think about it. ( sold their main asset at a knock down price to a speculator, with cash who was trying to make even more by making them participate in their plan to defraud , or they would not buy)

    I could go on, but you get the picture. [:-))]


    No, never EbayNut - nobody could ever be THAT dishonest, surely!

  4. People in the UK complain about having to sell house to pay for care. But it is the same in most countries. My mil's flat in the UK was sold to pay for her OAP home for 4 years, suffering from Alzheimers. My parents' house was sold to pay for their care here in Switzerland - in both cases we were left with very little. We certainly intend to give as much as we can to our kids when we reach age 70, if we do. Certainly I am glad I live in a country where I will have the choice to opt out when I've had enough. Age is unimportant, dad was as fit as a fiddle until he died aged 96. Mum on the other hand lived at least 10 years too long - and was force fed and stuffed with antitbiotics regularly, against her very clear wishes and living will - she kept asking to be left to die - but was kept alive by over-zealous evangelical types. There comes a time beyond the loss of all dignity, when it's time to let go - if a living-will makes that very clear and it is a choice.

  5. Still sitting on my hands RH - but it's not easy.

  6. Blimey - I had no idea you were married to Sweet!  lol

  7. Here we are obliged to have 'responsabilité civile' insurance - so that anybody who gets injured in and around our property is insured, but we are just over Swiss border.

    BTW, found myself 2 young chaps to paint our fences - aged 15. What would the going rate be? They are French so will pay in E. Thanks

  8. Shame you can't do 'gender' - that must be frustrating at times. lol.

    Here is a silly joke:

    2 chaps from East London go to Paris for the day. They never did French at school, and never been abroad. Comes lunchtime and they are starving- so walk into a little café. Looking at the menu, they haven't got a clue- but one spots 'soupe du jour' - so they come to the conclusion they can't go wrong. Soups arrive and one has a fly swimming in the middle- so the guy points to it and a man at the next table says 'mouche Monsieur' and calls the 'garçon'. Jimmy tells him 'un mouche dans le soup' and the waiter replies

    'mais non Monsieur, c'est pas un mouche mais une mouche' and walks away. Jimmy is amazed 'cor, he's got blimming good eye sight'!

    Hope you didn't mind me correcting - all in jest and good humour.

  9. I've said it 'duh' - thanks (my excuse if that I am a foriner). Thanks again.

  10. Problem is Sweet, you've been in France a long time and lost your rose tinted glasses years back. Bonne chance to you too.

  11. Duh - thanks! It is just that somebody sent me a pm yesterday, and it never arrived in my pm box.

  12. JayJay - your pm is under this last post, with e-mail next to it.

  13. Bats are protected by law, yes even in France. But obviously you can't share your main habitat with them - and I'd say you need professional advice. I'd get in touch with Chris at Planetepassion to ask him who can get in touch with to help.

    Chancer - what a dreadful story- it must have been quite shocking for you. The stuff of nightmares.

  14. My pm facility has disappeared at the bottom of my posts. Could anybody explain why - and re-instate it please. Thank you

  15. Fortunately I live in a country where I will have the choice when to go. Age is unimportant - my dad was as fit and active as a fiddle until 95 and died aged 96. Mum lived at least 10 years too long of misery, and only had one wish - to die. Totally dependent, blind and in constant pain- she asked and asked again to be allowed to go - but still they would practically force feed her and stuff her with antitbiotics as soon as she coughed more than 2x per day. WHY? Keeping people alive beyond any kind of dignity is neither desirable, nor financially viable IMHO, especially if the person makes it very clear themselves that this is NOT what they wish.

  16. spot on - but might I correct spelling. Maison is feminine    so   Voici la photo de notre ancienne maison (previous house)    cette maison est très ancienne: elle date de 1587.

    But you could also say   cette très ancienne maison appartient au Maire de la ville. The adjective is in front, but it still means 'very old'.

    Our house is called   l'Ancienne Cure   - because it is both very old and a former Vicarage.

  17. mattyj - yes you can - apologies and bonne chance. Keep in touch to tell us how you get on. Best regards   Swissie

  18. Missing the point Sweet - there is a bit more to it than that. But I promised RH I'd be good.

  19. sadie - sorry for the diversion- but do you have any idea what 'air con' means in French?

    (air = look     as in   il a l'air stupide avec ce chapeau)  (con = twit with a wovel change!   so   il a l'air con  = he looks like a tw*t

    thought best to warn you!     

  20. Q - was more thinking about business and cops in London

  21. I am sitting on my hands not to mention ... you know.

  22. Quillan- could you explain how paying half in a brown envelope can be legal and above board, please? thanks.

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