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  1. We used to have a house in Burgundy until 2019 and one of the reAsons for selling up was the 40 degree heat. Although that sort of heat is manageable at the coast with sea breezes,inland without a breath of fresh air is stifling. We spent our visits in the gloom with the shutters closed bringing a bed downstairs to make sleeping more comfortable and not seeing anyone in the village from one day to the next as no-one ventured outdoors unless they had to.

    The worst visit was when the air-con in the car packed up!!

    can I recommend a sports wet towel. It is made of a special fabric that once wet becomes quite cold and is great for keeping one’s neck cool.

    when we bought the house we experienced ‘proper’ Burgundian seasons with warm summers and very cold but clear skied winters. Over time the different seasons disappeared, winters were mild, spring was dry and summers very hot. It all became too much and with a lot of soul searching and sadness we sold up. 

    Hope you can all find a way to keep cool.

  2. When I first joined the forum I enjoyed reading about other peoples experiences and received a lot of help when buying our house in Burgundy. There was a cameraderie amongst members and very little of the sniping that seems to take precedence nowadays. It is quite some time since I posted anything as I wouldn’t be able to cope with being shot down in flames. Sorry if that sounds too sensitive.

     I wouldn’t expect everyone to agree with my opinions and always react to constructive criticism but it is the impolite way things are dealt with now that puts me off contributing.

    Most people want to help and share their experiences but won’t continue to do so in the present climate.

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  3. Hi. When we sold our house the money was transferred to our French bank account by the Notaire within two days of completion. We then transferred it via Currency Fair to our UK bank account with minimal charges. At the time it was the cheapest option. There are a number of transfer companies but fees and exchange rates vary.

    Please bear in mind that this was before the end of the Brexit period so things may have changed.

    Hope you are sorted soon.

  4. Last year with very mixed feelings and for many different reasons we sold our house in Burgundy.

    The one thing we won't miss is the stifling heat when temperatures reach 30 degrees plus. As ALBF says, it feels so much hotter without a sea breeze. We used to move our bed downstairs, keep the windows and shutters closed during the day and generally try to keep cool. The village was deserted as everyone stayed indoors and we could go days without seeing anyone.

    The worst year was when the air con packed up in the car and it reached 40 degrees - what a nightmare!
  5. Hi

    Because state pension is paid four weekly and not calendar monthly then you should receive thirteen payments (52 weeks divided by four).

    Last year I received two payments in January and OH received two payments in October.

    Sorry this doesn't help to explain why your OH has only received 12 but I don't think it is the DWP being sexist.?.

    Hope you get it sorted.
  6. "Corned beef legs"

    In our house it was ' lazy pennies'.

    Lots of memories in this thread - iced up windows, frozen school milk, clothes airing on a line above the fire, fighting for the chairs closest to the fire, braving the outside toilet in the middle of winter.

    Such fun.
  7. Hi,

    Last year when we were staying near St. Emilion we parked at the station (big car park, no charge) and went to Bordeaux for a day trip on the train. It worked really well as we caught the tram outside the station into the city centre to save time but it would have been walkable.

  8. English-Speaking Customer Service Helpline

    EDF's English-speaking customer service helpline is 09 69 36 63 83 (or +339 69 36 63 83 for international customers who are dialing from abroad). Press 1 for technical support, or press 2 for customer service questions. This number is free when dialed from a French landline, but may be subject to charges when dialed from a mobile phone or from abroad.

    EDF's regular customer service number (in French) is 09 69 32 15 15. It is also free when dialed from a French landline (but may be subject to mobile operator charges when dialed from a cell phone - check with your provider).

    When to call the EDF Customer Helpline

    Waiting times to reach a live customer agent vary throughout the day. In general, try to avoid calling EDF in the morning and especially on Monday. The best times to call EDF are midday and at the end of the week.

    I have just found this number on google - I put in EDF contact English in the search.

    I haven't tried it so please don't shoot me down if it doesn't work.f
  9. Hi,

    Does anyone know if it is possible to buy concrete fence posts in France?

    I am looking for the ones that have a groove on either side that blocks or wood panels can be slotted in to.

    Have looked in various bricos but have never seen any.

  10. Hello

    We need to treat the moss on a north facing roof. Our neighbours have told us that it shouldn't be done now but in the autumn when it is cooler.

    Can anyone tell me when is the best time to do it please.

    As always, thanks in advance for any help
  11. Guardian, like you I don't usually contribute but like you, I felt very sad when I heard the news.

    Such a clever lady.

    The 'Two Soups' sketch makes me chuckle when I even think about it, never mind watching it.
  12. I rarely watch series as I usually get bored half way through but both Engrenages and Spin had/ have me gripped. I really hope that there is another series of Engrenages - fingers crossed.
  13. Hi

    We used CF for transfer of proceeds from sale and also for ordinary transfer to French bank account - always good service and exchange rate. Did transfer last week using new details and all ok.

    Whichever transfer company you use will be much cheaper than using a bank. The charges they quoted for transferring proceeds of sale were horrendous.
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