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  1. Try Pages Jaunes http://www.pagesjaunes.fr/ enter "Assainissement vidange" then your area.
  2. If you have a Carte Vitale, you should also have the paper attestation that goes with it. You can get a copy from your local CPAM.
  3. See. http://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/affichTexteArticle.do;jsessionid=226F4459F54960A785567FD5CEE5C266.tpdjo16v_3?idArticle=LEGIARTI000006894075&cidTexte=LEGITEXT000005627531&dateTexte=20100724
  4. [quote user="bubbles"]Our bill was waiting here for us when we got back to France on 13th July. And we sent it in late! We have until 26th August to pay it.[/quote] But was that your "Avis d'impôt sur le revenu" for 2009 income?
  5. Packet curries, you can still get them HERE and cheaper as well, lots of other goodies and with a great delivery service.
  6. We have found a firm of UK solicitors willing to handle the Sterling transfer, they want a cheque upfront for £470 [:(] £130 squids an hour. But what choice do we have?
  7. Do Hertz know, you will be leaving the car at a different location?
  8. If she doesn't want to record one and watch one at the same time, then there are very reasonable prices on basic freesat boxes. Connect it to a satelite dish pointing at the normal SKY channels. I would still choose a Humax freesat box, but I am biased.
  9. [quote user="knee gel"]Hi chessfou2 Absolutely no idea as to why the message was in english and agree it was very odd when everything is usually in french on Orange.fr. I would be very grateful if someone could explain the reason why. Chris[/quote] I would think it's because you have set the Livebox to English Language setting.
  10. http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hampe_%28viande%29
  11. Nomoss is correct rules have changed. I am trying to do a deal at the moment to receive payment in £'s Sterling, the notaire says  although she is willing to do it, the rules have changed recently and there are lots of hoops to go through. The buyers have to prove where the money came from and if they can't or it looks suspicious she now has to report it to the fisc. I am also having trouble finding a UK solicitor willing to be the intermediary, apparently they are getting some stick because they acting like a bank. The only one I have found at this  time,  who is willing to accept the payment from the buyers and then transfer it to my bank account, will only do it, if I will also allow them to do the conveyancing on my new property. It appears that this is a way around  the problem, they can then be seen to be giving advice, and acting for their client.
  12. Have a look on this link. http://www.anyvan.com/delivery-to-france/
  13. You will find an association button somewhere on the Livebox, depending on make of box, you need to press this, before you try and connect the laptop for the first time. you should then have a flashing light on the Livebox, which stays on for about 10 mins for you to connect.
  14. [quote user="Wilko"]Try a guy in Normandy selling packetcurry.com . It think they are really good, tho i know it sounds naff............in a bleedin' packet !! I have no connection with the company other than being a happy curryman. I made OBs from this recipe and they were good.....ain't got a deep fryer. http://jeenaskitchen.blogspot.com/2007/12/onion-bhaji-recipe.html bon ap W[/quote] I used to buy from him, but I now buy exactly the same product for half the price, from Spices of India and not far off the same delivery charge.
  15. It may not help for this weekend but may in the future, fantastic range of Indian and other products, delivery to France for a reasonable charge & very quick delivery. I have used them in the UK and also in France, second to none. http://www.spicesofindia.co.uk/
  16. You will have to sign and date the form, if you need to send a copy off to CPAM, or another government body.
  17. I have posted this site before but I think it's worth repeating. CAR PARTS TRANSLATION
  18. First, would you translate 'parois vitrées' as 'glass walls' I think that this would be secondary double glazing, a cheaper alternative to replacing your existing windows. The Parois opaques would be insulating materials for the interior walls.
  19. If you have to make a return journey as well, it may be cheaper for you to park at the airport. €60 per month. Taxis are normally waiting for incoming flights. http://www.bergerac.aeroport.fr/acces/index.php
  20. NickP wrote "OK I give up! It doesn't look as if I'm going to get the information to save myself a few quid. But I thought it was worth a try? " Why don't you make an appointment with PP's dentist?[:D]
  21. [quote user="Sunday Driver"]Belle participated in a similar discussion over exemption from social charges on pensions back in November 2009, during which she mentioned that she was in receipt of a UK state pension.....   [/quote] Thanks that answers my question.
  22. [quote user="Belle"]Advise again please, we are obviously doing something wrong, or not filling forms in correctly, we have lived here for 4 years, arriving may 2006, our first tax form was filled out 2007, then 2008/9, for all three of those years we have paid social charges, I'm now 64, and hubby is now 65, we have had a mutelle since arriving, no-one we speak to gives us the  same answers, some tell us we shoudn't pay social charges, some say we should, is there an area on our tax forms that we should be filling out, also we have never been liable for tax, or habitation, only our foncier. Thank you [/quote] I assume by what you say in your post, that you are not eligible for a state pension provided by an EEC country, is that correct?
  23. Just in case you haven't seen this, Bankruptcy More to be found under "procédure de faillite en France"
  24. "Maybe some Orangers here can corroborate this by looking at their espace clients for us." I changed my Orange "formule" online on sunday, from the 1meg max to the  "Découverte" offer & saved €5 a month.[8-)] I have just checked and the speed showing now is 7663kbps download & 848 kbps upload[:D]. I have been with Orange/Wanadoo for over 8 years. I guess I deserve a discount[:)]
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