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  1. Good afternoon Lehaut, I've been a long time away from the forum, having mostly sold up in 2015. I was unfortunate to be caught up in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy through being a leaseholder (and for my sins, the founder and chairman of the building's residents' right-to-manage company) in a block that had the same combination of insulation and rain screen materials as was used on Grenfell. I had to spend a lot of time researching the subject and as a result we ended up with a pretty good solution, and even more fortunately we were able to get it funded by the UK Govt Building Safety programme. At the outset, we were being offered materials that had various claims made about them in terms of their resistance to the spread of fire. Once you took a long hard look at them, however, most materials which claimed to be "modified" plastics of any sort or treated with a "fire retardant" chemical, were ultimately still capable of spreading a fire and generating noxious fumes. If you want non-flammable materials to be used, then you are basically restricted to Rockwool-type insulation (though there may now be suitable ceramic/cement foam products that you can use) and metal sheet or ceramic panel rain screen. To have a Euroclass A1-rated system, we couldn't even have painted metal sheets for the rainscreen. Although the cost of the materials is significant, labour made up a big part of our costs, with the scaffolding being the third major component. Overall, the difference in costs between having an Euroclass A2-rated system (where people may still ask questions about combustibility) and an A1-rated system was quite small.
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  2. What should concern you is not photoshopped images of the ex-president of the USA for the purpose of denigrating him and making him a figure of fun but irrefutable evidence that the current president is head of a crime family. https://nypost.com/2022/01/27/chinese-elite-have-paid-some-31m-to-hunter-and-the-bidens/
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