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  1. Thanks to everyone for your quick replies.

    I should have been clearer, I guess, and said that resale isn't my ultimate goal.  One never knows, of course, so I fully understand the concept of being careful about the work you do - about having it done right. I have no intention of turning a charming little "maison de pierres" into a Mid-Century Modern masterpiece. I already live in one of those!

    And when I said "summer," it occurs to me that I meant, "on my vacation...whenever that might be." I'm in my forties and don't have kids so I can take vacation pretty much any time of the year, but I guess the idea of "summer vacation" has stuck around from school days.

    Thank you again for your help.


  2. Hello, everyone,

    I've enjoyed and been educated by what I've read hereabouts, and now I'm stepping up to the front of the class to ask my first question.

    My rough plan is as follows: In likely early 2011 I plan to buy a little house/barn/convertible-whatever in France (region TBD) and make it a longterm project to renovate it. Based on my DIY experience at home, I'll be comfortable in varying degrees with such things as basic carpentry, kitchen installation, drywall and painting, and will hire tradespeople to do roofing, electricical upgrades, plumbing (interior and exterior). Depending on the amount of work needed, I foresee spending all my vacations over the succeeding 5 or 10 years to do the necessary work gradually. For example, one summer I go over and arrange for the necessary roofing work. Next year I go and hire someone to refit the plumbing as necessary. The next year I go over and see to electrical work.

    Eventually, I'll theoretically have a vacation and part-time retirement property.

    My main question now is...

    If the place I buy isn't a house in a town and needs a CU (and it has one already in place or I obtain it myself), if I begin work within the required time period of the CU, as long as I make continuous renovations will I have to re-apply for a CU every so often? Will it be a problem if my Master Plan entails litle bits of work performed over a long period of time?

    Does this make sense?

    Thanks very much in advance.

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