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  1. [quote user="mogs"] For the blood test, I needed an ordnance, but couldn't your gastro specialist get one done for you?[/quote] Thats what I am hoping for, and that is what I think will happen.
  2. Good one Théière, I miss your amusing posts !!! Actually, during my last colonoscopie, getting wheeled into the operating theatre waiting room, the last comment I heard was from the porter, telling me that by the time I wakened up, my colonoscopy would be on YouTube !
  3. [quote user="NormanH"]You can just get an appointment with a Cardiologist, and could ask your surgeon to refer you for both that and the blood test. I have a similar situation, in so much as I have to have regular Coloscopies. My surgeon refuses to do them without a GA pointing out that in case of an accidental bowel perforation it is better to be already asleep. I know that the French and UK systems have different views. I the past I have had one many years back without anything at all, and on another occasion woke up in the middle and can say that apart from slight alarm I had no problems. [/quote] Thanks NormanH, I hope you are well. A couple of years ago you contributed to the subject of colonoscopies, posted by me, on this very forum. This was immediately before I had a colonoscopy in France, and both you and others did make me feel less nervous about having the procedure, and for this I thank you. When I first had my colonoscopy, likewise, my surgeon said that he only did the procedure under GA as there was less risk of perforation, and the fact that without GA, this procedure is generally less tolerated. I had done extensive research into colonoscopies with and without GA, and by far, most patients had a level of discomfort I would consider to be well over my threshold, and in fact, the ones who said there was no pain were in a small minority. I will again follow your advice and get my surgeon to refer me for the cardiology procedure, the blood tests, the anaesthetist, and the lovely colon emptying drink !
  4. Hi all, I lived in France up to end of 2012, but before that had a "preventative" colonoscopy as my father had been diagnosed with colon cancer. After having the procedure, my surgeon recommended the same every 3 years. After moving back to the UK, I was a bit dismayed to learn that the NHS do not offer general anaesthesia for colonoscopies as I had in France. On discussing this with a doctor friend, I am led to believe this is a cost issue! Anyway, having recently contacted the French surgeon, he has said he would be delighted to see me again and perform my now 3 yearly colonoscopy under a general anaesthetic. I fully understand the costs are met wholly by myself, but couple this with a holiday...its a no brainer ! Now, when I was first offered a colonoscopy in mid 2012, I first had a consultation with the gastroenterologist and the anaesthetist. I also recall providing my annual blood tests and cardiology report to the anaesthetist. The gastroenterologist has said he will see me without an "ordonnance", and recalling the last time, I simply organised an anaesthetist appointment directly. I am not sure about obtaining the blood tests and seeing the cardiologist as to whether I require an "ordonnance" for each from a French GP. I am wondering if it may be easier just arranging to see a French GP (my former one has retired since I have left France), and request an ordonnance for the usual blood tests, and a Cardiology appointment. I think I may not need an ordonnance for the Cardiology appointment, but think I may need one for the blood tests. Any advice appreciated.
  5. [quote user="Sprogster"]Colonoscopies are usually done under sedation and often with an amnesiac drug, so you do not remember anything afterwards. As a result some patients think they have been given a general anaesthetic, because they do not remember anything. I have had numerous colonoscopies over the years and paid to go privately, so cost was not a consideration. On each occasion I was sedated at my request and told giving a general anaesthetic was discouraged because of the risk of the anaesthetic itself and a higher risk of bowel perforation if the patient was unconscious. Talking to family members who are doctors, apparently the riskiest part of an operation is the general anaesthetic, especially for older patients whose memory can be permanently adversely effected, and recovery takes a lot longer.[/quote] It must vary considerably in France as my last colonoscopy at a clinic in Saumur (49) was under general anaesthetic. The consultant told me that the clinic always does colonoscopies under GA as it reduced the rick of the patient moving and thus perforating the bowel. I suppose being late 40s, there was a minimised risk of complication which may affect older patients as you say.
  6. [quote user="NormanH"]Just contact the 'cabinet' of the specialist you  saw last time. The secretary will be able to make an appointment and tell you which hospital or clinic the surgeon uses to perform the procedure. Then you book a consultation and ask for the appointment. The nuisance if you are not in France is that you may need to have a prior appointment with the anaesthetist as well so you need to keep a chunk of time available. Your estimate for the price may be exceeded by the extras (including the anaesthetist's fees and clinic charges) You will also get a later bill for the analysis of any samples taken [/quote] Thanks Norman H, the last time I had a colonoscopie, I was able to see the breakdown of charges for everyone and every service involved and that came to about 900€. I just wonder if the charges would be more, given that it is not going via CPAM but out of my own pocket. I think though it would be easier to email the specialist who did my last colonoscopie as I did this a few weeks ago to obtain a copy of the biopsy report, and his department was very approachable and quick in their replies. Again, thank you to everyone for their replies and comments, its appreciated.
  7. I thought the easier answer was to post on here !
  8. Thanks everyone. I did have had a colonoscopie in France last year under GA. I was just wondering how easy it was, as a now non resident, to go back to my former French GP and arrange a future colonoscopie with the same consultant at the same clinic.
  9. Early last year I posted regarding a colonoscopy which I subsequently underwent whilst resident in France. Having since moved back to the UK, I am not really impressed at the way my nearest hospital would undertake a colonoscopy, compared to what I received in France. The reason for this is that under the NHS, I will not be able to have any future colonoscopy under a general anaesthetic. My French specialist had previously told me I would need a colonoscopy every 3 years ( as my father was diagnosed with bowel cancer), and that in France (as I now know), unless there is a specific medical reason, colonoscopies are not undertaken without general anaesthetic for reasons of patient safety, contrary to what happens in the UK. My question is of those who have undergone medical treatment in France and then moved permanently back to the UK. I am wondering if anyone has then specifically returned to France to continue treatment (obviously at their own expense), rather than using the NHS. In my case, I would rather have any subsequent colonoscopies done in France under general anaesthetic rather than in the UK without (although I understand that sedatives can be used), however, I would rather be "out of it" when that happens. Having now "released" myself from CPAM, and now resident in the UK, how easy is it to obtain a procedure such as this again in France, not being resident, and not being able to use EHIC? I suppose it is not as simple as going back to my former French GP, paying him for a consultation, and having him write a "prescription" for a colonoscopy at the same clinic I received mine, and hopefully by the same doctor. As I said, payment is not a problem. I noticed from my last colonoscopy that the French charges were about 900€ for the privelege, a price I would not hesitate to pay for this procedure under GA. Anyone have any experience of a similar type scenario?  
  10. Thats what I wanted to know Nomoss, thank you very much, I will wait for the flood of emails !
  11. Yes BJSLIV, thats the website where I took out the 6month contract for re-direction. I cannot see where it says it can be extended though !
  12. I can`t find anywhere suitable to post this query...maybe Admin can place it in the proper section. Basically I have moved permanently from France to the UK. Prior to moving I set up a 6 month re-direct service with La Poste to redirect mail to the UK. My question is...can just prior to the end of the 6 month period, extend the re-direct to 12months ? I set up the initial redirect for 6 months but find that due to delays in settling old accounts, need to extend to the maximum time of 12 months? Can this be done online?
  13. [quote user="idun"]So if you had sold by then, then you have avoided the taxe fonciere and habitation for 2013. And just that one tax form to fill in then. [/quote] Yes idun, just the one and final form.....
  14. [quote user="idun"]If you lived in France in 2012 then you need to do a french tax form for 2012 and put all the things that are relevent to France, I suppose that you can include mortgage repayments until you left France: In fact if you lived in France in 2013 then you should do a french tax return for 2013 too. [/quote] Thanks idun, I thought that was the case - we moved out of France the last week of December 2012. (feels like  thousand years ago now...)
  15. I have posted this before but cannot find or remember the answer. Basically we have moved back to the UK permanently, having sold up our one and only home in France. My question is..can I still submit a tax form to claim mortgage tax relief for 2012?
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