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  1. OH very interested in night sky so thought about telescope for birthday pressie. Does anyone know what sort of entry- level price I should be looking at and also is there a minimum specification that I should aim for. I know that it all comes down to quality of the lens but don't want to spend mega money in case it spends most of its time on a shelf waiting to be dusted. As always, any help gratefully received. Thanks in advance
  2. Does anyone else find it difficult to read now? Everything seems so close together and ill-defined. Much preferred the lines separating each topic - much easier to read - must be getting old!
  3. mint, thank you so much for taking the time to list the ingredients. I do not suffer from skin reactions but certain perfumes/smells cause problems to varying degrees from sore throat, mild chest pain to needing to take to my bed. Because manufacturers don't have to list what is in their perfume, just that is present, it has been impossible to isolate the problem ingredient. Thanks again for your kindness. Will have to buy some and if I can't use it will give it to my friend who has a cupboard full of stuff that I can't use.
  4. Hi, have followed this thread with interest as I am a 'mossie sufferer' but have an added problem of chemical sensitivity. There are lots of perfumed products that I cannot use so would be grateful if you could tell Me if SSS is strongly perfumed. Thanks
  5. Just arrived at our house in France and after going through normal routine on arrival made me wonder what everyone else does. Firstly we both comment on how much everything has grown since last visit. Then I go around the house saying hello - OH thinks I am mad. Car unpacked and cuppa drunk before de-cobwebbing. Bed made up and surfaces wiped down. Glass of wine and sit down. What exciting lives we lead!
  6. Whenever I see threads about septic tanks I always have a bit of a panic. Is there anyone else out there who has never had an inspection? The only communication we have ever received was a letter about six or seven years ago asking if we had a fosse septique. Should we make some enquiries and ask for an inspection or is it better to leave well alone.
  7. Hi Pomme Thank you so much for your comprehensive and informative reply. Will look forward to trying some of your recommendations. Thanks again
  8. Thank you Mint. It is such a long time since we have visited Alsace and we are really looking forward to it. Yes, Eguisheim did come top in a poll - I don't think it will be much of a hardship to wander around and find some good wine (and food I hope although will avoid the choucroute - definitely not my favourite).
  9. Have spent ages trying to decide which category to post this in and leisure and pastimes seemed the best - not sure about the sport!! We will be going to Eguisheim in Alsace soon and wondering if anyone had any recommendations for wine buying in the region. Have had a search and there are loads of vignerons to choose from - as we only have a week would like to narrow choice down a bit. Thanks
  10. Thanks for info. It will have to be an outside cabin as I don't think I would cope very well without a window of some sort - too claustrophobic. Never feel comfortable on Shuttle but at least it is quick!
  11. Hi We are thinking of taking the long way round when we visit our house in Burgundy in September - via Ireland! Would like to go from Cork to Roscoff on the Pont Aven Brittany Ferries ship. Does anyone have experience of this route and if so, any advice on which sort of cabin to plump for and is it better to choose one on a higher deck? It is ages since we took a ferry as we normally take shuttle so memories consist of hearing vehicles clanking about on car deck through the night. As usual, any help very gratefully received.
  12. We too have a Britline account and I have clicked Plus Tard three times now and still it appears! Will be emailing!
  13. Read an article last week (sorry, can't remember where) that said they were going to be a legal requirement in all french properties and that insurance may be invalid if you don't have one.
  14. Have just read an article in French Property News which says that the legislation charging non-French residents 15.5% social charges on capital gain when selling a french property has been challenged. On 21st October the Advocate General gave his opinion that France has acted illegally in making this charge on non-residents. The European Court is due to make a decision before the end of the year and it is expected that it will follow the advice of the Advocate General. The article recommends any UK sellers in this position to write to the Notaire who dealt with their sale to say that they are aware of the case and the AG's opinion and ask for confirmation that the deducted social charge will be refunded (with interest) should the court decide they were deducted unlawfully. Does anyone know where we could find further info on this legislation? Thanks in advance
  15. Avila cover 60 days too but I always want to question what is unoccupied? When we are away our neighbour goes in everyday and picks up the post from the porch and puts it out of sight in the house. This means that someone is checking the house every day so is it really unoccupied? Just a thought.
  16. We used to use Eparcyl and had the dark stain in the bottom of the pan until some friends suggested we use Tarax instead. After a couple of sachets the stain started to go. Hasn't gone completely but has certainly helped.
  17. When I joined the Forum I was working part-time in a govt dept that had severe cuts causing lots of stress to self and co-workers. When I left the office at 2pm I usually felt like the rat leaving the sinking ship hence I was christened Rowland. Now retired but don't feel like changing it.
  18. Don't know if this is correct section but just want a mild rant. Rang my bank (Nat West) today to check how much they would charge if I transferred a sum from my french bank account in euros. Picked myself up off the floor when they said 7%. How on earth can they justify such extortionate charges! Will be using currency fx company anyway but wanted to check alternatives. Ok rant over.
  19. As well as draining as much as we can and having anti-freeze for up to minus 20 degrees in the radiators, we put a moisture trap in each of the rooms which seems to prevent any mould. The cheapest ones we have found are in Aldi with M. bricolage own make coming second. Knitwear and clothes go in tin trunks and breathable bags respectively and we use old bedding as dust sheets .
  20. If you are in the Chalon sur Saone area then can recommend a visit to the Chateau de Germolles. Privately owned, it was built in the 14th century for Philip the Bold and Margaret of Flanders. The guided visit is really interesting as they have archives dating back to when the chateau was built and know the names of people from the caretaker to the artist who hand painted the walls. We were lucky enough to be shown around by the owner and his enthusiasm was infectious. Well worth a visit in our opinion
  21. Bells even rang in our tiny hamlet. Glad I knew what they sounded for. thank you
  22. Thanks everyone - I did a search on the Indesit site but it did not recognise the serial number of our model - probably too old. We think that it has died because we are not even getting the power light to come on. Have plugged something else in so it isn't the socket. Ah well, c''est la vie!
  23. I seem to have done nothing but ask questions in the past few days - apologies. Our washing machine has this very minute stopped working! At least it was on the spin cycle so not much water left in it! Can anyone say how much roughly it costs to ask someone to come out and fix it. In UK it is almost as expensive to do that as it is to buy a new one but white goods seem to be dearer in France. As usual, any help always gratefully received. Thanks
  24. Hi Can anyone recommend an effective weed killer for clover - the one with the yellow flower - and bindweed. Both are driving me mad and nothing seems to have much effect on them. I don't like using weed killers but these seem to be resistant to everything I have tried. Has anyone used one of those gas canister wand things to burn off the weeds? Thanks
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