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  1. Grateful for any advice as to best place to buy cable and fittings for re wire
  2. Thanks Norman H , That seems to clarify the matter in a nutshell!
  3. We have owned a property in France for 3 years and visit about 4 - 6 weeks per year to continue ongoing renovation.During this time we have paid Tax Fonciere every year but not Tax Habitation.We have just received a bill for Tax habitation are we liable to pay this if we don't live there permanently or even semi permanently.The property is habitable (just) but still requires lots of work. Any advice greatly appreciated!
  4. Thanks all for advice,as initial quote was a very reasonable 240 euros .From the info I gathered the max the previous UK ban could increase the premium to is 480 euros which is still a lot more reasonable than UK companies
  5. Thanks for the advice but sounds too good to be true! The insurance company have requested a copy of my UK licence which shows the disqualification so I would have thought the premium will be affected by this if French insurance companies are remotely like their bloodsucking counterparts in the UK, any further thoughts greatly appreciated.
  6. I served a six month driving ban in the UK 30 Months ago  under the 12 point tot up system (9 SP 30,3 TS 10) which were wiped off following the ban.I'm sure this will increase the premium when obtaining French Insurance, but anybody have an idea by how much? Would I be better waiting another 6 months until a 3 year period has elapsed since I obtained the ban,any advice greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks Clair, i am. Sorry for  any confusion,  never really got round to computing  until recently.
  8. Hi all, thinking very longterm  we  are hoping to learn the art of beekeeping along with flavoured wines for pocket money . Would this be permissable in France.?
  9. Hi everyone,                   new to site but would appreciate any advice .After  a recent visit to Mayenne, we were offered a property in a nice village for £24,000 (obviously requiring  work but fortunately within scope of expertise), although the deal is unusual to say the least. The vendor is a Irish lady about 61, who in recent times as suffered a little ill health,Fearing the worse she would like to sell the house for this very reasonable amount but remain in the house for the forseeable future.As we are only in late 40,s with no chance of moving permanently to France for a good 15-20 years, would never have a budget of more than £30-40,000  to buy a property, but do have the enthusiasm and ability to renovate it slowly over a number of years. The deal we are close to finalising would see the vendor staying in the property rent free for a ten year period,after which time if she is still there she would be liable for a rent of 200 euros per month. The way we see it  for the above reasons, is at least the house wont be empty, were doing the old girl a good turn, in 15-20 years we may have a nicely renovated, paid for house in France to retire to, and even if we never get to live in the house it,s an investment for our pension or to leave the kids.Does anyone out there think it,s not a bad idea, or have we gone insane.
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