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  1. That word   'con'   gets me confused every time! Converse trainers have never been popular in France, as it is hard to go around with the word printed on your shoes! I once took a group of French students to the Robbin Hood museum in Nottingham, and they all insisted they should get in at reduced rate as advertised!!

    How did 'she' get your details?

  2. lol  no Patf - quite a long way away indeed - but I suppose fires from public bread ovens must have been very common in those days - anyway, we were ahead by 3 years. The oven was in a separate house originally for VERY GOOD reasons!

    We have a cat called Pudding - but that's another story (if I ever caught the b*****rd who left her by the M69 in a taped cardboard box with 10 kittens, I'll cut his ****** off).

  3. Swissie

    eye test

    If you buy glasses with your prescription on the net, or from an optician in France - do make sure that you get tested for Glaucoma every couple of years if over 50. This is never done by an optician in France, and has to be done by an ophtamologue, although it is routine with UK tests. Glaucoma is easily treated with drops if caught early, but irreversible if not - so just not worth the risk.

  4. Frenchie - it is a dreadful fact that prostitution in Switzerland is legal (!!!!!!) from the age of 15- yes incredible and appalling.

  5. Slight diversion -sorry. The title made me wonder - who's got the oldest house on CF. Ours dates from 1587, and partially rebuilt after a fire in 1663, when the public bread oven caught fire.

  6. Excellent article (terrible translation!) - spot on. I just cannot understand how anybody can excuse what he did- and both Swiss and French should be ashamed of themselves.

  7. If you've never seen it - watch the film  'La Haine'  by Matthieu Kassowitz. Made about 12 years ago- but still so relevant. NO excuse for rioting, looting, burning - and yet - the French police do seem to provoke, aleniate and disrespect - especially kids of Arab or Gipsy origin, in a way that would be totally unacceptable in the UK - where generally the Police do anything they can to defuse tension.

    In this context, banning the Burka (however disguised into something else) - may well add insult to injury, and just be one more attack that will inflame matters further. A friend of mine teaches Gipsy children in the Pyrenées, and she says the attitude and behaviour of many French towards those children is appalling. Maybe re-read or watch 'Chocolat' - and also study the way the Vichy regime treated Gipsies, and sent them to Concentration camps. Resentment runs VERY deep and can ignite at any time, sadly and terrifyingly.

  8. Absolutely brilliant Coops - your life is getting properly back on tracks - or rather  WHEELS. Enjoy - really happy for you.

  9. From 31 to 13 ovenight - deluge early am - and drizzling on and off all day. Grey all over, but  NO bise.    

  10. Kenesha, welcome to the forum. I do hope you weren't offended by some of our joky comments- and I wish you Bonne Chance. How long have you been studying French? And have you been to France?    Meilleures salutations   Odile

  11. A friend of mine had part of her thyroid removed 3 years ago, and is now on Thyroxine- and perfectly fine. She was always very thin and realises now that she must have had an over-active thyroid for a long time. She was clearly distressed when diagnosed - and had read all sorts of horror stories on the net - which made matters worse. The internet can be a wonderful tool - but is also full of rubbish. I wish you the very very best Rose. The medics will probably try to  stabilise your thyroid function, perhaps with iodine or other drugs before operating. Problem is, that each case is unique, depends on age, medical and family history, weight, smoking, and a whole array of other factors - so it is VERY difficult to comment. Please tell us how you get on.

  12. I'd get another roofer in to give an estimate to put  things right - he might get interested when he gets a copy and realises he'll have to cough up. So sorry you are having all this hassle. Bonne chance.

  13. Your English has certainly gone to pot W. BTW here in the Jura we drink Absinthe - and Pernod was invented here, on the Swiss side.

  14. Well, at the time I got a lover who didn't speak any French - learnt English fast.

  15. [quote user="AnOther"]Who's in Jura ?


    Moi     Swissie     (not Island - the mountains!)

  16. Kenesha - the best way is to go there and just get on with it. Honest. Or try to go on a course in France or other French speaking country, and totally immerse yourself for as long as you can possibly afford.  Bonne chance.

    Tried to delete first post - but timed out after 1 second, sorry.

  17. Kenesha - the best way is to go there and just get on with it. Honest. Or try to go on a course in France or other French speaking country, and totally immerse yourself for as long as you can possibly afford.

  18. Never going to happen to me - as I've never bought a Lottery ticket of any kind! [:'(]     Merde = break a leg!

  19. On Planet TV channel this Monday at 23.40 - a documentary on disappearing bees. Set the videos on - it should be very interesting.

  20. So rude that I don't even understand!!! ?? Might be just as well?

  21. Yes, Vosges and Jura are very alike in many ways - With the school where I taught in UK, we used to organise 1 or 2 exchanges a year to Epinal, our twin town - so know the area well- and when I was a teenager had a boyfriend from Gerardmer.  Love our autumns too - colours so crisp and wonderful - and lots of mushroom hunting.

    Oh, and forgot - love I Springs too - although quite short. How many kinds of greens can there be? And if the price to pay for all this beauty is a few days of 'bise noire' - well it's very good value indeed. Minus 19C is nothing though - here we got last year was -26.5 with -34 up the road in 'Little Siberia'. But strangely enough, it doesn't feel that cold because it is DRY.

    Very hot again today 30C in the shade- but with a lovely breeze - main thing being, that it does cool down at night, so we can sleep.

  22. LOL  poule mouillée - we love our cold winters and crisp snow, here in the Jura.

  23. Just wondering - would you have a pool again? Or is it just too much kerfaffle, hardwork and expense?

    We have plenty of space away from trees to put one in - but I keep reading about all the troubles people are having, and thinking - NO!

  24. Yes we do sometimes - the worst is 'la bise noire' that goes straight through you like a million swords! But it is rare, truly. Our winters are very cold but DRY and very bright - huge blue skies and crisp crisp snow. And Summers are warm, but always with a little breeze, DRY and nights are always cool after sun down - brilliant. Born and bred here - and love it.

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