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  1. From Clair's sticky, Dealing with death in France. "A certified copy of the entry is usually issued immediately if all necessary details are available. No fee is charged for the medical certificate or for the registration. French death certificates, however, do not show the cause of death. In France there is no central registry corresponding to the General Registry Office in the United Kingdom." SOURCE
  2. Enduit de lissage autolissant Ragréage sol autolissant
  3. For future reference, try THIS WEBSITE I have posted the address several times before.
  4. [quote user="sweet 17"][quote user="gosub"]Try making some of the Indian breads in these RECIPES [/quote] Les, that's a fantastic site altogether.  Will get together with my neighbour when I'm ready to order stuff.  Postage is only £7.50 to France if over £30. Have you used them yourself? [/quote] I have used them many times, in France and the UK. Fantastic delivery service and quality goods.
  5. Try making some of the Indian breads in these RECIPES
  6. The main thing is, to make sure that the monthly charge for the Livebox is stopped. If it's taken back to a F.T. shop, it may be more of a challenge to get the abonnement changed.
  7. I think you could take it to a Telecom shop. When I wanted to cancel my Livebox rental, I did it using my online Orange account,  they then sent me a carriage free pre printed label, with instructions to take the package to a local shop collection point. Remember to send back all the original contents of the Livebox, cables, filters etc.
  8. "Derf - I didn't ask a question, merely pointed out what my proces-verbal states, and it's absolutely clear on that that the wiper blades require a contra-visite. They are in place and work, just worn. The link you quoted seems to say that I shouldn't have a contra-visite for that but frankly I'm not going to argue with the guy at the centre over it." And I was refering to the original poster.
  9. [quote user="JohnRoss"]Thanks SD. "Minor play on lower right hand ball joint" Something to do with track/control rods and steering alignment? Might account for uneven wear. If not dangerous I think I will leave it..........JR[/quote] It's the lower wishbone arm ball joint.
  10. Not in any French dictionary I have.
  11. http://www.controle-technique.org/points/533.htm
  12. I agree, but the question was asked and I tried to answer it with the facts.
  13. [quote user="Lou"] Correction, the condition of the front wiper blades can be subject to a contre-visite - I know because mine went for it's CT  last Friday and I've got to replace them! Lou [/quote] The info is HERE
  14. You won't get a failure on the condition of the front or rear wiper blades. Info on tyre regs. EDIT: Sorry try again HERE
  15. In my experience, if you have a SKY+ box you still need to pay a subscription to SKY, otherwise the recording/playback facility is blocked.
  16. Banque Populaire Occitane has offered the same service for many years, from their base in Cahors.
  17. "Given the general lack of enterprise in France I cannot see a company being set up to charge French people for what they have never paid for and dont need to pay for if they use the Mairie." Here's ONE [:)]
  18. 2 KM of wall is going to be a massive cost, however you rebuild it.
  19. I was checked 3 years after claiming tax relief for a wood burner installation.
  20. Another article from: http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/ French Motorists Mobilize To Fight SpeedCam Warning Ban Article by: Darren Griffin Date: 19 May 2011 The announcement last week of new French legislation that will ban speed camera warning devices has been met with anger by motorists. French Government proposals will outlaw the sale and use of speed camera warning devices. Using a warning device will cost a driver €1,500 in fines with six penalty points whilst selling a device would result in a €30,000 fine and the possibility of two years in prison. The Government also announced that warning signs would be removed as part of their response to a 13% increase in road fatalities in Q1 of 2011. A Facebook page, set up by the Association Interprofessionnelle de l'AFFTAC, a group of warning device manufacturers, has received 128,000 followers in three days and even the normally vocal road safety campaigners have sided with motorists and called for a re-think on the plans due to come into effect in September 2011.
  21. Extract From. http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/ France To Ban Sale And Use Of Speed Camera Warning Systems In a surprise move, news is beginning to filter through of a proposal to ban on the sale and use of speed camera warning systems in France. A number of french news sites have posted the news this evening citing the move as an effort to curb the rise in the number of road accidents on Frances roads in recent years. This is certain to cause a stir amongst a number of companies, Coyote and Inforad are both French companies that specialise in the manufacture and sale of speed camera warning systems.
  22. That's correct, and the condition for translation and TDS, should only apply to non EU nationals. I tried and failed to convince them otherwise[:(]
  23. [quote user="Sunday Driver"]Why would you need a translation of your UK driver's licence?   [/quote] Probably because the Lot Et Garonne Prefecture demande it.[8-)]
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