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  1. Just Go to your Mairie with your date of completion, they will have the COC and give you a copy.
  2. [quote user="joidevie"][quote user="derf"]Carte grise [/quote]Always room for some business opportunity! Although as I'm doing two at the same time, a trip to the prefecture will work out a lot cheaper? Still a little confused as to the cost of a new SIV from an old grey card.. [/quote] http://www.carte-grise.org/mode_emploi_changement_domicile.htm
  3. [quote user="devilsadvocate"]I believe the credit d'impots 2010 has been reduced for woodburners and is now 25% not 40%. See here   [/quote]
  4. She could apply for a UK ID card for travel in the EU, cheaper than a passport, but one of the requirements is, that you hold a valid UK passport[:)]
  5. "According to the seller's chap, sales are only legal in euros (or at least, that is what he has implied)." I think this is true, the Notaire must have a figure in euros for the sale, so he can work out the taxes. It's up to the seller & buyer to agree an exchange rate to reach that sum in euros. So that on the day of signing the compromis de vente, it's the pre agreed sum in euros that go on the paperwork, irrespective of the exchange £/€ rate on that date.
  6. You may find some info HERE
  7. Calcaire is good for a base, then use pierre concassée to finish. You may also need une plaque vibrante to compact it.
  8. Sunday Driver - thanks for your reply but can I have my own E121 as I am under retirement age? I thought I had to be listed as a family member of someone entitled to an E121 and couldn't get one in my own right? I think the point is, that you contact the UK and ask for an E121 as a dependent on your spouse. then send that to CPAM.
  9. This may help. http://www.cartographie.bouyguestelecom.fr/eCouverture/eCouverture.aspx
  10. You may have done, but only if the vehicle is also less than six months old.
  11. It has been confirmed to us today, that TVA will no longer apply on the sale of a new build within 5 year years of construction. The notaires fees, will now be at the normal rate for house sales.
  12. Any construction over 2m² and not exceeding 20m² requires a déclaration préalable, which will normally increase your taxes, if you tell them[:D] http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/F17578.xhtml
  13. It seems there is still some difference of opinion amongst notaires, as to how this applies. We are waiting for written confirmation.[8-)]
  14. You could use someone like TELERABAIS to phone a UK mobile.
  15. This may be good news for some.  I heard through a notaire today, that the VAT payable on new build property sold within the 5 year ownership rule, is now abolished from immediate effect, and therefore no VAT to pay. He still working through the 100+ pages to verify whether this also applies to property, that has been renovated/extended and normally coming under the new property regs. for vat and properties that are sold within 5 years. The fly in the ointment could be, that the reduced notaires fees will  no longer apply.
  16. [quote user="sweet 17"] I say that to the French teacher just to get her to laugh and I tell her that these are called "snotty pancakes" in English.  She stops and looks at me in a strange way so I don't think I really take her in! [/quote] A long time ago I tried the same thing, something like "C'est rare comme le  fumier de cheval à bascule" not a titter[:D]
  17. The period you are talking about, is November to March. Some more info here. http://www.french-property.com/guides/france/working-in-france/letting-property/legal-proceedings/possession-proceedings/
  18. You may find some info, on this site. http://www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/Site-Cartorisque.html
  19. "Singe, did your word 'mouillettes'' mean 'soldiers' for my boiled egg? Thanks." Yes, SOLDIERS
  20. gélatine en poudre, "Vahiné" is a well known make for baking products and can be found in most supermarkets : http://www.vahine.fr/tous-nos-produits/gelatine-en-poudre/index.html
  21. "The French do soldiers I noticed but I don't know, or can't remember, what they call them. We had one French guy who not only cut the bread in to perfect soldiers but also took the crusts off" Oeufs à la coque avec mouillettes
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