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  1. I've just done a French Google for 'restaurant vegetarien Antibes, and came up with several - so have a look  (www.Google.fr)

  2. Ah see what you mean - but  'ni l'argent' doesn't mean anything in French,  so I'd be surprised if the French have come up with that expression, somehow.

  3. I understand your worries so well - having looked after my parents for years from abroad (so much easier of course from the UK - at least I could fly out regularly - yes with 2 brothers here who did nothing!). Where abouts are your parents? Perhaps there is a kind soul here who lives in their area and would not mind visiting once in a while and reporting back to you. Perhaps somebody who would be prepared to do so regularly, maybe for a fee.

  4. Sadly it is not only the Royals - I personally know several young people with a very high lifestyle who have 'chosen' to go bankrupt. In the 'old days', not very long ago, people would do almost anything to avoid bankruptcy and would make every effort to try and pay debts. But not for some in this generation of 30 year olds in the UK- just run up the debts then lie on your back. One of the ones I know particularly well has a very rich husband, great big 4x4 and fabulous house, etc, etc. It makes my blood boil, but it is us, who have scrimped and saved and done without and should be able to get a little return on the savings we finally managed to make- who pay for it - they just say 'oh it doesn't matter, the banks will pay' - no WE all do.

  5. Sorry Iceni - do you mean : pas d'argent.

    The point I was trying to make is that reputation may well soon extend to British if more and more get into the habit of buying everything on line from UK and get shipped over. Whether this will catch on long term will depend on the strength of the £ /  E- but the French are definitely beginning to notice, and might not be so welcoming if the trend continues. (and of course many Brits also import all their kitchens, bathrooms, etc + their own craftsmen from the UK).

  6. Thanks for clarifying this Boudicca. Bonne chance with everything.

  7. Is it legal to drive on French licence in the UK for so long? (or vice-versa)?

    It is absolutely great for your mum to be so active at her age and want to continue to be as independent as possible. It is of course much easier for her to drive in familiar surrounding she knows well - my dad drove around this area until he was 95.  How do you feel she will cope with driving a car on other side of the road, and with different signs, roundabouts, etc? Will she keep her car with right hand drive, or change? Perhaps not an easy transition at her age, however fit and active?

  8. Met a very nice French guy from Dordogneshire the other day - he was not anti-British at all per se - but he did say enough was enough - and that now British people are buying and importing everything and the kitchen sink from the UK,  he feared tension would perhaps arise. An interesting conversation.

  9. Not much yodelling going on in this part of Switzerland- very much part of the Swiss German culture- although I do have a friend here who plays the Alpenhorn!

  10. He certainly never wears his knickers on his head!

  11. aarrgghhh you poor thing. Just in case, someting like  : merci- je n'ai plus besoin d'un rendez-vous, car j'ai trouvé un autre dentiste qui pouvait me recevoir.

    Hope both teeth will be mended and painfree soon - ready to go off on your adventures. Better now then then!

  12. What happened to her? She had fabulous style. lol - I miss her.

  13. Or wall to wall bl**** Johnny! He is supposed to be on his last legs.

  14. Some people make money out of greed. The Quakers and others made money to provide for people who didn't have the resources to do so for themselves. One of my neighbours was one of the Cadbury's, an amazing woman. Yes, it is wonderful when people use their brains and everything they have got to serve their community, as they did- and without exploiting their workers, the colonies, other racial groups, etc. I know very few City bankers who can claim to have done this.

    Sweet, I am really sorry to hear you are having a ****** day - hope you feel better soon. xx

  15. I can't remember the exact words, but tony Benn said something like  'the Labour Party was never a socialist party, some members just are socialists. Same as Christianity, some members are Christians'.

    I wonder how many, when inheriting a Seat in the Lords would have done everything to change the Law, so that he could sit in the Commons (as an elected member of course) - and having succeeded, renounce his seat in the Lords. It seems to me that what was wrong of Brown was to trust the Bankers to do what was best for them AND the country. How many of those bankers which have taken us almost into oblivion were labour voters, I'd like to know.

  16. Haven't decided yet whether it was a very sick joke - or very funny- or both.

  17. Would you blame somebody for being born in a poor family? I certainly wouln't. So why should you automatically 'blame' or dismiss anybody born into a rich one? Benn, and so many others like him, didn't ask to be born into privilege.  They used their excellent education and influence to try and help others, and stop people being allowed to 'rule' others  just because of their birth (hereditary peers for instance). He devoted his life to try and give others better chances in life - etc - instead of using his privileged background to exploit and abuse others, as many fathers or fore-fathers in his class had done, both in the UK and in the Colonies.

    To blame somebody for the wealth of their family is just as bad IMHO as blaming them for being born poor.

  18. Quillan, my English sometimes lets me down. You are right, I joined as Odile which is my name - but was soon re-named Swissie as a joke - so kept this name when I re-registered here.

    I was asking PPP for 'evidence' that a member here posts under 2 different names, as he stated above. How would he know? Is PPP a moderator, I had no idea.

  19. [quote user="pachapapa"][quote user="woolybanana"]

    [quote user="Russethouse"]

    Depends what they did !!![;-)]

    Personally I think variety is the spice of life and just have different names for fun......to be honest writing styles nearly always give the game away in any case.


    So you were Ron in the Aveyron, after all!


    Not always true,I believe Salty Sam & fourtrax are actually twin brothers.[:D]


    have you got evidence to that effect?

  20. Swissie is what I was baptized here by some and adopted when I first joined - and it is now firmly mine here and elsewhere. There are some great people here and they were very much worth coming back for, thank you.

  21. This dreadful horn burning terror is happening every year in November. Please look at the link (could somebody post it so it works please) to assess the whole horror of it - but more importantly to write to the authorities involved (listed on the site) to try and STOP THIS horrendous festival.

  22. Hi Pip - glad you had a great trip. If you want any flies - they are driving us crazy here- they even bite!

  23. Personally I find it a pity that some people keep changing their names, or have different identities on several forums. Why do they feel the need to hide?

  24. Maybe you could post the u-tube link about the poor horse with his guts hanging out- the look in his eyes haunts me - recently posted on TFF.

    For the tradition of setting fire to bulls horns see  www.paperblog.fr/2355554/stop-aux-cruautes-espagnoles/           Disgusting.

    PS  sorry Christine, our posts crossed.

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