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  1. I called SFR asking for clarification regarding acceptable proof of moving and they sent this:

    "Les justificatifs demandés doivent être datés de moins de 3 mois sauf l'ordre de mutation pour les militaires, le justificatif doit être daté de moins de 6 mois ? Contrat de travail à l?étranger d'une durée supérieure à 1 an ? Avis de mutation professionnelle pour une durée supérieure à 1 an ? Convention de stage à l?étranger pour une durée supérieure à 1 an (ou si le document stipule Année scolaire 20XX/20XX) ? Document attestant d?1 an d?études à l?étranger, avec tampon de l?école / université (ou si le document stipule Année scolaire 20XX/20XX) ? Avis d'imposition à l'étranger ? Bail ou contrat de location à l?étranger pour une durée supérieure à 1 an ? Facture de déménagement pour l'étranger ? Si militaire en mission à l?étranger : Document du supérieur hiérarchique avec tampon pour une durée supérieure à 1 an."

    Am I on planet earth??? My only option appears to be a tax certificate!!!!!

  2. I have done all of the above.

    i complained about the price over 2 years ago and was promised a better deal. No new price came but suddenly out of the blue a reduced bill arrived in October last year. I copied a letter of resignation and sent it registered post last week explaining that their contract could not be fulfilled in the UK obviously and the response I got was as written above. They are an absolute bunch of "tossers" and it leaves a sour taste in the mouth, but what do I do next?

  3. I am having trouble understanding the procedure of cancelling our internet/phone contract with SFR. I have written to them and explained that we are returning to the UK so no longer need their box, they have sent the following in an email.

    "Voici la liste des pièces justificatives correspondantes, datant de moins de 3 mois :

    L'avis de mutation professionnelle hors de la métropole ou le contrat de travail d'une durée supérieure à 1 an.

    L'avis d'imposition hors de la métropole.

    Le bail de location hors de la métropole d'une durée supérieure à 1 an.

    La facture de déménagement hors de la métropole émise par le transporteur ou transitaire."

    My French is not fluent but I do not have any of these.

    Historically all my dealings with SFR have been awful and I would always advise others not to touch them with a bargepole.

    What proof do I have to give them, does anybody know what to do?

    Any help greatly appreciated!
  4. Our RHD 1995 red 216 Rover Cabriolet passed its control technique this morning. I am thinking of selling it but don't know its worth here in France.

    It is an old lady now has only 85000 miles on a Honda engine, leather seats but is starting to need more love and attention than I can give. Has anybody any idea its worth and where to sell it ?
  5. I am trying to sell our home in the Charente-Maritime and am getting pretty fed up with the lack of success. I have dropped the price and received less viewings. It is a big house over 200 sq m and nicely renovated but in a beat up little hamlet which has lovely neighbours. There are no shops but 10mins from local town. Feedback from visits is mostly positive so I just don't get why it hasn't sold. It was with one agent for 6 months and received no visits, changed agent and dropped price and have had about 7 viewings. Should I go multi agency or what. It is a beautiful house with loads of character but after 14 years in France its time to move on. Any suggestions ????

  6. Hi,

    I am trying to calculate our social charges liability on a private company pension of 15000 euros but am a little confused with the exact rules as we currently pay reduced taxe d'habitation.

    We are both under retirement age and we currently pay no income tax.

    Is the csg 7.5% or 3.8% plus the crds of 0.5%?

    Or do we pay nothing?

    What figure is then deductable for tax the following year?

    What are the social charges if I take a lump sum from my pension?

    What are the social charges on uk savings interest?

    so many questions!


  7. for information to all.

    I phoned Aviva, home cover allows 180 euros only for towing cost to garage of your choice. This equates to around 30kms only.

    Customer Assistance person (Aurora) absolutely fantastic and efficient, even rang back to make sure all ok! Well done Aviva ! brilliant customer service - very rare in my 11 years here in France.
  8. Can anyone advise exactly what should go in rubrique 11 on cmu form S3710 which says "indiquez les ressources reçues ou perçues à l'étranger ou versées par une organisation internationale"

    Any help appreciated.

  9. Can anyone advise how to boost my wifi signal. My neufbox is upstairs in a back room and I need a better signal in downstairs lounge. I don't think the plug in mains sender and receiver will work as the mains sockets are on different rows in the fuse box. I know that a cabled solution would be best but I don't fancy anymore drilling through walls. Any ideas/expertise regarding solution and necessary equipment greatly appreciated.
  10. update- I rang taxi ambulance who told me to ring CPAM who eventually faxed the permission to the taxi company. Only took 5 phone calls in my very best french with loads of "parlez lentement svp" every 10 seconds. Still all is booked but a piece of advice to you all, do not put more than 1 request in an envelope, they just can't cope. Thank you to all who have responded.



  11. I have used my own car before and as the distance is over 150km normally I receive a letter saying that "la prise en charge est accordee" along with an expense form, but so far for the hospital entry have received nothing. I have always asked the specialist for the bon de transport and then filled in the expense form afterwards. This will be different as it will be quite expensive, how do I pay ?? I just want to know what the procedure is.



  12. I am going into hospital in Bordeaux next week and have asked CPAM by prescription on 20/09/2013 for authorisation to go by taxi as it is over 150Km away. As yet I have received nothing back. Does anyone know what is the procedure for booking and paying for a taxi in this scenario.

     Any help greatly appreciated.


  13. new update - have had phone call from CPAM this morning. I told the lady that my situation has not changed since we arrived but she thinks that I have declared a pension for myself on my impot return. I have just checked and I correctly declared that the pension belongs to my wife. The CPAM lady told me that I still need an S1 or a refusal and that she did not understand how the foreigners systems worked. She also explained that there was no need to worry about my operation as my rights remain intact (big relief). I have obviously agreed to send refusal of S1 when it arrives to bring an end to the matter and hopefully all will be ok but I am still very annoyed.

    Just an extra piece of info I got from Newcastle. France has never asked the UK for any refunds for us since we joined the system in 2004!

  14. Update - have spoken to both english speaking and french speaking CPAM, both say I must obtain s1 or s1 refusal from UK and what has really upset me is that they will not give me a rendevous at my local office. I have spoken to Newcastle who are sending the necessary s1 refusal which I understand they are sending out "hundreds". I will keep you posted but right now I am furious as I am going into hospital next month and do not need this sort of aggro. I have lived here almost 10 years and paid what has been asked, is this a sign of things to come.

  15. Every year since 2004 we have had to re-apply to join the CMU. I joined under my wife's E106 which makes us slightly different but have both had our carte vitale since 2004 and paid CMU premiums when asked. I am 55 and my wife 54, she took an early private pension last year. We sent off the usual forms filled in and have had them returned by CPAM asking us for a printed S1 or a refusal from Great Britain. What an earth is going on? We have lived here in France for almost 10 years, paid our taxes every year. Is this just a mistake or is this a new rule.

    Any help greatly appreciated

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