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  1. We have an account with Yorkshire bank which has, as most do I think, a facility to make payments. I pay the money in sterling to our Moneybookers euro account, which two weeks ago took two days, then transfer it to CA Britline, which also took two days. the only charge was by Moneybooker. All I have done is to set up the moneybookers account and set the details on the Yorkshire bank payments section. This seems to do it without any charges and as the money arrives at Britline in Euros there is no charge there either   Hope this helps Alan
  2. chico,   I agree with you on the initial info...it could be made more clear by moneybookers. however, having said that since sorting it out I have had no problems with my transfers   All the best   Alan
  3. Hi Chico,   If I remember correctly, make sure your Moneybookers account is set up as a Euro account, Then all you have to do is complete the destination i.e. CA britline with the account number (moneybookers must apply the IBAN number - sure I didn't). Then transfer your money from you UK account (remembering to include your moneybookers ID number) to moneybookers. When it is in the moneybookers account  withdraw it to your Britline account. CA have not charged my account as the money is transferred in Euros. There is a small charge levied by moneybookers but the exchange rate has always been very good.   Hope this helps if not e-mail me   Alan
  4. A week past Friday I transfered money form our UK bank to Moneybookers....it arrived on Tuesday and I immediately transfered it to Britline. I was amazed when it arrived this Thursday. This must break al records as the fastest it has ever happened before was about 2 weeks.   Must be one of the favoured ones.
  5. Thanks to all who have replied.  I think the latest on this subject 'is the big rush over' is relevent. The property market in the UK has ground to a halt at the moment and increases in interest rates are having a huge effect.  Earlier in the year we had sold the house twice( and needless to say, ready to move to France, being in the Dordogne property hunting when the second dissappointment arrived) they both fell through, this was prior to the slow-down. To achieve a sale we will, like many more, have reduced the selling price. This will effect what we can afford to buy in France. We do not want property with gite/B & B as we are retiring to what has got to be a better way of life than the UK. I have also notice a considerable increase in private sales on FPN in the last six weeks. This may be due to the increase in interest rates and folks taking fright who have bought second homes on the strength of the equity in their UK property or just people coming back home, heavens know why, but it surely must affect the market price of property in France in the coming year. Thanks again for those who took the time to reply to my enquiry.   alan        
  6.   Just a thought! Has the downturn in the UK property market had any effect on the price of property in France?    
  7. Sorry about the delay in giving the time scale on Moneybookers transfer, but we have just returned to UK. We were going to France on Wed 21st July and on the previous Friday the money had not arrived in our CA account. It took 8.50 worth of calls to Moneybookers to get it sorted and the first 1000E arrived on the Wed morning. However, Money bookers, for some unknown reason cancelled the other 1000e transaction without being told to do so. This involved another large sum in telephone calls to rectify, and some stearn words for it to be re-instated. Lo and behold it appeared in the CA account on the Friday morning. So, slow they are, but a forceful conversation seemed to sort it out. I will be looking for another method of transferring money to France before our next visit. Alan
  8. Hi, I have, for the first time, transferred money to Britline today. Will keep you posted as to timescales alanD
  9. Thanks for all of the help, have now sorted it all out with your replies and the help of a very helpful member of the moneybookers call centre. Have now sent the first transaction...just hope it arrives before the 21st when we go to France. Thanks again alanD
  10. I have tried my first transfer of money and Britline say they will not accept it via e_mail. The address I used was - [email protected] Is this the correct address or is there another one I should use. It appears that there is a way as others appear to achieve this simple task. Thanks
  11. We have just opened a Britline account. We last visited france in 2003 and are going again (house hunting) this month. They were happy to accept a copy of our booking for this year as proof of visiting. We rang them first as we were also confused about the 'all has to be just right' statement. Hope this helps
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