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  1. Rather than talk about the absurdity of ‘the real Ken’ or ‘the fake Ken’ (both fill me with horror), I though that it might be better to return to the original point of the thread. A very high percentage of French citizens when asked if they’re in favour of the pension reforms being forced through by Macron say ......... “No”. Not terribly surprising. If I was asked the same question and I was (for example) a 50yo, I’d say the same thing. Then ask ........ “Do you perhaps accept that the current circumstances are unaffordable on an ongoing basis?” I just think that you’d get a different answer from the majority of people ............ if they replied honestly to the question. I can only speak for what I hear and witness around here in (very) rural France. Many, if not most, feel that the State will provide from taxes gained from ‘the rich’. They don’t feel that it’s for them to contribute in any way, mostly to the point of evading taxation. Deluded, frankly. Don’t get me wrong - lived here for nearly 20 yrs and wouldn’t move back to the UK unless we absolutely had to. But the French are really quite blinkered.
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  2. Is there not also a fear amongst the Unions that they must put on a show of force against the government? I understand that France has one of the lowest unions rates in the EU. I doubt they will win, but they must be seen to try to maintain their strength. What I do find abhorrent is the fact that school children can also form a "blockhaus". It happened to our kids Lycée where the students blocked the school gate with chairs. The teachers were not allowed to pass this barricade, so no school. Its happening at the moment too. Madness.
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