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  1. Will be very interested in hearing how you get on with this. I think it is basically a brilliant idea, but possibly complicated. As discussed on another thread recently, if a sale appears too low for the Commune (or tax office) to be true - they can request to buy it themselves at that price (+10%).

  2. is there anybody here from the area who has visited that Foire and could describe what they saw? Somebody on another Forum says it has been a tradition for years - and that conditions are dire- with many dogs imported from Eastern Europe, often much younger than sellor says - and often with false papers, tatoos, etc. Apparently they are often bought by pet shop owners who then re-sell in other towns for a massive premium. Sometimes I feel that huge efforts are done for individual dogs- which is absolutely great, and I love reading happy endings - but perhaps not enough for dogs/animals in general. It is very possible that dogs sold at fairs may often be those that end up in rescue centres not very much later- sometimes because of behaviour problems as they have not been socialised, or health/congenital problems. So so sad. Tragic.

  3. I'm sure I won't be the only one here only too pleased to join in the sponsorship. Please send me the details. xxx

  4. Thanks for those replies - it is very complicated (for my little brain) - but I think I have a better picture now. Yes - it does seem that employing professionals to assess all the ins and outs, rather than relying on a Forum, however knowledgeable and helpful members are - is a very good idea.

    Jacques, do tell us how you get on.

  5. I recently helped a friend with the paperwork regarding the purchase of an apartment- and I questioned the clause regarding vice-caché, which basically absolved the vendor from any responsibility in the future. The solicitor assured me that it was how every contract is worded and could not be changed. I feel sorry also for buyers from British sellors who have renovated with British style plumbing and electrics!

  6. There is of course Condom. Not far from here, we have a village (Dorf) called 'Wankdorf'.

  7. Thanks - that is very interesting  - because I had always been told that if you are 'domicilié' in France - you had to pay tax in France - even if your employer and work is in UK. What happens to Health Insurance then?

  8. [quote user="AnOther"]If that is directed to me jacques then you've hit the nail on the head. My work is both in the UK and for a UK employer. Your's will be performed in France not Canada.[/quote]

    That is interesting - but your main residence is in France, is it? So where do you pay taxes? Coops and others seem to indicate that as 'your bum is in France, you should pay taxes there. Or have I got it wrong- just out of interest.

  9. Was that a hint Gem?  So tell us how do we contribute to your sponsorship?

  10. Perhaps because somebody is getting older and the place in France is too big with too much land - and wants to go back to UK for health and family reasons - and the 2 bed terrasse in just in the right place and just perfect. Why not?

  11. The Foire aux oiseaux et chiens is actually advertised on the official website for the Commune. So a letter to the Maire seems worthwhile. Any more info very welcome, please.

    Maire Michel Perroux  Rue de la Mairie  Parçay-les-Pins   49390 Maine et Loire       [email protected]

  12. A poster elsewhere has mentioned coming across a dog sales at the above location. Lots of lorries and vans selling puppies, without water or food, from tiny cages.

    She was utterly disgusted and distraught. Does anybody here know about that sale, or similar ones? Could anybody explain how this can go ahead legally- and why the authorities let it happen. Please any info would be welcome - I intend to write to the maire of that Commune to complain - hope others will join me.  Thanks.

  13. I'd say that the c word in English is much much worse - whereas in French 'il est un peu con' as said above, is quite OK in everyday language- and not offensive really.

    Funny that 'Converse' trainers with the abbreviated label on them - are not so popular in France. And of course a 'conerie' in English, is very different to a 'connerie' in French.

    French people always find hilarious too that concessions for entrance tickets are often written abbreviated - they all request the rebate!

  14. Oh là là, dur, dur ..... hmm non   au contraire! Ça ira mieux demain je suis sure - courage.

  15. Je ne sais pas le terme utilisé maintenant - peut etre Madame le Docteur?

    Ouf - contente de savoir que tu as trouvé un bon dentiste - qui a fait du bon travail. Bon appétit (si tes dents te laissent manger)

  16. Main exclusion for policy for world wide insure WJT on their website (when you ask for a quote for annual policy) : people living outside the EU not covered. Please read the smallprint - taking the risk of not being covered, especially with a young family, is a huge risk. On the Homepage there is a link for outside EU residents which might do the trick. The Annual multitrip is for 31 days at a time max though, but there is a more general option. Would be interesting to know how much it would cost for the family. Bonne chance.

    Insurances will take any excuse for refusing to pay, but will always be happy to take your premiums as long as all is well.

  17. My mil was as hard as nails (perhaps she had to as husband was more interested in the geegees) - but she taught her boys to iron and fend for themselves. Now OH is retired, I do mine + household stuff - and he does his shirts, etc. Hurray. Glad to report he does not iron his underpants, even though we now live in Switzerland. lol.

  18. My mil was as hard as nails (perhaps she had to as husband was more interested in the geegees) - but she taught her boys to iron and fend for themselves. Now OH is retired, I do mine + household stuff - and he does his shirts, etc. Hurray.

  19. ooops, you must have missed the mention of the vowel change - which does make the term quite a bit stronger (and is the official word for word translation) - agreed, defo not a term I'd like to be labelled with.

    As a foriner in the UK for a very long time- I didn't know there is a big difference between a twit and a tw*t! I made the mistake in my early teaching days - and the kids soon put me right. LOL.[:$]  bless them.

  20. Most travel Insurance policies stipulate the maximum consecutive number of days covered abroad - look in the small print. Ours says 30 days.

  21. [[[[[[[[SWEET]]]]]]]]]]      comment vas-tu après ta visite chez le dentiste? J'espère que tout va bien? J'attends des nouvelles.    

    Et vous autres? En forme? Vous me manquez tous et toutes. xx

  22. Un con is a 'twit' with a vowel change ... and refers to a person. Ce con d'anglais = that English tw*t.

    A con (English) = arnaque   it's a con = c'est une arnaque (de l'arnaque).

    On est pris pour DES cons en France.

  23. Fine like that, but not on its own.

    like saying    'neither money'

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