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  1. I have seen them on sale at our local Intermarche.
  2. Rather cold here in 56 last night but the sun is out with clear blue sky.

    My lettuce under cloches look to be ok.

  3. My E106 only lasted 18 months and I have been trying to get in the system since Jan last year.Still cannot get in.

    I have paid nearly 4000 euros so far just for hospitalisation cover only.

    Sorry forgot to add I will be 65 in Sept so I will get my S1.
  4. Surely the daily Mail were reporting on a news item?Mind you they could have made it up.

    It would be just like them to do that would it not?You know what these Tory papers are like.
  5. I had just started work as a bus conductor whilst the Inspector was showing me my rotas,his daughter appeared and asked for a lift home. I thought she looked very nice in her mini skirt.The following day I asked her out and 2 weeks later I asked her to marry me.

    We got married 3 years later.That was 40 years ago.And they said it would not last.
  6. A very good idea.If only we were younger.
  7. Joe


    If you can get them GERVIOLINE are very good indeed.
  8. I saw the White heron again yesterday.
  9. We bought some fuel today (501) litres at a cost of 87.2 euros.438 euros plus tax. Total cost was 522.92 euros.
  10. Very cold wind here.Veg plot frozen for 2 days.Snow forecast for Sat/Sun.
  11. I have used aferry.com for my crossing to Dover with P&O.
  12. Just back from the lake,Googled White Heron. An exact match.We now have a resident White Heron as well.
  13. There are Egrets on the lake but they are a lot smaller.The big white that I see is as big as a Heron.I am going to the lake later with my bino's.I bet it's gone!

    Thanks for the comments.
  14. One of the lakes in this area is home to 2 Herons as well as a white bird the same size and shape as the Herons.It even flies the same.

    Is there such a thing as an "albino" heron.

  15. Joe

    Health cover

    Booze up in a brewery comes to mind!

    This is what I have found out.Nobody seems to know what is going on at CPAM.

    I am going back again soon to insist on written refusal which they must do by law.Then you are entitled to take it further.
  16. Joe

    Health cover

    All income has to be declared before you can get in.Too little, your a burden, too much you can fend for yourself.In my case the only income is a company pension which brings me into the middle bracket.

    If I receive a reply I will give all the information that they require.
  17. Joe

    Health cover

    Yes I knew about the"means test" that you have got submit to.Luckily I am under the threshhold which is why I sent the email in the first place.
  18. Joe

    Health cover

    I sent an email to the Gov' dept,but I never received a reply.

    I have just paid out 2000 euros for 6 months hospital cover only. I reach UK retirement age in September so I will get my form to to go into the system,but it does annoy me that by law I should be in it by now.
  19. We are taking our hols in the south this year in June.Any ideas?I have been to Frejus and Monpellier region in the past.
  20. I heard yesterday that an article in the paper stated that it comes into force in April.
  21. Its good news that one can claim on insurance because I need to replace some glass.
  22. The siren goes off every Saturday at noon down at the Pompiers.
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