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  1. Try this site: http://www.calcul-frais-de-notaire.fr/
  2. [quote user="suein56"][quote user="Je ne donne pas un singes"] Certificate Provisoire CEAM: Valid from 19/01/2010 to 18/04/2010.[/quote] I was told that the certificates are usually valid for 3 months, so no change there. Sue [/quote] You are right,  because if I could have been ars** to check the plastic version that followed, I would have know that they are valid for a full year[:$]
  3. [quote user="Chrissie"]I went to our CPAM earlier this week to get an EHIC. To avoid the usual queue, I applied using the "borne" at the door. Got a printed attestation out straight away. Put it in handbag and forgot about it. When OH got THE LETTER, I fished out the attestation - and it is valid only until 30/4/2010. Cannot be coincidenece, but am amazed that they seem to be up to date with the new legislation already. Chrissie (81)[/quote] Same here, Certificate Provisoire CEAM: Valid from 19/01/2010 to 18/04/2010.
  4. Do a search for "graisse végétale" here's one I did earlier to get you started:  SUET
  5. It shows it pays to shop around, I have just ordered from Amazon.fr a colour and a Black cartridge originals for my Lexmark, No's 34 & 35 post free, much cheaper than on the link you gave.[8-)]
  6. [quote user="derf"]I have a Humax FOXSAT-HDR and I do not have that problem, just a normal update now and again. [/quote] But I do now[:(]
  7.  I think that as the UK will from the 1st of May, be the country responsible for your EHIC, even though you are French resident, you should apply for it. It's possible that CPAM may cancel your current CEAM card, who knows?
  8. A couple of links for you, you will need to register to download the towbar wiring manual. http://c4owners.org/download.php?view.76 http://c4owners.org/plugins/forum/forum_viewforum.php?84
  9. [quote user="pouyade"]Question. Does the priority remain for a LEFT turn by the vehicle (assuming the road is clear on the opposite diection!) or only a 'merging' via a right turn? On  narrow (1.25 vehicle width) roads local to us, this could prove an interesting manoeuvre.............. Pouyade [/quote] Yes, the vehicle can turn left or right.
  10. Deleted, duplicated info on another thread.
  11. I have a Humax FOXSAT-HDR and I do not have that problem, just a normal update now and again.
  12. [quote user="nick16"]Thank you to those who have responded. It obviously remains a 'prickly problem'. It means I will still approach these crossings with my heart in my mouth, both eyes open,  and wondering if I should advance with caution on seeing a vehicle approaching from the right, or just stop.  I am none the wiser.[/quote] Check out these signs especially the 2 yellow diamond ones. You should be prepared to stop and give way, at any junction when you do not have priority. SIGNS
  13. Most constructions over 2m² require some form of approval, make a start on this site. http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/N319.xhtml
  14. It's not written in stone that you must pay a 10% deposit, lot's of people negotiate a smaller or even no deposit.
  15. The TVA would have been paid by the original seller, the TVA I believe, is only payable on the first sale.
  16. [quote user="HertzVanHire"]Yeah, thanks.  I obviously wasn't clear enough when I said I want to do it by letter. [/quote] Well do it, by 'kin letter then.
  17. Use the English speaking helpline posted in the FAQ's above. I have done this recently and the phone line was cancelled, the moment I put the phone down.
  18. [quote user="Dog"]You need fire black.[/quote] I don't think that you can still buy zebra grate polish, or even Cardinal Red for the window sills and floors, my grandmother told me about them[:D]
  19. [quote user="dragonrouge"]I am sorry but once more I had forgotten. I am not sure of the validity of the report whether it just covers in your case your purchase or indeed whether it covers this sale. I have no doubt that others on this forum will respond.[/quote] Info HERE
  20. [quote user="BIG MAC"]Beware burning coal in an unsuitable hearth / firebox......It burns much hotter and can split a stove if not designed for the fuel. Some stoves can be adapted with a firebrick liner however this in turn reduces the available grate[/quote] sweet 17 has already said it was a dual fuel, Bois et Charbon oven. Have a look on pages jaunes for "charbonnier" or it may be available in small sacks, in the brico sheds at a cost, no doubt.
  21. If you bought the land through an agent there would probably be an element of TVA in their fee, you should be able to claim that portion back.
  22. As I said above, you do not pay TVA on the profit of the sale, it's based on the Sale price of the property you receive minus any TVA already paid. First of all, add up all the VAT paid for the various items concerning your house: Building company, ground works, kitchen, electricity & water connexions also major garden installations (i.e. terraces, swimming pool). --> call it Total A  Then calculate the VAT on the sale price --> call it Total B  Calculate B-A and you have the amount to be paid to the state.  This calculation is on the basis that it is your main house and you are tax resident in France.
  23. "My situation is complicated by the fact that I am now entitled to an E121 under my own steam, as it were.  But, that's a recent thing and my Carte Vitale (new one with my photo) was only issued earlier this year" Did you apply for a new code confidential using your own new carte vitale number? The old code will not work  if you where classed as a dependant on your partners number.
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