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  1. Hi Our very kind neighbour puts the heating on in the winter so that we arrive to a warm house - brilliant. This time, because of the unstable weather, I wanted to say ' weather permitting, we will arrrive.......... I think I should say - si le temps nous permettra nous arriverons.................. Does that sound right or is there a particular expression that covers 'weather permitting'? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi It is called Ni Vis Ni Clous - we have seen it in M. Bricolage and Leclerc
  3. Hi Sophie There was some talk last year about direct flights from the UK but nothing seems to have come of it. Dijon airport has mainly chartered flights but they have just started scheduled regular flights to Bordeaux and Toulouse. It is possible to fly to either of those airports from UK and then to go to Dijon but it isn't very practical. I know there was a petition to sign to encourage the introduction of direct flights but don't tink that things have progressed since then.
  4. Hi The glass in one of our doors has cracked - it is a secondary glazing panel which fits on the door and is held on by clips. It has a brown pvc surround. Does anyone know where we can either buy a piece of glass or where we can take the whole panel to have the glass renewed? We are between Autun and Pouilly en Auxois but have never noticed any Glaziers on our travels. Just realized I could look up Vitriers in the yellow pages but would still value personal recommendations if any available. Thanks
  5. Thanks to both of you for your replies - going to do wrist strengthening exercises before I start.
  6. I have done a search about repointing an outside wall and understand the mix for Chaux to fill in the gaps. Do I have to scrape the old stuff out before I re-fill the gaps or can I just apply the new chaux? Thanks in advance for any advice
  7. Hi If you manage to sell it yourself is there still a fee of any kind to pay to the agents? Thanks
  8. Hi Sorry to be so ignorant but can you tell me what WiMax means please? Thanks in advance Rowland
  9. Since buying our house in France my husband has a split personality - Keith at home and Keet in France. I think he now prefers to be called Keet.
  10. Thanks so much. I was pretty close because I thought the voice said 'tieze'. Now that I have looked up touche diese in the dictionary I see that it is spelt hash and not hache - no wonder I couldn't find it!!! I see that it also means the musical term for sharp so that makes sense as the symbol is the same. Thanks again
  11. Can anyone help please - I have tried my dictionary and on-line dictionaries but can't find the answer. I recently topped up my phone by credit card and had difficulty understanding the recorded message. I realised that I should press the hache key after entering my number but couldn't get the word used. Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks everyone. We have a house in 21 so will refine search as suggested - will print off results so that we can have a tour around when we get there next week. Thanks again Rowland
  13. Hi Can anyone tell me if it is possible to find concrete fence posts and concrete panels in France. The pre-cast panels (either plain or patterned) slot into a groove in the posts. They are used quite widely in the UK but we have never noticed any in France. Would any of the Brico depots be likely to sell them? Any info gratefully received and thank you in advance.
  14. rowland

    Steam Cleaners

    We bought one a few years ago when they first came out from a TV shopping channel - it is called a Steam Buggy. We use it for removing grease from hard to reach areas on the cooker and for the shower room. We have cleaned the upholstery in the car too. We bought it initially because I have multiple chemical sensitivity and am limited in the cleaning products that I can use. My only reservation with the model we have is that it has a small reservoir and one has to allow the machine to cool down before refilling it. I am sure that more modern ones are more efficient and user friendly.
  15. Thanks for the replies and the advice. Have had a look on Google and the area looks great. Will definitely bear it in mind. Swissie - we are mostly in Wales and not enough in Bourgogne - looking forward to the time we can have more time in Bourgogne.
  16. Hi Can any of you experts recommend anywhere in the Jura that would be ideal for beginners? We would love to give ski de fond a try next year but need to go somewhere where we wouldn't feel too intimidated. Thanks
  17. Not at all envious as we have tickets for Wales v France in Cardiff.
  18. Yesterday I had to telephone to ask someone what their e-mail address was. The person spelt it out for me but I had no idea what they said when it came to the @ bit and just guessed. Must have guessed right because they received the mail but would appreciate any help on how to pronounce it ready for when I have to spell out my e-mail address. Thank you in advance
  19. We have received a telephone directory for the first time and noticed that several people have two numbers noted - one which starts with the regional number as normal and a second number which starts with 09. Can anyone tell us why there are two different numbers listed please. Thank you
  20. Easyjet were measuring in Nice last month and also checking that people only had one piece of handluggage. There were notices up at Liverpool airport that they were going to be checking on the way out but that didn't happen. It caught a lot of people out - they had a handbag as well as a cabin bag. I think they then had to pay for the cabin bag to be put in the hold.
  21. We will be spending the Christmas period in Burgundy and have been looking at local events. There is a Reveillon happening in a village hall but we have only ever experienced a Reveillon at a neighbour's home. Can anyone tell me what the format is for such an event - we like to attend local events but like to go prepared. Thank you
  22. Hi We have received our Taxe d'hab for our house and our apartment and both show an amount for the Redevance Audiovisuelle. In previous years we have only paid it with the Taxe d'hab for the house as it is only payable once (unless the rules have changed this year). My question is, should I pay the both in full and then reclaim the RA from the Tax Office which deals with the apartment or should I deduct the 118 euros and send a cheque (plus a covering letter)for the Taxe d'hab only. If I take the first option will it take for ever to get a refund? If I take the second option will it totally upset French bureaucracy - I know there is a penalty for late payment and I don't want to incur a fine. Has anyone else ever been in this situation and if so, how did you resolve it? Any advice will be gratefully received Thanks
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