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  1. Apart from Ireland, the UK and Denmark, who have not signed a recent decree, I believe that all EU countries now reciprocate with this kind of money making.


  2. Looking for Curry sauce once in Hyper U we found the usual shelf empty. Upon asking an assistant where the Curry was, she simply said, 'the member of staff responsible for Curry was on holiday and would be back in two weeks'. Unbelievable. Your tale seems to be the norm here unfortunately.
  3. Just to let you know. You are not the only one.

    We have lived here for over 7 years and I still have a lot to learn. My other half is better as she attends weekly lessons with a mix of French and English people. My excuse is spending the past 5 years working in the UK and only getting to France once every 3rd weekend.

    My daughter however, despite her having Cerebral Palsy and Autism, became so fluent in French after just 6 months that the French don't realise that she is English. Clever girl if I say so myself. The odd thing is though that she has the two languages running parallel. She can speak either but doesn't have to translate in her head.

    You will get there in time and may be surprised at how much English the French secretly know.

  4. The Dad.

    That is my final input on this issue as there seems to be no convincing some folk on here.

    Lets hope they are as expert as they think they are. Makes me think they work for the DWP!

    Good luck to all of those that deserve it.
  5. The Gay comment is insulting.

    Your suspicion comment seems to insinuate something unlawful.

    The wife died of Cancer by the way.

    The reason, as I have just found out, is that the child is a family member of someone who works in the UK plus spends more time there than in France. Simple as that.

    It does prove that things can be reversed by the DWP though.

    Good luck to you all.
  6. No, we have not spoken. In fact I have kept this quiet until the DLA was re-instated so as not to rock the boat. I'm sure you will understand that.

    Here are the facts;

    Dad and 14 year old daughter leave the UK in 2006.

    Dad still works in the UK.

    DLA is stopped within weeks.

    Dad complains and is told you don't live in the UK so your daughter loses DLA.

    Last year Dad saw the internet info' regarding the EEC ruling so contacts the DWP for a re-instatement.

    Forms were sent last year as previously mentioned, filled in and returned to Blackpool.

    Out of the blue back pay is put in the bank and the DLA is re-instated.

    The letter confirming that arrived a few days later but was not signed nor did it have a date on it. From whom it came at Blackpool is unclear other than it's the DWP.

    That's it.

    If it is to do with Dad still paying NI I'm not sure. It's a possibility I suppose.

    Many regards and good luck.
  7. To be quite honest, I don't know.

    I can only assume it is to do with Dad still working in the UK and paying NI + UK tax. I could be wrong! I'm sure the DWP would not let the cat out of the bag on that one!

    The fact still remains though that it has been re-instated.

    This also opens the way for the persons carer to pursue a back dated claim for CA. The carer by the way is still with the disabled person! Forms for that claim winging their way to France right now I believe.

    Maybe the DWP have spending targets to meet. Maybe madam Kettle is ignorant of the law. Who knows!

    I only hope that all of the folks deprived of their rightful benefits win them back ASAP.

    Good luck in your quest Tony F. I wish you well.
  8. The actual letter confirming the back pay and re-instatement actually had no DWP staff persons name on it, nor a date showing when it was typed up. It did of course come from Warbreck House.

    That of course confuses things as a claim has now to go in for further back dating of payments and there is only a month in which to do that. The forms to do that are apparently on the way.

    The letter also came via Belgium for some unknown reason. Is that a ruse to delay things further?

    What I did hope to convey is that things are not as dire as people think and that re-instatement can happen. It has taken a long time but was worth the wait.

    Shame on the Government though for not pushing this issue.

    Hope that helps a bit.
  9. There is nothing flawed about it. The forms were filled out in September last year and the back payments are also from last September. That is a fact!

    What I have found is that the DWP will twirl folks as long as they are allowed to get away with it.
  10. It was 2006.

    Pity that people had to find out the hard way as to being able to get it re-instated.

    I wonder how many expats are unaware of the new situation.
  11. Her Dad is still working in the UK and she is at school in France.

    Maybe that's the reason but never the less, it should never have been stopped in 2006.
  12. Has anyone else wondered why the new UK Border Agency ask such stupid questions at Eurotunnel check points?

    For example;

    Where have you been?

    Why were you there?

    For how long?

    Where are you going?

    Did you book a return ticket?

    What is your job?

    Is this you car?

    Apart from it being my car, they have ANPR, PNC and my Passport to verify who I am etc, what is the point of the other questions. None of them can be proven by the UKBA.

    I could tell them anything I wanted and they could not know if it were true or not. I am sure any criminal would do just that.

    Last time I was asked where I had been I actually said to the person "I could say anything I wanted and you couldn't prove it". The look on her face was a picture. I then asked if I was obliged to answer her questions, to which she said "no sir, you don't have to answer".

    The time before that the staff were taking so long asking the passengers ahead of me questions that I actually missed my booked train despite leaving the terminal at the correct time. I was not amused.

    So, what's the point?

    Unless of course, they are just nosey parkers! 

  13. One option would be to buy a transformer with a higher output than required so it doesn't have to work as hard.

    Maplins sell all sorts that would do the job.

    I also got some Chrome spots from B & Q recently that are not recessed, they simply fix to the ceiling or under wall cupboards. Easy!

  14. At last.

    Someone I know has had their DLA re-instated and back paid to when the new forms were filled in last year. Not good enough really as the back pay should be from when it was stopped a few years ago, so more forms have to be filled in.

    But at least it's a start and a good result.

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