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  1. [quote user="master of none"]do I need to get the car retested upon purchase or wait until the C.T. expires?[/quote] when changing the Carte Grise to your name, the CT must not be older than six months. It is the seller who has to deliver you a valid certificate bonne chance Herbert
  2. http://www.latribuneauto.com/fr-prime-casse-voiture.html as far as I understand the law, you must buy a new car that fulfils certain demands less than 160gr Co2 and the old car ten years, still runs, still insured, and! you have been its owner for more than 6 months salut Herbert
  3. or file! (familier) [disparaître - cambrioleur] to scram, to scarper (UK), to skedaddle (US) je t'ai assez vu, file! I've had enough of you, scram! OU clear off! you find such things in: http://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais-anglais/file/33641 bonne chance Herbert
  4. I would use: pousse-toi or pousse-toi, tu vois bien que tu gênes! (familier) move over OU shove over, can't you see you're in the way? with the correct intonation, it sometimes even works on dogs, blocking the path. and you can add as already said: Dépêche-toi salut Herbert but why not inviting him-her to a drink and get friends
  5. Hello Mike No, you do not have to change it ... unless they get you without safety-belt .. not stopping at a stop sign ... speeding .... so take care salut Herbert
  6. [quote user="tuppence"]When the French wake up to topping up and it not lasting more than 1month, 2 month etc I'll buy a French sim card. [/quote] Here the money does not get lost, stays valid a year and the fee is €1.50 a month http://www.leclercmobile.fr/ salut Herbert
  7. [quote user="Théière"] I agree herbert it would be good to have demo's around the country, so far I have seen the Leroy Merlin demo only [/quote] perhaps this is of help to interested "builders" and I hope there will be additions made, or feed back given, if the visit to the place was worth while. I can just say, that I do not yet know, if I will go to the foire expo, as there is the noisy fair at the same time there is in Perigueux the Foire expo, september 11-20 http://www.parcexpo-perigueux.com/foire-exposition/accueil-2/ Toulon 11-13 September http://www.salon-enerbat.com/ Epinal September 17-21 http://www.salon-habitat-bois.com/ in Angers, September 18-21 http://www.angers-expo-congres.fr/salon-de-l-habitat/ a Toulouse Octobre 23-26 http://www.linternaute.com/agenda/evenement/157484/salon-maison-bois-energies-renouvelables-eco-materiaux/  in Marseille october 24-26 http://www.salon-ecobatmarseille.com/index2.html in Montpellier December 9-12 http://www.energaia-expo.com/  
  8. Hello Chancer those people wanted to sell a ready mixed jointing material with everything in it and not just sand. Something like this from Leroy Merlin http://www.leroymerlin.fr/mpng2-front/pre?zone=zonecatalogue&idLSPub=1169216216&renderall=on#9 bonne chance Herbert
  9. Hello Chancer there will possibly be some words that might help you. Good luck Herbert http://www.mining-technology.com/contractors/transportation/manitou2/
  10. Hello Mick The CESU is normally not meant to pay a builder unless http://droit-finances.commentcamarche.net/faq/sujet-1105-cesu-quelles-activites-et-quels-services Entretien de la maison Petits travaux de jardinage, débroussaillage Prestations dites « hommes toutes mains » (bricolage) Gardiennage et entretien et surveillance temporaires des résidences principale et secondaire you interprete this in a very very broad way http://www.completefrance.com/cs/images/emotions/biggrin.gif
  11. to create a small camping site, the new law just demands " simple déclaration préalable à la mairie s’il s’agit d’un aménagement ou d’une mise à disposition des campeurs, de façon habituelle, d’un terrain dans le but d’accueillir moins de 20 personnes ou moins de 6 tentes et/ou caravanes " but what I haven't found yet is exactly what melmoth asks [quote user="melmoth"] what might the law require in the way of toilets/showers and insurance? Brendan [/quote] à+ Herbert
  12. http://www.mongolyurt.fr/nos-yourtes/questionsareponses/16/33-legislation-sur-la-yourte.html possibly this is a start to an interesting discussion to follow à plus Herbert
  13. [quote user="lavorgere"] Do you just use concentrated pear puree or is any water added ? [/quote] Hello Lavorgere Normally there is no water added. But I said, some people add about 5kg of sugar to 100kg of fruit. This is done by a thick sirup, which has to cool down before you add it. But most important is to talk to the "distillateur" before you start all this work. but, by the way, do yiou know, you can just cut pears in nice pieces and sterilize them and have them without the effects of alhohol. It is much healthier, but of course less fun http://www.pickyourown.org/pearscanning.htm http://www.completefrance.com/cs/images/emotions/biggrin.gif
  14. [quote user="bubble"]I have a Triumph Spitfire which is due CT in November but I will be away from beginning October till mid November . Thanks in anticipation [/quote] Hello Bubble I do not see any problem. I would just talk to the controle technique and show them the papers and make a rendez vous for November 16th http://www.completefrance.com/cs/emoticons/emotion-15.gif
  15. how to do it: http://www.caveetdistilleriedelaruelle.ch/La%20mise%20en%20tonneau.htm [quote user="lavorgere"]Friends have a large quantity of pears and want to make eau de vie ( when the laws change in October ). Does any one know how you start the process and what quantities / proportions are needed please ? Thank you.[/quote] Hello Lavorgere I do not know, if I am up to date. You mentioned changing laws. First thing is you contact an ambulant distiller. He will give you the advice you need. Private people are only allowed to do their own fruit. You will need some two-hundred kilo, to convince un distillateur to do the job. Your pears, you collect, turn into puree and put in a big plastic bin, better is a plastic barrel 200ltr. Some people add 5kg of sugar to a hundred kilo of fruit, the liquid you stir every day and it will ferment and give a nice smell. Put the lid on the barrel, so flies will be kept away. But to not close tightly, the gas must be able to disappear .. after a few weeks, fermentation will stop, you visit the distillateur, he declares the amount of alcohol he produced, and you will get a letter from the state, how much taxes you have to pay. http://www.kewego.fr/video/iLyROoafY2WP.html bonne sante et à boire avec moderation Herbert google surely helps you to find more information http://www.absinthe-duvallon.com/categorie-10789243.html
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