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  1. The vaccine (according to our vet) is done separately at it's ingredients can react badly with the other vaccines.  It is not 100% effective and I can vouch for that as my Kiri had a dose of piroplasmosis despite being vaccinated and Frontlined.  However, when I arrived from UK vet advised me to go ahead with the vaccineas he said that dogs born locally had a certain amount of natural immunity and imported dogs do not.  He also told me that although he had seen vaccinated dogs have the disease he had never known a vaccinated dog to die from it, so presumably it alleviates the symptoms a bit.  My own dog made a rapid recovery after treatment even though earlier in the day she looked on her last legs.  I think the important thing is to know of its existence, check and treat the dog regularly for ticks and react quickly if the dog shows symptoms.
  2. Quillan - I am so sorry for what happened and hope you feel better.  Before getting a new puppy however I suggest you ask your vet's advice.  In the days when I worked with dogs it was always advised to leave a gap of 3-4 months before introducing a new puppy to a house where there had been parvo, as it is a very resistant bug.  There are special disinfectants which can be used in any areas where the puppy has been, but I would certainly advise being cautious and asking for the vet's recommendations.  Sorry to be a killjoy when you are obviously looking forward to having a new puppy but I would hate for you to have further problems.
  3. The card insurance is far from 'free' as the card costs about 90€!  You get a reduction based on card usage though.  However, CA specifically said that they felt the insurance cover for medical bills in USA was not enough and proper travel insurance should be taken.  Insurance for stuff like missing planes is not bad but you need to check the conditions.
  4. Your UK policy is very unlikely to cover you if you are French resident.  Get it in WRITING if they say they do (mine said it would but when I asked for it in writing retracted).  AGF do reasonable cover for individual trips, or check with the airline you book with.  The USA is usually more expensive than elsewhere because of medical costs there. For Europe I just use a combination of CA Gold Card and strangely my motoring insurance (Assistance Mondial) which offers a fairly comprehensive repatriation service and other aid however you are travelling. Enjoy the holiday.
  5. Cerise


    If you are travelling back to UK in near future Specsavers do some great deals.  I got 2 different and excellent pairs for £186 for BOTH at Xmas, including one pair with photochromic lenses.  If you want them to be waiting for you when you arrive in UK you can order them onlin eand have the final fitting at the shop on arrival.  However I ordered mine on 24 Dec and they had them back for me by 30th - considering 2 bank holidays and a weekend in the middle I though they were brilliant. I got the prescription from opthalmo here in France.
  6. I got a request for a party of nuns - maybe they might like to team up with Greek priests!![:D]
  7. Hi Llantony - Trev came from the SPA via Christine Animal on this site.  The SPA was sad because there were so many animals there, but they understood my worries and spent time assessing Trevor before I had him (tested him with female dogs, children etc).  He stiil had problems when he arrived, not house trained, not good at letting people into the house, but nothing we couldn't work on.  If you are worried about falling in love with something unsuitable then call them first and ask them to show you some dogs that meet your requirements.  Some will already have lived with cats etc.  They want to find homes for their dogs so I'm sure they'll spend some time trying to find you the right dog.  Go for it!
  8. If you have room to leave the car at your home in France, have you got a kind friend or neighbour who would drive to the airport in it to pick you up?  Payment in baked beans/whisky or whatever else you can bring them from UK.  Or (whisper it) real money.  After all it your car and petrol only need to compensate them for their time.
  9. I'm quite surprised by this thread as some relations had a fairly serious fire at their house.  They had no idea who had some of the electrical work, nor if it conformed, as they hadn't owned the property that long.  The insurance company (AGF) wished to seee bills for the new work they had done but informed that if there were no bills (i.e. if the work was old, they had done the work themselves or even on the black) the insurance would still pay.  If an artisan had done the work then should it prove faulty they could persue HIS insurance.  In the case of no bill - it is not illegal to work on your own house in France or even to be incompetent! - then they were insured and the insurance could and did cough up. 
  10. Thanks - I'll give it a go.  Sounds good for pie filling too.
  11. How do you brown onions in slow cooker please (still learning how to use mine).  Do you put them in with a drop of oil and leave?  How long etc? Thanks
  12. The law here is potty in this respect.  Recently went to opthalmo, 106€ for me and OH just for eye tests which seems extortionate even though we get it back.  After all you have to pay it first and I imagine that might put people off going.  Having priced up glasses I fancied in France (375€)  I decided I would take prescription back at Xmas to UK to good ole Specsavers.  French opthalmo got knickers in fine knot as I advised him I didn't need reactolite lenses marked on prescription I could just HAVE them.  No, no if not marked on prescription you can't.  Gave up trying to explain that as the customer in UK I could chose myself. Back in the UK went to Specsavers on Xmas Eve - asked what the chance of getting specs for 30 Dec., given that there were 2 Bank Holidays and a weekend in between.  Charming young lady said she'd do her best, but if not would post them to me.  Got 2 pairs one with reactolites and other with special non-glare lenses for £180.  Could have had glasses for much much cheaper than that but the ones I wanted were almost the most expensive frames and I wanted all the fancy options.  All this plus customer service too - yes the glasses were ready and waiting on 30th. Can anyone explain WHY glasses cost so much money in France?
  13. Cathy - the only people who ever ask if we make English Breakfast are French.  If they are very very nice I occasionally do one for them. Just been watching the lunchtime news and there was an ad for ready made croque monsieur.  Husband said 'Huh, think they know about food, at least we don't have to advertise cheese on toast on the tele!"
  14. Ask them whether they'd prefer tripe or pigs feet as you'd love to cook them something special!!  We don't have an English name so I get less of that from the English , but I still find it pretty insulting when French guests go on at lengths about how bad cooks the English are.  Ironic as most of them then decide to eat in all week but still continue to make their little 'jokes' about jelly and boiled meat with jam.  It really does irk me and I wonder how they'd feel if I went round to their house and said "You know the French are really grubby and smelly, aren't they".  Even if I laughted I'm sure they wouldn't find it that funny!
  15. Certainly in our rural part of France hygiene is not what you could wish.  I firmly believe that constant hand shaking is part of the problem.  I try hard to avoid shaking hands with all and sundry in the village and always wash my hands immediately I get back.  I makes me want to heave to see some old chap with a disgusting hanky wiping his nose, then immediately holding out his hand to shake hands, or even worse having a pee and then doing the same.  If forced into personal contact I prefer to 'faire la bise' as at least you can do vague air kissing.  Even in people's houses toilets often don't have a wash basin and it is rare for anyone to show you where you can wash your hands.  A new teacher at our local school caused mayhem by insisting on all small children washing their hands after using the loo.  Elementary hygiene precautions do often seem to be a bit lacking!
  16. On death of husband's parents we were a bit horrifeied to be given the deeds of the grave plot in UK.  We handed them back to the solicitor, told him we didn't want them and he could find someone else to deal with it.  My husband never visits the cemetery and I ask myself what is the point.  I like the idea of ashes scatered in the wild - but actually when I'm dead I don't supoose I'll care much.
  17. No me too!  Anyway that old story has been doing the rounds for the last 25 years to my knowledge.  Like being gassed in your camper van in a motorway service station, microwaving your poodle and other stories it is one of the delights of being on the internet. Not in any way suggesting that people should not be careful.  Where do you leave your car keys if you go out on foot?  Most people leave them just inside the front door, thus providing a getaway car for any burglars who pop in whilst they are out.  You can only be a certain amount careful in life but I am still surprised to see how many ladies wander round the shops with their purses lose on the top of their shoppping bags.  Invitation to steal, much easier than nicking a bag in the loo.
  18. I can really recommend Dr Alengrin at Cordes sur Ciel - 05 63 56 07 25   I am the woman who has in my life(twice!!) vomited on dentists who have not believed I am not OK!  I've been to Dr Alengrin since we moved here over 6 years ago, explained that I was horribly nervous and he is patience itself, very gentle and plenty of pain relief as and when necessary.  Turned me from a real phobic into at least OK about going there!!
  19. Am I the only person who simply turns the light on if they get up in the night then turns it off again? 
  20. Visit any notaire - they will advise you on the contract and what references/guarantees to take.  It is also quite common to do an 'état des lieux' with a bailiff (huissier) itemising everything and taking photos so that you can ensure that all is in the same state at the end of the contract.
  21. I know what you mean Jill.  Husband's boss is Vincent (Vanson) but my mother always asks why we can't call him Vin Sent like proper English people[:D].  On the other hand went with friends 'French) to see Lord of the Dance in Toulouse the other night and could not bring myself to say Lor off ze Dons.  Frankly when French people tell me places they have been in UK I rarely recognise what they are saying, and as for the French names I am always wrong!!  There is a village near us called Varen - pronounced by locals variously Vaarann , Varon, Varang, and Varenne - which ever I say I am always corrected by the person opposite mewho prefers one of the other three.[8-)]
  22. I know it isn't funny for those concerned, but recently took some clients to re-register their car.  Whilst at the impots getting the quittus fiscale there was another British chap who didn't speak much French in front of us.  Madame Des Impots asked him he had purchased car in Angleterre.  'No' he replied 'Wales'.     She then proceeded to tell him that the country otherwise known as Wolees (her pronunciation) did not exist and if it did it was not part of EU.  He - patriotic Welshman - insisted that it did.  She said she had never heard of it.  He got very angry, I creased up laughing and eventually volunteered that 'Wolees'  was 'Pays de Galles'.  Not impressed, and insisting that even if such a coutry did exist it was not on her list (of course not it said Royaume Uni)  she went off to get her boss.  Boss came back confirmed what I said and added that Pays de Galles was in Angleterre as everybody do know.[:D][:D] Honour was eventually satisfied and disgruntled Welshman slunk off with his bit of paper.  I later saw him and his dossier being rejected by someone very disdainful at the Préfecture - afraid I hid behind the potted plants as I didn't want to be involved. Don't know why I'm laughing anyway Dept 82 refused point blank to change my licence as it is an EU one.  Must have another go soon as it runs out in 2010.  A year should be long enough I think - great fun especially as the wretched Préfecture is 75 km away!
  23. So where does that leave those of us who just declare under micro foncière scheme because our healthcare is covered elsewhere?  In my case OH works full time and CdH is my income but less than half our total income so this has worked with me, do not think registering at Ch de C would be financial good sense.  If they reduce the abbatement so much there reaches a point where it is hardly worth doing once CSG, tax and other charges have been paid. 
  24. OH been working on ours for the last year - hoping to take for CT in the New Year and then ready to roll - slowly[:)]!  Bought it as a runner but appalling bodywork and he has been restoring it bit by bit, his great joy and passion.  The TR is restored and working order and we use it for runs out with the club we belong too.  I love 2CVs so think I might adopt that for local trips when it is finisg=hed.  What's yours like?
  25. Don't worry Ernie - not a hidden classic.  A 13 year old Xantia.  It's actually in very good condition but it has done 270,000 km and I'm changing it before it starts needing major money spent.  Mr Cerise has classic cars, so we have 4 cars in total and I don't want it left hanging around unsold when I get the newer one.  Extravagent all these cars, but the insurance on the oldies (TR6 and 2CV being restored) is peanuts and I've always said the day we can't afford a hobby is the day we leave the country.
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