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  1. Hi All Onto my next project. I’m installing engineered wood flooring in 3 bedrooms and a hallway upstairs. The bedrooms are very modest (17m2 / 16m2 / 12m2). The hallway is narrow and small with the 3 bedrooms leading off of it. My question is where to start installing the flooring. Bedrooms and work out to the hallway or hallway and go into the bedrooms and your reasoning why would be valuable. Also, I have read on line that you should always use a threshold on every doorway so as to leave an expansion gap but with such modest rooms and a small hallway is this really necessary. I’m just concerned that having 3 thresholds in a small area won’t look very nice. If relevant, I’m using 5mm insulation underneath, with a wooden sub floor. I’ve got an option to buy another 2mm mat to go under this if it’s needed. Thanks  
  2. Hi All Just had a skim coat of plaster put on the walls. I have a spare water based 10L tub of Sous Couche Universelle, can I water this down and use it as the mist/seal coat or do I need to buy an emulsion?
  3. I've been round all the stores in our area and no one sells Delta Court. Leroy Merlin sell this one Plâtre fin AXTON, le sac de 25kg. Has anyone used this, any opinions.
  4. Qullian or anyone else that can help. Following on, I've looked for Delta Court but can't find it. Could you let me know ehere you bought yours and also what I should expect to pay for a bag. I looked on B & Q and finishing plaster is £5 for a 25kg bag and I looked at some today that was 86 euros for a 25kg bag !!
  5. Fantastic job Merlin, let us know when we can order one. Our rescue was in one a few years ago, we were so proud.
  6. Doing some more research. Has anyone had experience using Lutece 2000L as a finishing plaster compared to Delta Court ?
  7. Thanks Quillan I'll head to Gedimat this week and have a look for it.
  8. I've searched and seen this was asked back in 2009 but want to see if anything has changed. I have a friend coming to do some plastering for me and I have to buy the finishing plaster before he comes. What is a french equivalent to finishing plaster that i can buy and where from. We have a Gedimat, Leroy Merlin and Bricorama in our area. Many thanks
  9. Thanks everyone, maybe some more insulation will give us the warmth instead of UFH.
  10. Going to remove the existing horrible carpets upstairs and put down wooden floors. In Bricorama I've seen Pine wood planks (Tounge and groove, 2cm in depth) on sale. Questions: Can you put electric underfloor heating under pine planks or does the wood need to specially treated? If we don't go with underfloor heating does anyone have experience of what thickness mats we should use to avoid the wood getting cold. We live in a wooden chalet in (74). Seen in Bricorama green under matting 5mm or 2.2mm in depth.
  11. I think I know the answer (yes) but want to check. If I am set up as an AE, can I do some seasonal work (Seasonaire) outside of my AE work. I also assume this income does not come under the 32,000 euros I can earn as an AE ?
  12. Quick question, I've got myself sorted and hoping to start a small business under AE scheme. I understand tax on turnover but the CFE that is due after 3 years. How is this calculated. Anyone out there that can quantify.
  13. Thanks for the input. All arranged. For anyone else Peugeot can get the CoC. It takes 21 days and costs £100.
  14. Just want to check something. We are visiting the UK and are buying a 1 yr old car (Peugeot). They need to register the car to tax it so have asked for an address. Do i give a UK address (parents address) to register it or do I give our french address ? We are french residents. Peugeot dealer didn't know anything about a CoC so a bit stuck. Anyone else dealt with Peugeot on this ?
  15. Undreneath wasn't primed with a paint. There was a type of wafer thin paper that just came off when removing the texture (which was a nightmare to remove). I hadn't seen it on anything before. I'm down to the grey/brown paper of the plasterboard. I'll go ask for sous couche. Thanks
  16. I've removed the old texture finish in our loungs and have it back to the plasterboatd. When i've finished prep work I want to use a primer before painting. I've looked at local DIY stores and can't find a primer. Only one I could see was a wood primer. I understand it should be a latex primer specifically for plasterboard. Can anyone advise on what I should do. Can anyone recommend a primer or is it called something different in France ?
  17. Thaks for the tip and info. We've had a look on-line and hope to go see them later this week. I also know it won't be long before we end up with another rescue as well.
  18. Thanks for the link Norman. That looks like a good source of info, I'll join that one.
  19. We'e just made the move to France and used to volunteer at our local shelter. When I say vounteer I mean almost all my wife's spare time was spent there and loads by me also. It was a big part of our lives. Does anyone know if there is a shelter near us? We live near Morzine in Haute Savoire region. What is the protocol for volunteering here in France, just walking dogs or can you really get involved ?
  20. OMG Merlin Why wife has just cried her eyes out watching that. Amazing.
  21. We unfortunately can't get a S1 as we lived abroad prior to moving to France so have been expates for a while. We made sacrifices to enable us to semi retire and also have friends that have had serious illnesses recently so thought to ourselves why keep working so hard, there's more to life so why not give it a go. On the AE, I'm keen to start something. Read all the info but if I start start something I may not get work immediately. Need to build up a client base. Is there a minimum you need to earn before you can get on the AE scheme and join the french health scheme. Also any drawbacks I should consider.
  22. Yep - Told the tax office in Newcastle, as we still have property there. Just forgot to tell the bank so will do that when next visiting the UK. I think there is a form so should be straighforward. R85.
  23. Hi All I know there is a lot of questions on this and I have done my research but just want to clarify all is Ok on my side. Just for peace of mind. We arrived in France 3 weeks ago as a permanent move. My wife and I are both British citizens. We have taken out private healthcare as we are both in our 40's. We have notified Tresor Public of our new address in France so they can send both tax bills here. Notified the local Marie of our new address so they can send the water bill to us and also the post office. Not sure why but they also needed a form filled out. The important thing as per most is we get on the French healthcare asap after 5 years. We have a monthly income from property in the UK and at present no income in France. Looking into that at the moment (possibly AE but not definite). Also notified UK tax office of our change of address. As Carte Sejour is now abolished do I need to do anything else to prove we are permantly resident in France. Should I change our driving licences? I'm keeping all receipts of purchases and eurotunnel receipts to show when we came. Many thanks Edit - I did look at the residence permit but from what I read as we are British this is not required ?
  24. Thanks On a slightly different note, the Orange website says that the Livebox Star package is 20 meg for internet. This seems very small. How much internet useage is this in real terms as my Uk dongle was 2G per month. Is this enough to just leave the internet on during the day? What happens when you go over your limit?
  25. Thanks Danny, I'll buy a new LNB tomorrow and also check the alignment of the dish.
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