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  1. Thank you everyone, we have managed to book into a F1 hotel for the night. All you help was appreciated.


  2. Good afternoon everyone,

    We are driving from Calais to 24540 Biron on Friday evening and are looking for an overnight stop somewhere in between.

    We would like to check in at around 2AM in the morning and depart by 9AM , we are a family of five, 2 adults and 3 children, would anyone have any ideas of where we would be able to stay?

    Any help possible would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  3. Hello, No, not really, but they are the people that have been starting to show interest, but obviously I am open to anyone.


  4. Good afternoon all,


    I am selling my house Port En Bessin (near Bayeux), could anyone recomend a good estate agent, I would if possible like to sell to a English person or a Parisien?


    Any help would be appreciated, as we are looking to sell ASAP.


    Many thanks


  5. Hello Will,


    Thank you for the quick reply(Infact that was really quick), even if I going to buy a property in the UK by lending on a mortgage?


    IE, I would like to buy the UK property in the next two weeks, but sell the French property in the next 3 months?


    Sorry, just a bit confused.


    many thanks again.

  6. Dear all,

    I have looked in the forum, but I am still a bit confused....Please could you help?


    I have been resident and paying tax in France for 2 1/2 years, and my property in France is the only property I have at this moment.

    I want to sell my house in France and will be buying another property in the UK and also working in the UK, in the near future. 

    Do I have to pay any tax in either of the countries,    example if I buy a UK property now, but my main residence is the one in France, what tax do I have to pay, when I sell the House in France??

    Please help as I am confused.


    Many thanks




  7. Hello too all,


    I have a good bit of news to share with everyone, we found a new family for our Husky (Rubber) and I think that he will be very happy with his new family.

    Thank you to the new family, I think Rubber will be looked after and have some very nice new freinds.

    Although it is a sad occasion for us, we know it is a very good one for Rubber.

    I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas and New year.




  8. Dear all,


    We have a Siberian Husky, that needs a very good home to go to,


    He has been chipped and has all vaccines, he is a very energetic and lovable boy, but we are going to be relocating to another country, as my wife has fallen ill.

    The new owner needs to like walks and attention for him, and even a family if possible, as he has grownup with my wife and children, from a puppy.[:)]  We are in the Calvados region.......

    Please if anyone could help, please contact me.


    Many thanks


  9. Hi everyone

    I am looking to takeup a IT contract in the UK, but I am a resident in France.

    What is the best way to setup a company, or can I declare my earnings at the end of the TAX year in France.

    Many thanks


  10. Hi All,


    My wife has completed it and found it not to be too difficult, but whilst the sobject is on the Open University, can anyone tell me are the diploma's recognized in France and to what level?


    Many thanks and happy studying



  11. Hi


    Just a quick reply, my wife has various degrees and diplomas in modern languages, and is due to finish the TEFL cert in a month's time and is French. Does this give my wife a better chance?

    My wife is also looking at maybe starting to teahc to people privatley, doea anyone know how to setup a Micro BIC?


    Many thanks again



  12. Hi All


    Sorry, I was a bit tired and shot from the hip, I guess , I will have to not make any interest, infact I probably will not as I will be buying a house in France straight away..


    Many thanks again to all



  13. Hi


    Many thanks, I will start phoning very soon.


    Many thanks again


  14. Hi Di


    Many thanks for the advice, it is good to see that there are people around still that tell things in black and white....You mentioned about helping to get started, could you help me with starting the UK business and I could pass any clients that I am not able to help?


    Hope to speak to you soon


  15. Even if the house was sold in the UK? I was advised that this was not the case? I:E if I made let's say £150000 in the UK by selling my main residence? I would not be taxed capital gains?

    So how can I be taxed in France if, I trnsfer the money directly from a UK account to a Notaires account for a property?

    Sorry, but I am really confused.........I guess that is why I sent the question in the first place





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