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  1. I have called her and she put me onto someone who deals with Divorce, so thanks everyone....still may end up doing it in the uk...lots of things to thik about...
  2. Thanks the info..I did see the one on South West..I have been trawling through it trying to work out whats best...I will give them a call.....Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for all the advice...very much appreciated.

  4. Oh no! I had been told it may take less time...and I don't want things going in his favour..its his bloomin fault. I will have to really look into this.

  5. Does anyone know of any English speaking Divorce Lawyer in the Gers/Haute Pyrenees.

  6. Does anyone know of an English speaking Divorce Lawyer, preferably in the Gers/Haute Pyrenees Area.

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