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  1. Actually, a gun has been mentioned to me many times, and the mood I'm in, I could actually take it on board! But, a question about the keeping of guns in rural france - can you actually go and buy one and do you need a licence? Thanks
  2. Hi, the deer have just eaten all my cabbages. Does anyone have any suggestions to keep them away? Thanks
  3. Hi, I emptied out a pot yesterday and found it full of fat, grub looking things - like fat short caterpillars. Can anybody advise what they might be and whether they do any damage?
  4. Hi , I've seen Baumaux mentioned as a catalogue. Is this the best one? Can anyone recommend any others?
  5. Hi, I will reach 60 soon and wonder if I would be entitled to the equivalent of a senior rail card or any other travel concessions here in France as a French resident?
  6. Hi, has anyone had any experience using this company?
  7. Hi, have seen all of above mentioned in various threads and am now confused! I live in Dordogne and mainly travel south by car, therefore is Alis (free) no good for me? Also read on the Sanef site - something about the subscription being returned over 4 days per month - really didn't understand this, can anyone explain? thanks
  8. Hi, does anyone know of a Springer Spaniel breeder around 24 area. Or, preferrable does anyone know of a springer spaniel cross that looks more like a springer than anything else. Puppy preferably.
  9. Hi Bob, can you tell me who the UK supplier is? I am trying to get one of these and am not haveing any luck finding one that will ship to France
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